Marilyn Manson aka Brian Hugh Warner – Illuminati High Royal Bloodline

Hi Blessings,

This post will be to show you that Marilyn Manson/Brian Warner is an Illuminati high royal bloodline.

So while I was watching a video series called “Satan Exposed 1-10” by Steve Kerr,  I think it may have been #6 or #7, there was a scene of Marilyn Manson on stage singing and tearing up the bible and sometimes he stuffs the bible pages (careful the ink is toxic) into his mouth which is part of his act and which seems to be quite often.

If the truth be known the Illuminati bloodlines sat on the boards of the American Bible Society and altered the bibles meaning took out key words. The bibles are still being altered and its a wonder that any of us can get a pure bible anymore.

Now he’s not the first nor the last to do something like this; I believe that the Knights Templars used to spit and pee on the cross.  I’m not sure why but in Jimmy Swaggart’s church, and he’s also a bloodline to the royals by marriage. they have the crosses on the floor of the church and people walk all over the cross and think nothing of it.  I had read that those crosses are Templar crosses but I’m not really sure.  It may be the Cross of Lorraine.

This tranny prostitute is not the original prostitute that Mr. Swaggart was caught with. The original prostitute had well dressed men looking for her and later disappeared. This brunette tranny in the pic above was paid 100k for an interviewed by National Enquirer and also failed a lie detector test. Mr. Swaggart was with several prostitutes and the info is in the link/article below.

Hold on, let me just say something to Mr. Swaggart,  just a suggestion – change out the carpet and ditch the goat head table and then things will be um better.

Cross of Lorraine as mentioned in the church pic above.

I put several weird non Marilyn Manson videos below to show you that MM is not the only weirdo game in town.

Video: “Bohemia’s Most Notorious Church” a church of bones.

Video: “Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God”

This is a 10 min. video. At 4:44 when the singing starts the satanist from the audience who are wearing twig crowns and carrying staffs come forward. These people could be reptilians but for sure they worship Lucifer.

Video: “Satanic Inaugural Ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel Explained 4/5”

Video: “Prince William ARK Gala ‘EXPOSED’ ” and btw – Kate Middleton is a tranny.


Short clip with Johnny Depp (cussing) from a video by Tamara Magdalene:

Continuing the Possession Project Narcissism is Demonic Possession/Covert Kundalini


Video below is a 2nd one exposing Johnny Depp as being a female to male.  aka Hot Mess Express.

In this video with Amber I see an Adam’s apple. Video: “Amber Heard Speaks Up”

This pic below is from Epic Sellout’s vid on Elon Musk.  This pic below is with a small boy named Desmond and I’ve attached a video below it and it shows how his parents, the industry, and the devil’s agenda are using and abusing him.  Pray for him.

Here’s another boy that has been raised as very confused.  Short clip.

A short 6 min. clip about Desmond seen in the pic above with Amber from a vid by Epic Sellouts.   Pray for Desmond.

Video by Pockets of the Future:  “This Messed Up Exchange between Marilyn Manson, Sharon Osbourne & Jimmy”  This video will have a few cuss words in it.


I watched MM/Brian on an interview and the subject came up on his association with the Satanic Church founder Anton LaVey and MM/Brian denied being really that close to him and said that it was just a staged event.  MM/Brian seems to be somewhat honest about his life so I’m gonna say that this is probably true.

There is a Christian lady that had a dream about Anton LaVey’s last moments.  In the dream she saw Mr. LaVey asking for help from someone named Rafael (Demonic Angel ?).  I’ve attached the 8 min. audio from the 30 min. video of her dream experience.

8 min. audio about a dream of Anton LaVey’s death.

So MM/Brian was on the Howard Stern show and this brother and sister team got on the show because the sister agreed to flash her you know whats to get her brother in to meet MM/Brian.

Once in and after the flashing deal the brother tells MM/Brian that he’s one of the most important influential people in a country run and influenced by Christianity hypocrisy to have MM/Brian represent people like us is so amazing.

Here is the 3 min. audio clip of this scene and its not too vulgar for the Howard Stern show.

Let me just throw this in – most of the pastors are Illuminati high royal bloodlines just like Marilyn Manson/Brian.

Okay, back to MM/Brian.

