Walls Work in Washington, D.C.

They just climb the wall and hang up on the top a rope style ladder to climb over.

Added on 06/17/2024, a clip of Biden’s cartel connections; 05/15/2024, a clip of Mayor Eric Adams Floats Giving NYC Lifeguard Jobs to Migrants Because They’re “Excellent Swimmers”; 04/17/2024, a clip on Shriners and Islam; 04/15/2024, a video of a thug, satanic, alien, looking guy who is the vice president of the border control counsel and a clip explaining Smuggling and Human Trafficking.  Explains why the migrants are selling drugs and breaking in homes to pay the cartel; 04/10/2024, a short clip of Obama and Bill Clinton preaching about laws for migrants; 03/25/2024, a clip from 2008, of Joe Biden wanting a wall at the Mexico border; 02/25/2024, a clip below of New York Mayor Adams preaching Marxist views and since I though that he looked very curvy, I also added a transvestigation clip of New York Mayor Adams.  Added on 03/16/2024, a clip of Florida Governor DeSantis talking about the Haitian migrants and a Haitian gang cannibal clip of a guy eating meat off of a charred leg.  Not for the faint of heart.

These Illuminati people love titles.  The bald guy w/the red tie and masonic pin, which he wears religiously, he’s like the vice president of the border patrol counsel.  Honestly, he looks like a satanic, alien, thug and if he’s in charge, we should all be worried.   Everyone, stay close to King Yeshua/Jesus.  Pray.

The bald guy in the video wears a masonic and Shriner pin.

Clip of Biden’s Cartel Connections

Video by Merkabah Guy: “Islam Created pt5_Finale: Albert Pike, Freemasons,” I don’t agree with Merkabah Guy’s views on Christianity.

2 part clip:  1st part is an Explanation of Smuggling and Human Trafficking; 2nd part a Woman talks about her experience seeing human trafficking.

Joe Joe Magoo Biden, you’ve allowed everyone’s lives to be in danger by your open border policies.  Trying to hold back the illegal migrants is like trying to hold back the ocean.  I’m not sure who will take your place but I sure hope that they will be a better president than you have been.

Video: 2008 Biden Called for a Border Wall & Jailing Employers Who Hire Illegals.  In this clip, Joe Joe Liar Magoo, said “he” “would build a 700 mile wall.”  Joe Joe and Jill both failed the stairs and walk test.  Switched couple.

Obama and Bill Clinton preaching about laws for migrants.  If Democrats make laws for migrants, everyone is okay with it.  If Republicans make laws for migrants, oh they’re so evil.

I wish that all of these Illuminati masonic billionaires would just help the migrants in their own country instead of funding to bring the millions of people here and training them to learn English and setting them up over here.  You don’t really care about the migrants, because if you did you would help them in their own country.  It’s because they want a One World Order system.   Please see the video at the end to see all of the groups behind this mass invasion.

God is allowing all of this destruction to America because this country has become so liberal and allowing all ungodly things into every aspect of our lives.  Don’t complain when ungodly things are invading us, it’s our reap what we’ve sown.  I hate it but it is what it is.

Migrant bragging that we pay for all of their groceries and that they don’t have to work.  This guy looks like a reptilian with that stupid tongue always sticking out.


Pelosi and Biden, Wide Awake Nightmares

Stairs Test Failure – Jim Carey.  I’ve added Jim’s info since the pic above includes Jim.  Females go down the stairs knees apart and males go down the stairs straight or knees together.

Video picked up by: Decoding Satan…please see the post on Joe Biden Illuminati Bloodline and also the Stairs Failure post.  This is Biden saying that he’s going to open the borders to everyone.

An old western TV show with a man named Trump who wants to build a wall


2 part clip of New York Mayor Adams preaching “his” Marxist views and since I thought that he looked very curvy, I located a transvestigation video on “Eric” or Erica.  Jawline in front of the ear, curvy hips, female walk, long index finger, female traits.

Video:  Mayor Eric Adams Floats Giving NYC Lifeguard Jobs to Migrants Because They’re “Excellent Swimmers”

Here’s a short clip of Florida Governor DeSantis speaking of his administration working feverishly to prevent the coming Haitian migration.  Next I’ve found a very short clip of Haitian gangs committing cannibalism and a guy is eating meat off of a leg.  You may want to skip it because it’s not for the faint of heart. I can say I’ve seen grosser things but this is up there.  No different than a little girl in Germany who witnessed the elites eating live children which I’ll also attach.

Video: Haitian cannibals eating humans.  Disturbed Reality on YouTube has been showing videos on crazy cartels expecting new members to prove their loyalty by eating their victims.  It’s a reality of how crazy that the cartel gangs are.  It’s crazy that YouTube will allow that kind of content from the Disturbed Reality site, while others on YouTube have to tip toe around not mentioning things like the dangers of the COVID shot.

Little girl crying after witnessing elite eating live children

Walls Work clip of razor wire fence around the Washington D.C. Capital by Benny on the Block, the Benny Show.  Throwing up the usual satanic hand signs.  Situation normal.

Poop, pee, diapers and other garbage and let’s bring in the rats.

Let’s go back to crazy Nancy Pelosi…

Leuren informed the viewers that Nancy Pelosi is from an old Iranian/Persian bloodline.  Leuren also said that Leon Panetta was also from Iranian/Persian bloodline.  Here is a 16 min. clip from her 2 hour video of Leuren Moret on One World Religion where she’s speaking of Iranian bloodlines.

Let’s take a quick look at a pic by MrE of Pelosi and then the video clip about the laptop. Nancy Pelosi looks like a beast.

Video clip “Special Forces took Pelosi’s Laptop” because two wrongs make a right.

Clip by MrE, Pelosi and Son

Migrants in New York Hotel – Destroying It

Clip that I sped up by: HardNewsTV2.  The most concerning part is the collapse of Social Security predicted to be by June.  Many elderly are dependent on this and I always suspected they would cut the cord unexpectedly on all the other handouts.

Video by GabbyRae Talker: “Migrant Caravan – Investigation – MYSTERY SOLVED to who is behind it, funds, support and organizes”

It’s an hour long and if you want you can just skip to the last 10 min. to get the answer to who is behind the Migrant Caravan.  I can say that Amazon and Facebook and of course the Catholic church are mentioned in this video.

Let’s look at Amazon, Facebook and the Babylonian Catholic church people first:

Mark Zuckerberg in Maui’s Land Grab

Pope Francis kisses the hand of his masters

This video also has in the beginning the President of Venezuela denying that he has anything to do with it and called Mike Pence a name something like psycho.