George Floyd, A Pawn Involved with an Illuminati High Royal Bloodline

24 second clip below of the interview with Courtney Ross where she says that George was an angel.  Then let’s take a look at Courtney Ross’ genealogy.  The Ross name is what got my attention because the Di Rossi family is a very high Illuminati family, but I’ve found that Courtney, through her paternal bloodline, and not through the Ross bloodline name, is an Illuminati High Royal Bloodline and a grandchild to Kings and Queens of Wales and many others.  Courtney Ross stated that she was with George Floyd for 3 years, so we know for sure that this psyop has been in progress for 3 years.

*I will also be adding some info on George Floyd’s bloodline, though the info is incomplete, I will add it to show you sadly his connection but there is usually a huge problem with black records and since this is a very high profile incident the records I’m sure will be next to impossible to show but I did find a small clue and will get to it when I can.

10:41 min video by Black Child Productions: “CBS News UNDERGROUND BASEMENT: Satanist Rituals??”  I don’t really agree with the title “Satanist Rituals” because there’s no proof.  I add this video because Courtney Ross was interviewed by CBS.  There’s a scene in the video where one of the CBS executives has a small boy with him and the video implies there to be another reason but there’s no proof so it’s not really fair to imply the boy is involved in something dark.  It looks like to me the boy could be the executive’s grandson.

Courtney Ross, the “waitress”, has also worked at:

Boston Scientific Corporation

Forte International Exchange Association

Simply Jane/Artable

Ruffalo Cody

Community Involvement Programs

Coldwater Creek Inc.

Terra International School

Courtney Ross, In the name of King Yeshua Hamashiach, I rebuke you and this wicked plan of the enemy. Father in the name of King Yeshua Hamashiach, may your Will be done with Courtney Ross.

Father, I come to you in the name of King Yeshua Hamashiach and I take authority and plead the Blood of King Yeshua Hamashiach over all of the evil surrounding this incident with George Floyd and the wicked plan of the enemy and I ask you to send all of the demonic entities back to the abyss, never to return again.  Father your Will be done.

Illuminati high royal bloodline, Courtney Ross, strikes again.  Courtney Ross, the waitress, was also a “Dean” and a “Teacher” among her many other jobs. Courtney, take a break from your plotting.  Courtney, you’re a fake weirdo.

Every (Election) 4 years the real-life Purge returns.  The satanists will throw everything at you to keep you upset and in chaos.  Pray to King Yeshua/Jesus for strength and to help you not to feel the hurt and anger that will be coming since we’re in the last days.  They will throw every opportunity to get you caught up into sin to take you down to hell for they serve Satan.

Video: “The O’Jays – Back Stabbers

16 min. video by Slave New World: “Minnesota and the Rockefellers”   This video is a masterpiece, full of historical and genealogical evidence.  It’s perfect.  *Slave New World’s site has been removed again.

Everyone is pointing out the cop and the guy in jail have different hairlines.  Cop actor has a widow’s peak point on his hairline.

I’m sorry but I don’t remember which site I found this picture below from.  I think I took it with my phone scrolling through pics.

Chauvin is french and so is HRC aka Hillary. Again do we really know who this guy is?  Well, God and King Yeshua/Jesus know and all of you reptilian Illuminati hell bound fruit loops will be dealt with by the Lord.

2 min. video by MorehardnewsTV: “June 7 2020 How is this Possible”  She’s going over, as many are, the Obama Foundation twitter page has a picture of George Floyd on his site a week before he was murdered.  This is already all over the internet so this may be old news to you.

40 second video of “Democrats getting George Floyd name WRONG”

New events daily Chauvin owned a home in Orlando, Fla.:

Video below: “Bodycam Catches Cop Planting Drugs During Traffic Stops / NowThis”  This is a 4 min. video about a Florida cop who would run driver’s license plates and then history checks and he would target people who had previous drug convictions.  He would ask them if he could search their car and then he would plant drugs.  This video is not to say ALL cops are bad or ALL good, this is to explain to you about your rights.

When you get pulled over and if the cop asks you if they can search your vehicle, you have the right to politely say no.  You may think oh I have nothing to hide but you could get an officer like the guy in this video.  Remember, they don’t like to be told no so be polite.