Anyway, as I was looking at MM/Brian in a video called Satan Exposed, I mean I was really looking at him, I mean I could see him like beyond the layers of makeup, clothing, theatrics and I’m thinking to myself – hmm, he fits the M.O. (Mode of Operation) of an Illuminati satanic bloodline raised child. I thought to myself I wonder if Marilyn Manson is an Illuminati bloodline?  He absolutely is and in many ways you will see that his childhood was stolen from him and he’s a survivor for sure.

MM/Brian is not a joke or a freak at all.  He was an emotionally and in other ways abused child.  It seems that in his many interviews he discusses a lot of the perverted things that have happened to him during his life.  It’s may look like therapy but its truly a cry for help.  May God have mercy on him and heal his broken heart.

So I watched a few of “Marilyn’s” interviews and I thought that he came off intelligent and funny.  MM/Brian did mention that he snuck into Madonna’s dressing room and peed on ‘her’ toilet seat.

In his backstage documentaries his behavior was different – they were banging chairs into the ceiling tiles and squirting mustard and syrup on each other and I thought that he looked juvenile.

There was a mention of MM/Brian’s father making crude comments and I’m showing you in case some of you didn’t know that he did this and because you need to see what MM/Brian went through as a child which became the norm. The comment goes like this:

” ‘Hugh Warner’ was the father of Marilyn Manson, Brian Hugh Warner, his son bearing middle name. Hugh was involved in the Air Commando Squadron in Vietnam, Specifically as a flight engineer and crew chief in which he sprayed Agent Orange through what was known as Operation Ranch Hand.”

There’s an article title in the pic below where MM/Brian’s father goes into a little bit of detail about what he went through with his job of killing people with Agent Orange and the mental and emotional toll it took on him.

About a 2 min audio clip where Brian/Marilyn mentions that his father, before he passed, told him that the CIA wanted to recruit Brian/Marilyn when he was a young boy.

 When you join the military they inject you with about 8 vaccines.  Please see my Joel Osteen post about vaccines that you have to get for short church mission trips out of the country.

Let me just tell you now that a lot of the vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, cow fetal cells, monkey kidney cells and other garbage.  Most of these guys in the video below will get out of the military and become cops where they will be given more vaccines, flu shot, tetanus shot for starters.  These are very chemically altered people.  Please type vaccines for the military to see horror stories by military soldiers.

Also, when people are put into prisons they are given many vaccines containing tons of poisonous chemicals.  Again, more info about this in the Joel Osteen blog post.

4 min music only video. Video: “Air Force Basic Military Training BMT Immunizations”

Back to MM/Brian’s father.

Later while looking through MM/Brian documentaries and other videos I had the misfortune to get blindsided by a video featuring Marilyn’s father Hugh Angus Warner handling the family pet in a derogatory manner.  Here is a pic of the 1 min. video if you want to check it out for yourselves.

See how on camera the mother in the background, how her face just morphs out the camera and also what he’s doing didn’t even phase her.

In the first seconds of the video Mr. Warner lifts up one of their family dogs and says “Does anyone want to see his pee pee?” Mr. Warner then holds the dog up for the camera to see him grabbing the dogs wiener part and rubbing his hand over the area like lets says how you would touch your earlobe. Same incident but different video Mr. Warner holds up the dogs butt to the camera. I’m thinking it must be from the dad’s line since he’s so perverted let’s look there. I ran across some unpleasant info on Mr. Warner’s father Mr. Jack Angus Warner.

Through MM/Brian’s paternal line I was only able to connect him through his 5x Great Grandfather George Knie/Knee b. 1748 in Prussia; his daughter Elizabeth Knee/Knie b. 1783 married Jonas Hoover b. 1808. The Hoover family though for times sake I did not connect them to President Hoover/Huber and Mike Pence/Bentz Hoover/Huber line, since they are from the same area I’m assuming that they are related. If I was to guess I would say cousins. Since I did find several big connections on MM/Brian’s maternal line I worked on that side.

1 min. video about his grandfather on his father’s side.

Here’s the pic from the video that was deleted.

Video: “Airport Scanner Privacy Radiation Protecting underwear”




18 sec. audio by his cousin (the shaved head guy) telling about how MM/Brian spent his time at home and how he lived next door to his mother’s parents.


The grandparents lived close by to MM/Brian. The first paragraph is about the paternal and the second paragraph is about the maternal grandparents.

This is a 27 second audio of MM/Brian talking about a traumatic experience in his childhood where a neighbor who lived right next door used to make him undress and when MM/Brian told on him his dog Aleusha was mysteriously poisoned.


