Walls Work in Washington, D.C.

Added on 04/10/2024, a short clip of Obama and Bill Clinton preaching about laws for migrants; 03/25/2024, a clip from 2008, of Joe Biden wanting a wall at the Mexico border; 02/25/2024, a clip below of New York Mayor Adams preaching Marxist views and since I though that he looked very curvy, I also added […]

Kathy Shelton Rape Case – The Rapist Was Hillary’s Illuminati High Royal Bloodline Cousin

Gillian Welch – Caleb Meyer Camera lights falling on Hillary/HRC and Bill Audio clip on the Nazi ring Kathy Shelton, if you see this post, just know that Hillary Rodham Clinton is related to the thankfully now deceased loser rapist, Thomas Alfred Taylor. Thomas Alfred Taylor is from the Percy bloodline and was an Illuminati […]

Dobie_ Tejas, Above The Rule Of Law

(added to this post 0n: 04/11/2024, a wedding pic with Hillary’s Adam’s apple; 03/20/2024, TITER Test info clip; 03/18/2024, Dobie Tejas promotes Kabbalism so I’ve added a Kabbalah biblical explanation at the bottom; 02/21/2024, El Salvado public showing of the arrest of gangs; 02/01/2024, The Dobie Tejas Group’s Kabbalah connection; 01/18/2024, added another clip of […]

Invasion of the Trannies VII. – Hormone Hands

(*I’ve added to this page below on 04/12/2024, Margorie Greene; 04/05/2024, added a pic of Justin Beiber, Megan Fox, and Michelle Obama; 03/31/2024, added a credit card tranny; 03/16/2024, Brittney Spears male knuckles, bottom of page; 11/08/2023, a second clip of Eric Trump.  This is what I’ll be doing on the pages as I add […]

Maui Fires Precision

This will just be a collection of information, videos and celebrity involvement mostly because I talk with people who are clueless about the entire event.  I’m going to pick out some videos that I feel are important but there is so much infomation so if you like just go over to Bitchute and type in […]

Monarch Programming – Satan’s Generational Stranglehold

Part 1 – True story of a little girl who was allowed to be used and abused by her own mother.  She was at her home and her parents were having a small party and she was gaslighted by all of the sick adults.  Later in the evening, she was molested by her stepfather but […]