Corey Maison

This post will be to show the Illuminati high royal bloodline connection of  Corey Maison – (last name unknown) a teen transgender male to female and the family’s Illuminati high royal bloodline connection.  This post has been led by the Holy Spirit, who has for months been nudging me to look over Corey.  It wasn’t until Corey’s mom came out that I finally took a look and found the high Illuminati royal connection(s).   It’s a little complicated so we’ll just go have to go through it step by step.

This is an audio clip of the video below  in case it’s removed.

Video removed but Mag Bitter Truth uploaded it again so here it is:  THIS IS WHAT THE NEW WORLD LOOKS LIKE “WOW”  Mag Bitter Truth gets very expressive in this video and will be cussing so just letting you know.  He’s one of the very few exposing Corey Maison and his family.  It’s about a 20 min. video.

This is Eric-a injecting hormones into herself to change into a male


              This pic is a few years old.

In this video called 60 Minutes Australia:  Modern Family, Part 1 (2017) @ 4:26 and 8:36 when Les starts to shapeshift a fuzzy screen comes across so its not perfectly clear but you can still see ‘his’ reptilian eyes.

Since Leslie “Les” and Eric-a are both from Illuminati high royal bloodlines, I will start with Les since 1) Les is the tallest; 2) Les is French; and lastly because Les’s bloodline connections are more popular, famous and fun by the worlds standards.

Les reminds me of Lumière the candlestick from the Beauty and the Beast movie.

This video clip picture from above was taken on 3/22/17 and Les said that they fell in love 10 plus years ago, so that would have been before 2007.

Just to help with the confusion there was a connection and kids before Les.

Here’s the ex Keith Ezykowich…

I believe that three of the kids below are from Keith Ezykowich and two from Les Maison:

Chelsea, 22, 1994 is from Keith Ezykowich

Corey, 15, 2002 is from Keith Ezykowich

Kailee, 14, 2003 is from Keith Ezykowich

Ellen, 9, and 2008 is from Les R. Maison

Willow, 6. 2011 is from Les R. Maison

Here’s the ex Keith winning big, well sorta.

Video: Alison Krauss & Union Station – The Lucky One

Video:  “Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – “Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson”

I just wanted to throw in that Eric-a’s father works in a casino and also Eric-a’s grandfather worked in a casino in Las Vegas before his passing.  Eric-a seemed to moved a few times but Vegas seems to be a home base.

I found this article about the mafia and their gambling dealings and connections to Detroit.  Eric-a’s father and grandfather worked at casinos in Vegas. I don’t have a connection to the families mentioned in the article to Eric-a and Les but I found the article interesting and wanted to add it. Here goes:


Though Les’ grandmother Verlie Mary Peltier’s bloodline, Les is connected to Jean Guyon Du Buisson, b. 1619.  Through Jean Guyon Du Buisson the following are also related to Les.  go to:  “IMDb: Famous Descendants of Jean Guyon.”

Leslie’s family is French and immigrated from Canada and set up in Michigan. “Maison family that stems from the Saint Clair Shores area in Michigan and the southern Ontario region. This family has been present in Michigan since the early 1800s and southern Ontario since the 1700’s.”


Camilla Parker-Bowles

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada



1st pic below:  See that Justin’s shoulders are sloping down and see that the belly button is below the waistline; and 3rd pic at the Muslim prayer service they overlook that Justin was at the 2nd pic.  Are the Muslim’s saying that they condone Gay Pride by allowing Justin to pray with them or they’re just happy for the free publicity to have Justin with them?  From the little that I know about Muslims I was under the impression that they’re very old fashioned but I guess that maybe they’re not.

Some Illuminati bloodlines win beauty contests and some win boxing matches.  To me his punches look very girly.

1:23 min. video.  Justin Trudeau on the left, Trudeau’s “wife” in the center who I believe is a female, and of course president Obama.

Video: “Canada Loves President Obama / Now This”

Hillary Clinton – Look at the reptilian slits in the eyes

Corey and Hillary, Corey’s stepfather’s cousin

and also Chelsea Clinton


Shania Twain

Céline Dion

Celine Dion crazy clothing commercial ad.  Video: “Celinununu celine dion ad”

Video:  “MrE repost, CELINE DION ILLUMINATI TRANNY EXPOSED!” shortened version…

Cousins – Shania, Celine, and Alanis.  Go team Illuminati!  Triple win!  Rigged reality lol.