Video: “Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb (HD)”

I’m going to give you a warning that one of these pics of the mother will have a weird eye shot and I’m telling you now so that you won’t be shocked.

Let me just add here that in another it video it mentioned that Mrs. Warner named one of the rats that was kept in the freezer Marilyn. Since MM/Brian is named after one of his cousins – Marilyn Monroe let me just add some info showing Monroe with 1) hands shape shifting and 2) an Adam’s apple.

Also Marilyn Manson/Brian is related to Charles Manson through the Percy line.

The original video below where it shows Marilyn Monroe’s hand shape shifting.  It’s in the beginning and it happens very fast.

Video by Bruce Springsteen:  “Candy’s Room”

Marilyn Manson/Brian’s maternal line are generational Virginians and it reminds me of the song by John Denver so I’m adding it because I’ve looked at so many of his family lines from Virginia I couldn’t stop singing this song:

John Denver – Country Roads song


Let’s get to the maternal bloodline connection to Illuminati high royalty. Let me just break this down for you to and put who I’ve connected MM/Brian to. I will put at the end the genealogy info only.




9 min. video: “An old Irish legend about an ancient Egyptian princess – ROBERT SEPEHR”  Except in real life Prince Scota, for the name Scota Land or Scotland, was Egyptian and I’m pretty sure dark skinned.

I was thrilled to find a connection through MM/Brian’s bloodline back to the Kings of Ireland and then to the Pharaoh’s bloodline.

Let’s go back into the Garden of Eden when the serpent tempted Eve and then Adam and Eve fell, the Lord said that “The seed of the woman shall bruise the serpents head and the serpent shall bruise the heel.” The seed is Yeshua/Jesus and the devil and the fallen angels were always trying to pollute the bloodlines so that Yeshua/Jesus wouldn’t get through. The fallen angels slept with the human women and the rulers of the earth would send out orders to kill the first born males to try to stop Yeshua/Jesus to get through to us.

What I love about this Pharaoh story that I’ve been taught is that the first born males were to be killed and Moses mother floated him on a basket and prayed for God’s divine intervention to spare his life.  The baby floated right into the Pharaoh’s palace and his widow daughter found the baby and raised Moses as a Prince. I love this story because on the surface no one would have thought that baby Moses would have survived floating right into the Pharaoh’s palace but God is creative and his plans are bigger than you and I will ever understand.

5 min. audio clip from the Ten Commandments – Baby Moses floats to the palace.

So Moses grew up in the palace but as he got older he didn’t really like the way the slaves were treated and he ended up killing a man and so he was vanquished from Egypt. In the desert he met an Ethiopian family and married one of the daughters. Later he returned to Egypt per God’s request to go and tell the Pharaoh to “Let my people go.”

This is a 3 min audio of the song “Go Down Moses (Let My People Go)”

I’m sorry to change up here but I wanted to add something on Queen Elizabeth from ‘her’ Druid ceremony and compare outfits of the Ten Commandments movie to Princess Elizabeth Druid ceremony.

I’m finishing this part up with just showing you a list of the plagues that God sent because Pharaoh wouldn’t let the people go.

Video: “Ron Wyatt and sons survive hostage situation in Saudi Arabia – Exo”

Because Marilyn Manson/Brian’s genealogy involved the baby Moses story I will end this with a video by a baby who says that the King is Coming!

Please know that God gives everyone free will to choose to love King Yeshua/Jesus or not to. Once you die there are no second chances, it’s gonna be eternal heaven or eternal hell and it will be your choice.

The bottom or last part of this page will only be the genealogy info and a few pics.



3 min. video: “Child prophesying Jesus (The King) is coming”

Video: “Little Girl Goes to Heaven While Her Parents Watching”

Son: Brian Hugh WARNER also known as Marilyn Manson (MM)

Mother: Barbara J. WYER b. 1946 – d. 2014

Barbara J. WYER’s parents and Marilyn Manson/Brian H. Warner’s grandparents.

