(*I’ve added to this page below on 06/01/2024, Marilyn Monroe and Olivia Newton John; 05/29/2024, Pamela Anderson; 05/05/2024, Kristen Stewart from Snow White and the Huntsman; 04/12/2024, Margorie Greene; 04/05/2024, added a pic of Justin Beiber, Megan Fox, and Michelle Obama; 03/31/2024, added a credit card tranny; 03/16/2024, Brittney Spears male knuckles, bottom of page; 11/08/2023, a second clip of Eric Trump.  This is what I’ll be doing on the pages as I add to them so people won’t have to scroll through looking for new additions.  I understand that everyone is as busy as I am.)


Elle Macpherson, Sports Illustrated Model

Eric Trump’s Hands

Eric Trump on Fox proclaiming his support for LGBTQ because Eric is a FTM.

Clip by MrE about Eric Trump’s “wife”

Brittney’s knuckles

Brittney Spears Shapeshifting

Jill Biden loves those wigs.  Jill, it looks like a droopy hat on you.

I hold Michelle Obama’s parents responsible for the switch.  This is a generational custom.  Please see the stairs post and you will see Michelle Obama’s mother going down the stairs with knees together, a male trait.

Marjorie clip

Below, Tommy’s curvy shape and nothing in the shorts. I don’t want to mention it but the Illuminati people have an agenda and they switch genders to confuse everyone.

This world is run by the Serpent Seeds.  Repent of your sins and stay close to King Yeshua.

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