Alanis Morissette

Alanis was signed to (cousin) Madonna’s Maverick label from 1995–2010.  Look at Madonna’s square shoulders and Adonis belt not to be confused with the black belt around the waist.


Justin Bieber – Look at the V collar bones on Justin

Beyoncé Knowles, ‘her’ ‘mother’ Tina Knowles and the ‘sister’ Solange Knowles are also related

Ryan Gosling

Alex Trebek, Producer, Jeopardy!

Ricky Gervais



Julianne Hough

The back is straight as a board.  I once read an online article where Julianne tried to verbally stand up for ‘herself’ and expose the abuse that ‘she’ was put through as a child.  One of the commenters wrote a response to ‘her’:  “You bite the hand that feeds you.”

Derek Hough

“Derek Hough is the only pro dancer on “Dancing with the Stars” that has won the coveted mirror ball trophy a record six times.” Go team Illuminati!  It’s a rigged reality lol.

Here’s a pic of a young Eric-a with brown eyes and one eye is an odd shape.  Eric-a’s eyes are naturally blue. I’m guessing someone used a black marker and may have gone over the line on one of the pupils.

Current Eric-a with blue eyes.

Eric-a wears these earrings as often as possible and they look similar to these buttons below.

Eric-a has switched over to these earrings.

Eric-a’s last name is a little confusing.  Eric-a has recently publicly gone by Eric or Erica House, and also Eric or Erica Maison.  There is an Eric House that lives in Michigan but different age and birthday, with no connection to this Eric-a, House, or Maison.  Below are a few articles from 2017 with Eric-a’s two different names, House and Maison.  

In this under 2 min. video they use the last name House for Corey – Corey House.

Video:  “Worlds First Transgender Dad and Daughter Reveal How They Are Supporting Each Other Through Transition”

This is a 10 :41 min. video below of a male who by makeup, was made into a female.  This guy was in a baseball cap and never wore makeup.  It’s not his real hair he’s wearing a wig.

Video:  “Power of makeup man – Asian makeover boy to girl”

Here’s Eric-a getting a haircut.  Here Illuminati Les and Eric-a are filming this event like it matters.  Look below at Eric-a’s Reptilian eyes.


Through Eric-a’s maternal or mother’s line she/he connects to the following royals:

Eric-a Feiner and now Maison

Mother Last Name Dible

Grandmother – Frances Margaret Dible b. 1926 Ohio

2x Grandmother – Cora Edith Wilcox Dible Wilson b. 1913 Ohio

3 x Grandfather Gordon Monroe Wilcox b. 1842 Ohio

4x Grandfather Edward Wilcox b. 1797 Pennsylvania

5x Grandfather John Wilcox b. 1760 Pennsylvania

6x Grandfather James H. Wilcox b. 1732 Pennsylvania

7x Grandfather Thomas Wilcox b. 1689 England (this name has been Willcocke and Wyllcoxe)

8x Grandfather Israel Wilcox b. 1656 married her/his 8x Grandmother Sarah Savage and through this line Eric-‘a connects to Nephilim Illuminati royalty.

Eric-a’s 12th Great Grandfather John Savage b. 1422 was the great grandfather to President Obama, and through Eric-a’s 14th great grandfather John Savage (same first name) marriage to Maude de Swinnerton connects Eric-a to the Bush family so this make them all cousins through the Savage bloodline.

A couple of minutes about Barbara Bush is a Man


George Bush with his wife Barbara, November 1, 1978 in Houston, TX.


Below more Bush cousins to Corey

This is a 5 min. video by Transpocalypse Now.  It features Ann or is it Anthony Hathaway.  I decided to add this here because it also has a clip of George Bush Sr. which is a relative of Corey Maison.

Video by MrE:  “Aliens Declare War on Humanity”


Under a minuter video by Epic Sellouts: “This is What A Child Abuser Looks Like”

Eric-a’s 13th Great Grandfather John Savage b. 1393 and married Eleanor Brereton b. 1402 and through Eleanor’s bloodline she connects to Merovingian Nephilim (Giants) King of Norway Eystein “The Severe” Trondsson and to  King of Hedmark og Oppland King of France Merovingian Nephilim (Giants) Bloodline:

The Savage line which would be Eric-a’s aunt Mary Savage, also connects to Wallis Simpson’s 2nd husband and his bloodline connects to Charlemagne.