Grandfather: Allie Dee WYER b. 1923 Gilmer County, West Virginia

Grandmother: Blanche Pearl JONES b. 1925 West Virginia

Follow me here through the WYER bloodline to MM/Brian’s 21st great grandfather – the King of SCOTLAND

2x Grandfather: William Alexander WYER b. 1883 West Virginia

3x Grandfather: James C. WYER b. 1852 Virginia

4x Grandfather: Archibald WYER b. 1828 Lewis Granville County, North Carolina

5x Grandfather: A. Cornelius WYER b. 1798 Harrison County, Virginia

6x Grandfather: George WYER b. 1771 Virginia

7x Grandmother: Elizabeth Wyer FINLEY b. 1743

8x Grandfather: Archibald FINLEY b. 1738 New Britain Bucks County, Pennsylvania

9x Grandfather: Archibald FINLEY b. 1685 Mulaghabrac, Armagh, Ireland

10x Grandfather: Robert FINLEY b,. 1634 Incharvie, Fife, Scotland

11x Grandfather: Archibald FINLEY b. 1685 Mulaghabrac, Armagh, Ireland

12x Grandfather: Robert FINLEY b,. 1634 Incharvie, Fife, Scotland

13x Grandfather: John FINLEY b. 1579 Newburn Parish, Balchristie, Fife Scotland

13x Grandmother: Sarah CRAIGIE b: 1590 in Dunblane,Perth,Scotland

              The CRAIGIE bloodline connects to the GRAHAM, DOUGLAS, KEITH, STEWARTS, KENNEDY

14x Grandfather: Hugh CRAIGIE b: in Dunbarnie,Perth,Scotland
14x Grandmother: Christeen (Christiana) SMYTH

15x Grandfather: Patrick SMYTH b: ABT 1497
15x Grandmother: Katherine COCHRAN b: ABT 1504
16x Grandfather: William COCHRAN b: ABT 1464
16x Grandmother: Grizel GRAHAM b: ABT 1471

This Grizel GRAHAM b. 1471 is the same as the one listed in the pics with the birthday of 1661. I’ve checked this name 6 different ways and I believe that the b. 1471 is correct. I’ve attached these pics to show the connection to the royal bloodlines.

Follow me back to the FINLEY bloodline to connect to the KING OF SCOTLAND

14x Grandfather: Andrew FINLEY b. 1504 Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland

15x Grandfather: John FINLEY III b. 1457 Perth, Perthsire, Scotland

16x Grandfather: John FINLEY (Findlay), Sr. b. 1356-1389 Perthshire, Scotland

17x Grandfather: William FINLEY (Findlay) b. 1300 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

18x Grandfather: Fearchar McFINLAY b. 1243 Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Present U.K.)

19x Grandfather: Fergus Farquhar McFINLEY (MacFinlay) b. 1145

20x Grandfather: Ruari McFINLAY b. 1090 Ross-shire, Scotland

21x Grandfather: Mac Bethad mac Findlaich, Ri Albainn b. 1005 KING OF SCOTLAND 1040

Follow me here back to the JONES bloodline which married into the CROSS bloodline which connects to

Princess Jeanne, de Melan (de Bourbon)

2x Grandfather: Benjamin Alonzo JONES b. 1889 Ritchie County, West Virginia

2x Grandmother: Ida E. CROSS b. 1891 West Virginia

Continue to follow me here through the CROSS bloodline which will connect to Lady Joan de PERCY b. 1470 Alnwick Castle

Ida E. CROSS Parents:

3x Grandfather to MM: John Thurman CROSS b. 1859 Union City, Ritchie County, West Virginia

3x Grandmother to MM: Alice West Virginia Cross RIDDLE b. 1867 Union City, Ritchie County, West Virginia

Through Alice’s bloodline she connects to Princess Jeanne, de Melan (de Bourbon). For time and space sake I’m not going to list all the details because it takes so long.

4x Grandfather to MM: George Washington CROSS b. 1834 Wood/Ritchie County, West Virginia

4x Grandmother to MM: Sophriana Tiphany HAYHERST b. 1838 Harrison County, Virginia

5x Grandfather to MM: Nimrod Cross b. 1804 Harrison County, Virginia

5x Grandmother to MM: Eliza Cross b. 1804 Harrison County, Virginia

I want to point out the 5x Grandfather Nimrod Cross. In the olden days biblical names were used but generally the names of Pharaohs were not used. Here’s a quick definition of Nimrod:

Continue to follow me through the CROSS bloodline which will connect to the PERCY/King of England/France/Charlemagne Bloodline

6x Grandfather to MM: Richard Cross b. 1772 Stoney Springs, Fauquier County, Virginia

6x Grandmother to MM: Mary Margaret “Mollie” LAKE b. 1777 Fauquier County, Virginia

7x Grandfather to MM: William LAKE/LEAKE b. 1745 Mechanicsville, St. Mary’s County, Maryland