Another story that I heard was a guy about 19 years old who borrowed his father’s car and he got pulled over.  The cop asked if he can search the car and he said yes.  The cop found his father’s machete knife under the seat which he didn’t know was there  and the guy got arrested.   Anyway, he got put on probation and then months later he was at the lake drinking a beer in an area where open containers were not allowed and he got a ticket and ruined his probation and went to prison.  I don’t know this guy I just heard the story and I’m not sure how much is what but this is just to show you what can happen.  If you consent to allowing the officer to search your car, they can literally pull your car seats out and then leave and you will be left with a mess.  I really recommend getting cameras for your car, inside and out, only for your protection; because it’s their word against yours.

Please see my Marilyn Manson and Joel Osteen post about vaccine ingredients and also showing the military getting tons of vaccines with harmful chemicals/heavy metals who later may become cops and then you’ll be dealing with a very chemically altered person.  Don’t take me wrong the public is also loaded with vaccine chemicals.

Remember that there is Aluminum in deodorant (not the natural chemical free ones), Fluoride in the toothpaste and water, which messes with your thyroid and pineal gland, plus all types of chemicals in beer, cigarettes, sodas, ect.  I’ve read that cigarettes, the paper is made with bleach and the filter is made with fiberglass and I’m not sure of the chemicals in the tobacco.  The soda usually has corn syrup or high fructose syrup.  Beer, I heard that they put formaldehyde in it and don’t forget that they put it into an aluminum can.

Another suggestion: If you get a ticket, take a pic of the front and the back in case you lose it then send it to your email or somewhere that it can be saved in case you break your phone.  This way you’ll know which agency gave it to you and when it’s due so you won’t be late.

Also, if you pay the ticket take a pic of the receipt and send it to your email or somewhere that it can be saved because I’ve heard about courts records getting messed up and not showing that the ticket has been paid which means that it’s now a warrant.  If you at least have something that you can show to the officer it MAY keep you from getting arrested and having your car towed with fees to get it out; the key word is may.

Another suggestion is to take a pic of your drivers license or ID and your Social Security card and email or send to some place you can access it if you lose it.  It helps when reapplying for these things.  Sometimes you don’t need but the drivers license has a small number on it that you may need if applying for replacement online.

Many of you already know this so this is for the ones that don’t know about roadside assistance.  I know some people can only afford to get liability insurance and I would like to suggest that you call your insurance company and ask to add Roadside Assistance and it should only cost around 5$ a month.  You can call if you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or need a jump or even lock your keys in the car.  Always pray to King Yeshua/Jesus to help get you out of poverty.  I would say rebuke the spirit of poverty over your life in the name of King Yeshua/Jesus.

God bless this officer for seeing that this is a helpless man and having compassion on him.  This government is just failing at taking care of the mentally ill in this country.


I want to show you a couple more short video clips and talk about how to protect yourself.

I found this on Reddit videos.  Do a search: Reddit French man gets dragged by car, and this weird video set comes up.  This 37 second clip shows a guy on a moped trying to fake an accident injury but it’s on camera.

The first one is a female that is at a bar with her date, goes to her car and sees her car damaged and windshield kicked and shattered.  She flags down some police in the area and since there had been a hit and run in the area, they accused and arrested her.

Video: ‘I want to clear my name’: Woman speaks out after being falsely accused by Scottsdale police

If she had a car camera, a video would have been sent to her phone alerting her of movement on her car. Then she could have shown the cop her cell phone footage of the car moving and glass shattering.

This camera is good because its connected to the Cloud, “Nexar Pro GPS Dual Dash Cam System Nexar senses even the slightest impact and starts recording immediately, even when your car is parked” This world has become so dangerous, you practically have to walk around with a body camera.

Also, the cops are very vaccinated and many are from the military. The vaccines have heavy metals in them and they also use aborted fetal cells that they get from a patient in the psychiatric ward. I know it sounds crazy but easy to prove.

…One more with some simple and helpful advice in video: “What you should do when pulled over by the police (Solutionaries)”

There are so many of this police stops on YouTube but I picked this one to remind people NOT to take your seat belt off when you get stopped.  Don’t try to be helpful and take your seat belt off to get your car insurance, wait until the cop requests it or he may stick you with a No Seat Belt ticket.

6 min. clip from this 20 min. video called: “Dash Cam Saves Citizens From Police Misconduct”

This attorney who represented George Floyd in Texas, said per this article clips, that George Floyd died in 2016. You can find the article by typing this info from this pic below.  I also checked to see if he really is an attorney in Texas and his info is below also.  I was already aware of George Floyd’s background, so my first question was why would this attorney be at the hospital with him if he was homeless like the attorney stated.  There’s lot’s of homeless people with crimes who die at the hospital that don’t have an attorney present.  My first thought was that there was a Will but I’m just guessing.