This John Savage in this chart below is Eric-a’s 9x grandfather.

Wallis Simpson divorced her husband and married Illuminati King Edward.

Video:  “It was love alone cause King Edward to leave his throne.mkv”

Erica’s bloodline also connects to Churchill, his home the Blenheim Palace.

This will have a clip of Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill.  I read somewhere that Charlie Chapln admitted he was a female but had been placed in an orphanage and wanted to not get separated from her/his brother, so she dressed like a boy so they could stay together.

Eric-a’s bloodline also connects to Princess Diana. 

Eric-a’s bloodline connects to a few more past presidents: President Washington, President Madison, President Lincoln, President Taylor.  Also Mitt Romney and Brad Pitt.  I’m sure there are more connections but just finding that Eric-a is connected to Obama and Bush was enough.


I’ve noticed that the news media blocks out her/his  pentagram earrings.

This is to show how his eyebrows look like they’ve been waxed since he/she was a small child.

I’ve watched a few of Corey’s videos and it seems that he/she is being primed for becoming an activist.  In this video below Corey is rallying support for John Austin.  Now in my Joel Osteen blog I traced the Osteen, Austen, Austin, line back to the king of England.  I just skimmed over this John Austin’s bloodline and found that the family came from England (surprise with a name like Austin) but I didn’t want to spend the time it would take to connect him to the main bloodline to the King.

Video:  “John  Austin for President of the Michigan State Board of Education”

Video:  The Dangers of a Transgender Ideology / The Daily Signal”

Why you don’t let children choose their gender clip


Eric-a Maison message to President Trump


Video:  Bruce Jenner Says Trump Said He Can Use Any Restroom in Trump Tower!  Trump Approves!”

7 min. video by Epic Sellouts:  “The Kids Baking Championship (Trans Edition)”


About an 8 min. audio clip from “Doctors Gave Her Daughter Hormone Treatments (And She Couldn’t Stop Them)


This is not the only Illuminati bloodline mother that wanted the best for their child.  Brooke Shield’s mom Teri Shields married into Illuminati royalty when she married Brooke’s father.  I have info on Brooke on the Michelle Obama and the Billy Graham blogs.

Brooke’s father’s bloodline connects to the Strong or L’ Estrange family; Brooke’s bloodline like Michelle Obama’s Shield’s bloodline connects to high royal Illuminati families.  The L’ Estrange were involved with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Teri Shields is also related by marriage to the Illuminati, nephilim, British royal family by Teri’s 3x great grandmother Justina Catherine Kraft who married 3x great grandfather Capt. Henry “Heinrich” Shepler.

Here’s the audio clip from “Brooke & Terri Shields RARE interview at Xenon with Bill Boggs” and  Terri had Brooke posing nude very young and in this audio Terri defends putting Brooke through this.

Here’s a  scene from “Pretty Baby” starring Brooke Shields where they bid to spend intimate time with ‘her’.  This is very sick but this is what perverts love, little boys dressed as females.  In this movie Brooke plays a female.

Video:  “Pretty Baby (3/8) Movie CLIP – Bidding on Violet (1978) HD”

4 min. song cover – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

For me I was convinced that Eric-a was born a male, changed to a female with hormones and now wants to return to being a male.  I had a friend help me by looking over the shots of her back and he said that she looks like a female who has been on hormones for a long time.  He pointed out her figure looks pear shape and also he said that males lips are straight and  females have a curve to them.  We both agree that she looks confused and has some issues and don’t forget that she/he is from the Illuminati nephilim bloodline.

Look at Eric-a’s muscular back.  This pic is from when she/he had her/his breast removed.

In the pic on the left the back is straight and the one on the right shows a curved back. 2nd pic see that Corey’s back is a straight male back.

In this pic below on the left see that the belly button is below the waistline and pic on the right see that Eric-a’s forehead is flat which is a female trait and also the jawline goes in front of the ear.

When God destroyed the earth with water he used the rainbow as a sign that he will not destroy it by water again.  Unfortunately the next time will be by fire.  Please repent of your sins before it’s too late.  If you miss the rapture do not take the Mark of the Beast or you will NEVER enter into heaven.  You will be asked to take the Mark or have your head chopped off and if you get to that point you still must repent of your sins and ask Jesus into your life.  Please see my Fav Prayer section for the sinners prayer.



Video: “God’s Wrath is Hell”


Video:  “Where You Go I Go – Kim Walker Jesus Culture”