7x Grandmother to MM: Margaret Mary “Mollie” ASBURY b. 1750 Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Virginia

8x Grandfather to MM: William LAKE/LEAKE b. 1710 St. Mary’s County, Maryland

8x Grandmother to MM: Anne REDMAN b. 1708 St. Mary’s County, Maryland

9x Grandfather to MM: John REDMAN b. 1667 Westmoreland County, Virginia

9x Grandmother to MM: Mary HARRIS b. 1648 Westmoreland County, Virginia

10x Grandfather to MM: William HARRIS of Jamestown b. 1596 Willingale Doe, Essex County, England

10x Grandmother to MM: Ellen BURRIS b. 1599 London, Middlesex, Eengland

11x. Grandfather to MM: William HARRIS, of Willingale Doe b. 1545 Willingale Doe, Essex County, England

11x Grandmother to MM: Joan HARDINGS b. 1550 Willingale Doe, Essex, England

12x Grandfather to MM: William HARRIS, High Sheriff of Essex b. 1490 Prittlewell, Southminister, Essex, England

12x Grandmother to MM: Johanna SMYTHE b. 1518 Essex, England

13x Grandfather to MM: William HARRIS, of Southminister & Willingdale Doe b. 1518 Southminister, Essex England

13x Grandmother to MM: Jane SEMER/SEYMOUR b. 1518 Bocking, Brainstree, Essex, England

14x Grandfather to MM: Sir Arthur HARRIS b. 1466 Prittewell, Southminster England

14x Grandmother to MM: Lady Joan de PERCY b. 1470 Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England

Lady Joan de Percy, the granddaughter of Sir Henry Hotspur Percy and Elizabeth de Mortimer, Sir Ralph de Neville and Joan de Beaufort, daughter of John of Gaunt. The PERCY bloodline goes back to Kings of France, Charlemagne and it stopped at Teutomer De Toxandrie, a Général franc (Frankish General) to Roman Emperor Julian

Next follow me back to MM/Brian’s JONES bloodline. Through the JONES bloodline MM/Brian is the 22nd Great Grandson to King Edward Plantagenet of England III

3x Grandfather to MM: Marshall M. JONES b. 1850 Ritchie County, West Virginia

3x Grandmother to MM: Mary Catherine ELDER b. 1856 Ritchie County, West Virginia

4x Grandfather to MM: Keener B. JONES b. 1828 Tyler, Virginia

4x Grandmother to MM: Mary RICHARDS b. 1828

Mary RICHARDS bloodline connects to (Oliver) CROMWELL and way down the line through many Irish and Welsh kings and ending at the Pharaoh of Egypt.

4x Grandfather to MM: Keener B. JONES b. 1828 Tyler, Virginia

4x Grandmother to MM: Mary RICHARDS b. 1828 Territory of then Virginia

5x Grandfather to MM: George Washington RICHARDS, Sr. b. 1759 Rockingham County, Virginia

5x Grandmother to MM: Catherine BUSH b. 1765 Hardy County, Virginia

6x Grandfather to MM:John BUSH b. 1751 Berks County, Pennsylvania

6x Grandmother to MM:Mary HACKER b. 1747 Stafford County, Virginia

7x Grandfather to MM:William HACKER b. 1690 Netherlands

7x Grandmother to MM:Ann Dillon TURNER b. 1707 Northern Ireland

8x Grandfather to MM:Francis Hacker, III b. 1633 Stathern, Leisectershire, England

8x Grandmother to MM:Ann WOOD

9x Grandfather to MM:Col. Francis HACKER, II b. 1618 Stathern, Leicestershire, England

9x Grandmother to MM:Isabella BRUNTS b. 1613 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

10x Grandfather to MM:Col. Francis HACKER, I b. 1592 Yeovil, Somerset, England

10x Grandmother to MM:Margaret WHALLEY b. 1595 Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire, England

11x Grandfather to MM:Richard WHALLEY b. 1569 Screveton, Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England

11x Grandmother to MM:Frances Williams CROMWELL b. 1575 Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdonshire, England “Was the aunt of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England”

12x Grandfather to MM:Henry Cromwell WILLIAMS b. 1535 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

12x Grandmother to MM:Joan WARREN b. 1545 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

13x Grandfather to MM:Henry Cromwell WILLIAMS aka Richard Cromwell WILLIAMS b. 1495 Lanishen Glamorganshire Wales

13x Frances Mirfyn b. 1509 London, Middlesex, England

14x Grandfather to MM:Morgan WILLIAMS (ap William) b. 1479 Llanishe, Glamorgan, Wales

14x Grandmother to MM:Katherine Cromwell SMYTHE b. 1483 Putney, Surrey, England

Through SMYTHE bloodline it trails through (not in order) Wales, Sweden, Libya, Ukraine, Ireland, France, Spain and to Egypt ending with the Pharaohs of Moses time. It’s probably about over 150 people that I would have to list so I’m going to stop here or this page would be endless.