This is a short a little over 2 min. video showing live clip of George’s brother throwing up the 666 hand sign from a news memorial feed.  Video: “GEORGE FLOYD 666 SATANIC ILLUMINATI FAMILY”

I watched the video on NBC news where the family member seemed to be throwing up the 666 hand sign, when he was actually holding his glasses and threw up a wave.  I’m gonna say that this video below is incorrect that the brother was not throwing up the 666 hand sign.

Article by Canyon  “…Another factor linking Floyd to Masonry is Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Floyd’s family. Crump is listed as a “famous Prince Hall Mason” on the website of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ohio. A Grand Lodge is a governing body of Freemasonry in an individual jurisdiction. Crump was also the attorney for the family of Trayvon Martin, a shooting victim whose father was allegedly a Freemason.

Additionally, the middle name of two of Floyd’s (older) children is “Mason”: Connie Mason Floyd and Quincy Mason Floyd.

Some theorists have gone on to claim that Floyd’s death was a “Masonic sacrifice.” None of these claims have been confirmed.

George Perry FLOYD b. October 1974 Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I wish that George would have stayed in Houston, TX with his beautiful daughter, and only child that I can see that he has.  I’ve just read that George Floyd has two older children in their late 20’s.

Song by Eric Bibb: I want Jesus to walk with me.

Please understand that I have seen all of the “acting” photos of George, but please understand that these Illuminati, High, Wealthy, Bloodlines are not human and are capable of cloning, “demonizing” and replacing someone.

There will be a group of Tamara Magdalene’s videos here with cloning info in them.

This is a short 5 min. clip by Tamara Magdalene’s video called: “The New Babylon: MK ultra For a “Better” Society”

Under 3 min. clip of a clone scenes.  Vid by Tamara Magdalene: “Desperate for Immortality: Clones”  The entire video is really good but I just wanted this small clip.


Short 4 min. clip from a vid by Tamara Magdalene: “The Black Mirror of Mike Pence”


Video by Tamara Magdalene: “The Alien Showdown (The Protestors).  I agree with Tamara Magdalene that many of the protestors are non human or reptilian trouble makers.  Everyone pray against Satan’s schemes.  Pray to God through King Yeshua/Jesus for God to put his holy angels to protect everyone.  This video will have a song by Katy Perry E.T. with Kanye singing and it can get vulgar from 12:51 to 13:13.

This is broken into two part because the server won’t hold semi large downloaded videos

This is a 32 second video picked up by Reptilian Alien False World: “Reptilian Shapeshifter Portland Riots and 2nd American Civil War”  In this video there’s a very tall  male/reptilian in a white sweatshirt that the cops hit several times and he just stands there so the cops quit and left.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: short under 1 min. “Occultists Open Portal”

42 second video picked up by Reptilian Alien False World: “Reptilian Shapeshifter Protesting At A Riot”

Video by RussianVids: “Church of Satan High Priest Admits The Police Force and The Military Infiltrated Within”

Illuminati/Fruit Loops – Holy Spirit says: “The Antichrist is not in power yet.  Christians you need to fight (God means to pray).”  People, the bible says: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  

Illuminati/Fruit Loops I’m very aware that you wiped Courtney Ross’ info clean so that no one could find it. 

Everyone, I won’t always get this lucky to get this genealogy info.  Because of all of the violence going on, and even though the relatives that were born in the U.S. are deceased, I will only be showing the deceased bloodline relatives that were not from the U.S. that connect Courtney Ross as a great grandchild to royalty to many Kings, Druid Kings and Queens of Wales.  I did not list the Druid Kings but I will be going back to polish this up since I was in a hurry to get this out.

In the name list below, you will see these terms “ap” and or “verch” and here is the meaning to help out:

Let’s go…

9th Great Grandfather: Richard INGERSOLL b. 10 MARCH 1587

9th Great Grandmother: Ann LANGLEY b. 1576 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England

10th Great Grandfather: George INGERSOLL b. NOV 1562 Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England

10th Great Grandmother: Alicia HANKYNS b. 1566 Hinxworth, Hertfordshire, England

11th Great Grandfather: Edmund HANKYNS b. 1535 Dymoke, Gloucestershire, England

11th Great Grandmother Alice BOLD b. 1540 Dymoke, Gloucestershire, England

12th Great Grandfather:  Sir Thomas BOLD B. 1607 Caernarfon, Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire, England

12th Great Grandmother: Lady Hannah CARTER b. 1520 Dymoke, Gloucestershire, England

