Joe Biden – Illuminati High Royal Bloodline

Video: “Americans Are SLAVES To The British Crown The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783”

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and his wife Kathryn Swynford, were the great grandparents of Hillary and Trump and yes of course Biden.

In this 7 min. clip from a 2 hour interview with Leuren Moret and Darrell Hamamoto, they’re discussing the Illuminati bloodlines intermarrying rituals.  A name that pops up is Hillary Rodham Clinton and Leuren reveals that Hillary’s real name is: Hillary Rodham Brodowski, who is a Polish and Ashkenazic Jew.  This clip also discusses Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Princess Grace Kelly.

Two cousins taking up space. It’s always relatives against relatives and for them it’s always a win, win.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Bad Prophets Files: Election Day Edition” part 1.    Christians, Trump and Biden ARE cousins and both were handpicked by Satan.  These video clips are like the Comedy Hour.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Bad Prophets Files: Election Day Edition” part 2

Scroll down to the bottom of the chart to the Hillary, Biden and Trumps pics and then scroll up to see the connections.  This chart is just a visual to compare these 3 cousins. family the Queen never wears gloves.

1 min clip with info about the Queen’s Beasts genealogy.  What a proud moment.

video: “Queen of Islam: Elizabeth II related to Prophet Muhammad”

This very short video clip below is for the Christians and it’s a history clip of the Vatican’s obelisk that was moved from Egypt to Rome.  Most importantly in this video it will explain that Peter was crucified under this obelisk in Rome and in his honor, St. Peter’s Basilica was built.

It was under the rule of Emperor Nero, that Peter was killed. Let me show you a brief description before the history video clip.  I love history but you may not.

Video by MrE TV

The speaker in this video clip calls the obelisk a “hero” but I proclaim that this obelisk and all of the other horrible pagan obelisks in this world are a symbol that these are the enemies of King Yeshua.

Tamara, I now believe the saying: “All roads lead to Rome” is for Rome, Georgia.  I’ll explain soon…these things take forever…

This is a short under 3 min. clip about an ancient clan, the Etruscan, where if the records are correct, this would be where Emperor Nero’s family originated from which is now called Central Italy.  I stopped searching for the rest of Nero’s family bloodline due to the fact that the Etruscan’s territory was a huge sea port for many things with a variety of different cultures.  The bible says in 1 Timothy: “Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.”

I want to add a few more of the many things that I noticed about the Etruscan clan; they were very artistic, they were very skilled at making helmets, shields and swords.  They were also very hedonistic (this means: devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification) and would make the Playboy mansion look like a daycare.  I forgot to add they also sacrificed the men they captured during battles.

I just want to say tracking genealogy info to the precise start is pretty impossible.  Also, another group that can be relied upon to thwart history is the Smithsonian, which they deny.  If people find bones of the giants on their farms or wherever, the same giants that were spoken of in the bible, the Smithsonian scoops in and takes them away so people won’t have proof the bible is real.

Then we have the Vatican or Vatis Can, which means Divine Serpent, they hoard religious items and cover up anything them makes them look barbaric and hide the good artifacts about King Yeshua.

Then last but by no means the least, we have the Illuminati bloodline Fruit Oops clans that know good and well who is related to who, but they cover it up and pretend they’re fighting or whatever other games they play.

Let me just add that as much as they hide the truth from the masses, we have King Yeshua’s words to guide us:  “Jesus made a succinct (this means brief expression) statement concerning making judgements about public leaders: “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit” (Matthew 7: 16-17)”

I should have known that Leuron Moret would have dug up info on the Estrucans.  Here is a 10 min. clip below but you can catch the original 2 hour video called:  “UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati,” Leuren Moret with Darrell Hamamoto.  This video clip references: the Phoenicians, the Hittite clan.  This pic below is just for reference.

This is a combo clip and part is by Leuren Moret and a small clip by Robert Sepehr.  I don’t agree with Robert Sepehr’s religious beliefs and I’m sure he feels the same about me.


Short audio clip by Ian Paisley on the Catholic Mass

Princess Salome dances for King Herod and for her incestuous performance, she wants the head of John the Baptist, the cousin of King Yeshua.  Princess Salome’s family, without me going into deep details about them, just know that they were a nasty family and all sleeping together and this is the main reason to get rid of John the Baptist who was exposing their dirty secrets.

“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You…on piano”  This is symbolic that I’m pulling out of the Left/Right paradigm system which excludes my Lord.