Lastly follow me back to MM/Brian’s JONES bloodline. Through the JONES bloodline MM/Brian is the 22nd great grandson to King Edward Plantagenet of England III

5x Grandfather to MM: Samuel R. JONES b. 1796 Hampshire, Virginia

6x Grandfather to MM: James Bentley Rush JONES b. 1762 St. Charles, Maryland

7x Grandfather to MM: Samuel JONES b. 1740 Gloucester Dymock, England

7x Grandmother to MM: Esther ROWLES b. ?

8x Grandfather to MM: John JONES b. 1718 Gloucester Dymock, England

8x Grandmother to MM: Elizabeth Mary ASHBROOK b. 1730

Right here is where the genealogy gets mixed up. John JONES has a brother named:

Peter JONES b. 1792 and he married Catherine ASHBROOK the sister to:

Elizabeth Mary ASHBROOK. The info gets very confusing and in some sites Elizabeth’s name is left out of the family line.

Here Follow Me Through the ASHBROOK Bloodline to Edward Plantagenet OF ENGLAND III

9x Grandfather to MM: Aaron ASHBROOK b. 1703

9x Grandmother to MM: Hannah WARD b. 1710

10x Grandfather to MM: Samuel WARD, Jr. b: ABT 1677 in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT
10x Grandmother to MM
: Hannah THORNE b: ABT 1670 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY
Grandfather to MM: Samuel WARD b: 1644 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT
11x Grandmother to MM: Alice OGDEN b: 1648 in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT

12x Grandfather to MM: Andrew WARD b: ABT 1597 in Homersfield, Suffolk, England
12x Grandmother to MM: Hester SHERMAN b: 1 APR 1606 in Dedham, Essex, England
13x Grandfather to MM: Richard WARD b: 13 APR 1565 in Homersfield, Suffolk, England
13x Grandmother to MM: Anne GUIVILLE b: 1576 in Gorleston, Suffolk, England

14x Grandfather to MM: Thomas WARD b: BET 1545 AND 1550 in Homersfield, Suffolk, England
14x Grandmother to MM: Margaret HARE b: ABT 1549 in Homersfield, Suffolk, England

15x Grandfather to MM: John HARE b: ABT 1526 in Bromsthorp, Norfolkshire, England

16x Grandfather to MM: John HARE b: ABT 1506 in Bletchingley, Surrey, England
16x Grandmother to MM: Elizabeth FORTESCUE b: ABT 1508

17x Grandfather to MM: Nicholas HARE b: ABT 1460
17x Grandmother to MM: Margaret b: ABT 1485

18x Grandfather to MM: John HARE b: ABT 1438
18x Grandmother to MM: Catherine ANDERSON b: ABT 1440

19x Grandfather to MM: Thomas HARE b: ABT 1418
19x Grandmother to MM: Joyce HYDE b: ABT 1420
20x Grandfather to MM: John HARE b: ABT 1395
20x Grandmother to MM: Joan NEVILLE b: BET 1398 AND 1399 in Raby, Durhamshire, England
21x Grandfather to MM: Ralph DE NEVILLE b: 15 SEP 1364 in Raby Castle, Keverstone, Durham, England
21x Grandmother to MM: Joan DE BEAUFORT b: BET 1375 AND 1379 in Chateau de Beauf, Meuse-et-Loire, France

22x Grandfather to MM: John Plantagent OF GAUNT b: 28 MAY 1340 in Abbaye de St Bav, Ghent, Belgium
22x Grandmother to MM: Katherine DE ROET b: 23 NOV 1350 in Somme, Picardy, France
23x Grandfather to MM: Edward Plantagenet OF ENGLAND III b: 13 NOV 1312 in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England
23x Grandmother to MM: Philippa DE HAINAULT b: 24 JUN 1311 in Valenciennes,France