13th Great Grandfather: Harry BOLD b. 1470 Conwy, Conwy, Caernarvon, Wales, UK

13th Great Grandmother: Lowri Fetch MAREDUDD b. 1470 Porthamel, Talgarth, Brecon, Wales, UK

14th Great Grandfather: Maredudd ap THOMAS b. ? Porthaml, Llanidan, Anglessey, Wales

14th Great Grandmother: Eva verch RHYS b. abt 1466 ? Plas Iolyn, Yspytty Ifan, Clwyd, Wales

15th Great Grandfather: Rhys ap MEREDITH b. 1445 Yspitty, Carmarthenshire, Wales

15th Great Grandmother: Lowri verch HOWELL b. abt 1444 Clwyd, Wales, UK

16th Great Grandfather:  Howel ap GRUFFYDD b. 1430 Trawsfynydd, Merionethshire, Wales

16th Great Grandmother:  Margred ferch GRUFFUDD b. ?

17th Great Grandfather:  Gruffydd ap Dafydd FYCHAN b. 1425 Penllech, Caernarfonshire, Wales, UK

17th Great Grandmother:  Margred verch LLYWELYN b. 1422 Wales

18th Great Grandfather:  Evan MEREDYDD b. abt 1380 Caernarvonshire, Wales

18th Great Grandmother:  Jonet LEUAN 1385 Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales

19th Great Grandfather:  Meredydd ap Goch LEUAN of Wales b. 1345 Wales

19th Great Grandmother:  Morfydd verch Gruffydd LLWYD b. 1391 Nanhoron Issa, Caernarvonshire, Wales

20th Great Grandfather:  Dafydd “Goch” ap TRAHAEARN b. 1270 Penllech, Cymydmaen,. Caernarvonshire

20th Great Grandmother:  Lady Mawd verch DAFYDD b. 1279 Dafydd Llwyd ap Cynwrig

21st Great Grandfather:  Trahaearn Goch ap MADOG b. 1253 Lleyn, Caernarfonshire, Wales

21st Great Grandmother:  Eleanor Goch verch PHILLIP b. 1301; daughter of: Phillip ap IVOR b. 1275 and Princess Catherine verch LLYWELYN b. 1280

22nd Great Grandfather:  Madog ap Rhys GLOFF

22nd Great Grandmother:  Tangwystl verch GRONWY

23rd Great Grandfather:  Prince Rhys Wyndod ap RHYS

23rd Great Grandmother:  Gwerfyl verch MAELGWN

24th Great Grandfather:  Rhys GRUFFYDD

24th Great Grandmother:  Ellyw verch TRAHEARN

25th Great Grandfather:  Prince Rhys ap GRUFFYDD  Let’s look closer at: GRUFFYDD AND MADOG  and didn’t we already see this in Bill Gates genealogy chart Gruffydd?

     25th Great Grandmother:  Gwenllian verch MADOG

The royal bloodline connections from the 25th Great Grandfather: Prince Rhys ap GRUFFYDD

Gruffydd Sowales APRHYS

Rees ap Tudyr

Rhys ap Tewdwr

Gwrgan ap Ithel

There were at least 5 kings in between this section that I did not list.  I’ll go back and add them soon.

Ithael Ddu ab Owain, King of Glamorgan b. 924

Owain ap Morgan King of Glywiyssing b. 915

Morgan MAWR ap Owain King of Glamorgan

Now let’s look at the connection through Gwenllian verch MADOG.  Seeing the bloodline connections from MADOG was mind blowing for me.

These are in descending order or first to last.

King of Dummonia Arthfael ab Einudd

King of Wales Gwrddwfin son of CWrrig Son of CWRRIG and his wife: Queen of Wales daughter de BRETAGNE

This connection with King Gwrddwfin Son of CWRRIG connects to: Gaius JULIUS Caesar of ROME and Cleopatra. The merging of Rome and Egypt (unlucky us). Cleopatra is the daugther of: Ptolemy XII Auletes, Pharaoh.

Joseph ben Matthat of Arimathea b. 48BC This is the wealthy man that gave King Yeshua/Jesus his tomb to be buried in.

Rhodah Princess of Persia Rhodogoune b. 535 BC Babylon, Iraq

Tamar (Bat Johanan) Dynasty

Zadok – High Priest II

Isha ha Kohen aka Cohen


Reu King of Lagash

Peleg King of BABYLON

Shem the son of Noah.  It goes back further all the way to Adam and Eve but we will stop here.

The George Floyd info is not over and more will be added.

People, stay close to King Yeshua and pray for peace and protection from these Illuminati bloodlines.  No not take Bill Gates or anyone’s tattoo, mark or chip to track you.