Joseph Robinette BIDEN, Jr. b. 20 NOV 1942 Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jill Tracy JACOBS b. 3 JUNE 1951 Hammonton, New Jersey

Father: Joseph Robinette BIDEN b. 13 NOV 1915 Baltimore, Maryland

Mother: Catherine Eugenia FINNEGAN b. 7 JULY 1917 Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania

Grandfather: Joseph Harry BIDEN b. 14 JUNE 1893 Baltimore, Maryland

Grandmother: Mary Elizabeth ROBINETTE b. 18 NOV 1894 Maryland

Great Grandfather: George Hamilton ROBINETTE b. 3 OCT 1844 Flintstone, Allegany Maryland

Great Grandmother: Mary Ann HANAFEE b. 27 AUG 1862 Allegany, Maryland

2x Grandfather: Moses Johnson ROBINETT b. 9 JAN 1819 Flintstone, Allegany, Maryland

2x Grandmother: Jane Elizabeth PUMPHREY b. 1824 Flintstone, Allegany, Maryland

3x Grandfather: Jesse ROBINETTE b. 15 June 1776 Flintstone, Allegany, Maryland

3x Grandmother: Dorcas JOHNSON b. 24 April 1786 Flintstone, Allegany, Maryland

4x Grandfather: George ROBINETT b. 1758 Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania

4x Grandmother: Sally Ann DOZIER b. 1756 Flintstone, Allegany, Maryland

5x Grandfather: Nathan George ROBINETT b. 1716 Providence Township, Chester, Pennsylvania

5x Grandmother: Elizabeth LeFEVRE b. 1729 Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania

6x Grandfather: Samuel R. F. ROBINETT b. 11 MAY 1669 Bunbury, Cheshire, England

6x Grandmother: Mary TAYLOR b. 26 APRIL 1674 Cheshire, England

7x Grandfather: Allen ROBINETTE b. 1632 London, Middlesex, England

7x Grandmother: Margaret SYMME b. 1630 England

8x Grandfather: James ROBINETT b. 1600 London, Middlesex, England

8x Grandmother: Dorothy DYKES b. 31 MAY 1618 Bunbury, Cheshire, England

9x Grandfather: William DYKES b. 1582 Bunbury, Cheshire, England

9x Grandmother: Mary RADCLIFFE b. 1560 Essex, England

10x Grandfather: Thomas DYKES, Lord of Whitehall b. 2 OCT 1552 Kent, England

10x Grandmother: Lady Mary Gray RADCLYFFE b. 1552

11x Grandfather: Henry RADCLYFFE b. 10 APRIL 1530 Lancashire, England

11x Grandmother: Lady Honora POUNDE b. 1532 Drayton, Farlington, Hampshire, England

12x Grandfather: Henry RADCLYFFE, 2nd Earl of Sussex b. 1507 Edgeworth, Lancashire, England

12x Grandmother: Lady Elizabeth HOWARD b. 1506 Norfolk, England

13x Grandfather: Sir Robert Fitzwalter RADCLYFFE b. 1483 Boreham, Essex, England

13x Grandmother: Lady Elizabeth STAFFORD b. 1479 Brecknock Castle, Brecon Castle, in Powys, Wales

14x Grandfather: Sir Henry STAFFORD, 2nd Duke of Buckingham b. 4 SEPT. 1455 Abergavenny, Monmouthsire, Wales

14x Grandmother: Katherine WOODVILLE, Duchess of Buckingham b. 1458 England

15x Grandfather: Humphrey STAFFORD, Earl of Stafford b. 18 OCT 1424 Stafford, Staffordshire, England

15x Grandmother: Margaret BEAUFORT, Countess of Stafford, b. 1437 Repton, Derbyshire, England

16x Grandfather: Sir Humphrey STAFFORD, 1st Duke of Buckingham b. 15 AUG 1402 Grafton Flyford, Wychavon District, Worcestershire, England

16x Grandmother: Anne NEVILLE, Duchess of Buckingham b. 9 OCT 1409 Raby Castle Durham, England

Anne NEVILLE’s Parents were:  Father: Sir Ralph NEVILLE, 1st Earl of Westmoreland b. 1364 Raby Castle, Durham, England; and Mother: Joan BEAUFORT, Countess of Westmoreland b. 29 JAN 1379 Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England

Anne NEVILLE’s grandparents were: Father: Sir John NEVILLE, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby; and Mother: Lady Maud de PERCY, Baroness Neville.

Through the Percy bloodline connection this also makes Biden cousin to both Hillary HRC, and to Barbara Pierce/Percy. The NEVILLE bloodline are the descendants of many kings. I’ll list just a couple; Malcom II King of Alba (Scotland), and this bloodline were the direct descendants of the Egyptian Kings or Pharaohs; and also to King Edgar the Peaceful King of England, who was a descendant of Alfred the Great.

17x Grandfather: John of GAUNT 1st Duke of Lancaster b. 6 MARCH 1340 St. Bavon’s Abbey, Ghent, Duchy of Flanders.  John of GAUNT is the great grandfather to Hillary/HRC, Joe Joe, and Trump/Drumpf.

17x Grandmother: Katherine de ROET, Duchess of Lancaster b. 25 NOV 1340 Somme, Picardie, France

18x Grandfather: Edward III, King of England b. 13 NOV 1312 Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

18x Grandmother: Philippa de Hainault Queen b. 24 JUNE 1314 Valenciennes, Nord, Co. of Flanders, France

Jill Tracy JACOBS Biden b. 3 JUNE 1951 Hammonton, New Jersey

Father: Donald Carl JACOBS b. 21 JAN 1927 Hammonton, Atlantic, New Jersey

Mother: Bonny Jean GODFREY b. 5 JULY 1930 Hammonton, Atlantic, New Jersey

Grandfather: Harold J. GODFREY II b. 2 NOV 1904 South Seaville, Cape May, New Jersey

Grandmother: Mabel Frances BOARDMAN b. 15 JULY 1906 Elm, Winslow, Camden, New Jersey

2x Grandfather: Archie BOARDMAN b. 23 MAY 1876 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2x Grandmother: Josephine MILLEY b. 18 NOV 1878 Shamong Township, Burlington, New Jersey

3x Grandfather: James MILEY b. JAN 1858 New Jersey

3x Grandmother: Mary Ann J. POOLE b. MARCH 1860

4x Grandfather: Joseph POOLE b. 25 MARCH 1828 Tabernacle, Burlington, New Jersey

4x Grandmother: Mary Ann CRAMER b. 30 MARCH 1830 Tabernacle, Burlington, New Jersey

5x Grandfather: Chalkley CRAMER b. 1802 Tabernacle, Burlington, New Jersey

5x Grandmother: Sarah Hannah FOSTER b. 1802 Tabernacle, Burlington, New Jersey

6x Grandfather: Elias CRANMER b. 1766 Bass River, Burlington, Colony of New Jersey, British Colonial

6x Grandmother: Hannah GIFFORD 7 JULY 1782 Burlington, Colony of New Jersey, British Colonial

7x Grandfather: Caleb CRANMER b. 16 APRIL 1733 Bass River, Burlington, New Jersey, British Colonial

7x Grandmother: Mary BAKER b. 1730 Tuckerton, Ocean, New Jersey, British Colonial

8x Grandfather: Stephen John CRANMER b. 1695 Morris, Colony of New Jersey

8x Grandmother: Sarah ANDREWS b. 8 NOV 1702 Tuckerton, Colony of New Jersey

9x Grandfather: John CRANMER b. 27 APRIL 1666 Elizabethtown, Colony of New Jersey

9x Grandmother: Sarah OSBORNE b. 1666 Suffolk, Colony of New York

10x Grandfather: Stephen OSBORNE b. FEB 1634 Ashford, Kent, England

10x Grandmother: Sarah STANBOROUGH b. 1638 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony, British Colonial America

11x Grandfather: Thomas OSBORNE b. 4 APRIL 1594 Ashford, Kent, England

11x Grandmother: Mary GOATLEY b. JAN 1600 Ashford Borough, Kent, England

12x Grandfather: Jeremy OSBORNE b. 4 FEB 1570 Ashford, Kent, England

12x Grandmother: Joane WYBORNE b. 7 JULY 1571 Ashford, Kent, England

13x Grandfather: Thomas OSBORNE b. 18 APRIL 1543 Ashford, Kent, England

13x Grandmother: Elizabeth WILMETH b. 1543 Ashford, Kent, England

14x Grandfather: Richard OSBORNE b. 1510 Ashford, Kent, England

14x Grandmother: Jane BROUGHTON b. 1511 England

15x Grandfather: Sir John BROUGHTON b. 1484 Broughton, Buckinghamshire, England

15x Grandmother: Anne SAPCOTE Countess of Bedford b. 1489 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

Through the Sapcote bloodline, Jill Biden connects to the de Vaux bloodline. This was and is a very occult bloodline. The de Vaux bloodline are the descendants of the L’ Estrange bloodline. This de Vaux bloodline also connects to the Neville bloodline, Joan of England, Princess of Wales, the daughter of John I. Lackland King of England.

16x Grandfather: Sir Robert BROUGHTON b. 1466 Toddington, Bedfordshire, England

16x Grandmother: Katherine de VERE b. 1460 Essex, England *The de VERE bloodline is self titled “The Dragon Bloodline”

17x Grandfather: Sir John de VERE, 13th Earl of Oxford b. 8 SEPT 1442 Castle Hedingham, Essex, England

17x Grandmother: Margaret de NEVILLE Countess of Oxford b. 1445 Threlkeld, Cumberland, England

18x Grandfather: Sir Richard de NEVILLE, 5th Earl of Salisbury b. 9 JAN 1400 Raby Castle, Durham, England

18x Grandmother: Alice MONTAGU b. 27 OCT 1405 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

19x Grandfather: Sir Ralph NEVILLE, 1st Earl of Westmoreland b. 9 JAN 1400 Raby Castle, Durham, England

19x Grandmother: Joan BEAUFORT, Countess of Westmoreland b. 29 JAN 1379 Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England

20x Grandfather: John of GAUNT 1st Duke of Lancaster b. 6 MARCH 1340 St. Bavon’s Abbey, Ghent, Duchy of Flanders

20x Grandmother: Katherine de ROET, Duchess of Lancaster b. 25 NOV 1340 Somme, Picardie, France

21x Grandfather: Edward III. , King of England b. 13 NOV 1312 Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

21x Grandmother: Philippa de Hainault Queen b. 24 JUNE 1314 Valenciennes, Nord, Co. of Flanders, France

Jill and Joe Biden are cousins and also the great grandchildren of Muhammad and also the kings of Egypt. I always wondered how Jill Biden could put up with so much of Biden’s flirtatious behavior.  He’s hilarious because he thinks that he’s all that and a bag of chips when really he’s just “Creepy Uncle Joe”.

In this clip you can see their loyalty to their bloodlines but not to King Yeshua.

Short video; “How Star + Moon Symbol evolved in Pre-Islamic Arabia

Joe Joe video clip called: Biden vows to rescind Trump’s ‘vile Muslim ban’  It’s all theater because Biden and Trump are cousins.

Just in case you think that the pic above is photo shopped, I found the original vid clip of Joe Joe throwing up the 666 Trump hand sign.

This is a clip from a movie picked up by Tamara Magdalene.  I think I’ll call this clip: “Illuminati, we can see you” because you’re constantly throwing up satanic hand signs.

Joe Biden says: “My butt’s been wiped.”  I slowed it down a little so you can understand him with all of the helicopter noise.

This is an article picked up by OTG Ministry…”The Wild Ones” this explains the new Christian Warriors that won’t back down to Satan’s system and his minions.  King Yeshua told a Christian: “My Remnant will go right into the enemies camp.”

Illuminati, The Wild Ones are coming for you.

As we all know by now is that Joe Joe has many moments.  These are just a few of the ones that came up before the election and a few others related to him.  Joe Joe has such a huge collection of moments I’m not even sure they’re really worth going over.  I think this page will be for Biden’s true followers to show a side you’ll never see on the mainstream news.

PocketsoftheFuture said it best, “How long can they keep hiding Jo Jo from the public?”  He’s like a relative that you keep hidden in a back room in the house.

6 min. clip showing 2 parts: 1 of Hunter Biden…smoking crack; and the 2nd part clip by Tamara showing Hunter Biden in a weird pic with “Lady” (it’s a man) Gaga and other weird clone robitoid info from Tamara’s video: “More On Clones/Robotoids”.

Someone else caught this and I’ve decided to post it. This is an under 30 second clip of Kamala Harris asking Barack Obama: “So Tell Me About Joe” clip. In the discussion it comes up that Joe Biden likes “Ice cream and pasta with red sauce”, which most of us should know is code words taken from Pizza Gate.

Short clip of Oprah Winfrey discussing abuse with boys.  This is going here since Oprah was a huge supporter of President Obama.

Oprah Winfrey’s facial creme made from baby boy’s private skin

Just a little more of Oprah/Harpo, Oprah backwards.

Short under 2 min. video of Joe Biden giving speeches and not making any sense.  Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Tucker Carlson’s Savage Joe Biden Moment lol”  These Illuminati bloodlines are free to say and act however they want since they never had to earn any of the power that they have.  This is why they can act like jack *sses and get away with it.  The definition of a jackass is a person who is stupid, foolish or offensive, or a male donkey.

Video clip 9 min. by PocketsoftheFuture and it’s a clip of Joe Joe talking about spending Thanksgiving during the COVID stay at home time.  Also, this clip has Joe Joe explaining how he hurt his foot when getting out of the shower and throwing a ball for his dog into an alley and then grabbing the dog’s tail and then both Joe Joe and the dog slip on the bathroom rug.  It’s funnier when Joe Joe tells it.

Short 5 min. video clip by Tamara Magdalene and the title describes it all: “Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden: The Wide Awake Nightmares”  Please come Lord Yeshua/Jesus and get us out of the Stockholm syndrome toilet bowl.  Stockholm syndrome definition is:  the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.

Biden and his cousin Hillary/HRC

This info is about Joe Biden’s maternal or mother’s side.   This below is from my first check on Joe Joe.

There will be a correction to the Joe Joe’s genealogy info that I originally posted.  There was a mistake with the years of his relatives but in my opinion is a good mistake because now it’s been corrected and is a bullseye connecting him to Trump.  I’m not the only one looking at his chart and I’m not the only one getting frazzled with it.  Joe Joe is straight connected to Trump and Hillary.  I spend my time doing this because I hate to see the people fighting over their candidates when I know that they’re all related. I hate to see the Illuminati get the people entangled into their stupidity.

Also, I do this so that you will hopefully get your eyes off of this false world system and onto King Yeshua/Jesus who is the one that paid the ransom with his life to save those that will repent of their sins and put their trust in him.


23 min. video by PocketsoftheFuture video: “Disturbing Comment from the Cult of Trump”  Pockets of the Future will discuss the Cult of Trump showing clips of Trump saying perverted things about his daughter, and also goes over the creepy things that Biden does around children.

Paper Moon – Carnival Scene (Scruples)

Audio song by Terri Gibbs.  I’m not in love with either candidate they just remind of this song because they’re deceptive.

Short 2 part clip from Pockets of the Future on Joe Joe’s border policy and a clip showing the homeless tents in Washington, D.C.

*I’ll be creating a Joe Biden post and slowly moving all of his info off of this page because it’s just overloaded.

I want to add this link:  It’s info to help the Homeless with housing all over U.S.  I don’t think that it’s in every city, but quite a few.  They try to help them get a job, sign up for basics like apply for their lost I.D or D.L. and apply for their Social Security card, food stamps and even some disability assistance.  They have to work at their level and they have to contribute to monthly bills.

I was reading articles about the cartels and I saw a story that the Mormons were living in Mexico.  Yes, I saw the story about the Mormon family that was killed.  I don’t want to say to much about what I see about the Mormons being in Mexico, but I will say three small things about the Mormons in Mexico.  1) the founder of the Mormon church was from an Illuminati high royal bloodline; 2) One of the beliefs of the Mormons is that they believe that Lucifer and Jesus are brothers.  They have other strange beliefs but this is the smoking gun proof to show that they’re false. 3) If they Holy Spirit was with them then he would have told them to leave that Mexico years ago.  I really combed through the history on this Mormon Mexico connection but I don’t want to say too much since they’re leaving Mexico then I”ll say what it looks like to me.

To see more about Mexican drug cartel gangs, watch videos on YouTube by Disturbed Reality.  This guy watches snuff films that are filmed by the cartels and then he narrates them.  He always recommends not to watch them because they’re so brutal.  He does show a few pictures but they’re not too bloody.  All of these drug cartels and others like them all over the world will go to Hell and reap what they’ve sown on this earth if they don’t repent of their wicked ways and give their lives 100 percent to King Yeshua/Jesus.  Many Christians have had visions and dreams of seeing gang members in Hell being brutally tortured by demons and this will be until they are thrown into the Lake of Fire.

Short clip by Torch of Christ Ministries: “MS-13 and 18th street gangs shaken by the Holy Spirit in El Salvador prison”  Christians, if you don’t think that you can go out and be boots on the ground so to speak, please pray, pray for the world.  We serve and big God and you’re prayers will be heard.

This is just an audio clip since he’s just talking and there’s no pics or anything from a video by: Soul Saving Nation called: “God Showed Me Hell & The Torture (My Testimony).  This Christian asked the Lord to given him dreams and visions and this is one of many Christians who have seen people in Hell getting sodomized by demons.  In this audio clip he will explain that he saw a gangster guy who went to hell and was tortured sexually by giant demons.  It’s about a 20 min. audio clip.