Invasion of the Trannies III. – Double Sex Wonders – Famous and Not so Famous

 In Invasion of the Trannies

Short clip from the 1943 movie: Jane Eyre.  You’ll see in the beginning of the clip, a boy dressed as a female with an Adam’s apple.

Pictures below taken from a video on Bitchute by Simon1978: How To Tell A Man From A Woman

Vintage Men in Drag, get your barf bag

J Low Working Out…What do you think?  This clip is from the J Low and Alex dance workout…both inverted…surprise.

This is a very important video from Simon1978 on Bitchute to watch because we all need to be on guard with the decepticons as Mag Bitter Truth calls them.  This is a 30 min video that I’ve sped up to cut it down to 12 min.  After the 5th viewing of each tranny, you’ll have it.  This will be our reference video for a couple more below to show you the walk which I was sorta on the border of am I wrong.

Now some of these “males” featured in this Deceptecon clip, you’ll think no way that’s a female, that’s a man.  I would suggest to take a few that you want to check or verify and all that you need to do is study a side view of their faces to see that their jawlines ARE in front of the ear.  I do agree with all in this clip that they are Female to Males, FTM’s, which on these videos I sometimes don’t agree but on this one I do.  I randomly checked on a couple of the FTM’s listed in this video clip; I looked at Eddie Murphy, Von Claude Damme (Dame) and George Bush Sr., all young pics and saw that their jawlines were in front of the ears, a female trait.  I’ve added a few more pics on Eddie Murphy below.

(Justin/Justine Timberlake seen in the center picture below)   Let’s go…

Kamala’s Walk

Kamala Devil Horn Hand Signal

This is a very short clip from Tamara Magdalene’s video: “Disease X” and I only wanted this part to show Kamala Harris making the devil horn hand signs.  I’ll put the full video on the Corona means Crown page.

Party All the Time song

Born to Lose song

Another one with a female curvy back…Jazz Jennings. This is a natural born female not from synthetic hormones like the One Worlders would like you to believe.

I’m not the one who discovered that Jazz Jennings is a natural born female, I picked it up off of   There is also a YouTube site by secretinversions that’s very interesting.

Jazz this should be your regret song for fooling the masses

“The path that I’m walking, I must go aloneI must take the baby steps ’til I’m full-grown, full-grownFairy tales don’t always have a happy ending, do they?And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay
I hope you know, I hope you knowThat this has nothing to do with youIt’s personal, myself and IWe got some straightenin’ out to do
And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanketBut I’ve got to get a move on with my lifeIt’s time to be a big girl nowAnd big girls don’t cry”

Song to the Illuminati for ya Jazz, it’s your theme song.

Jazz won’t tell you the dark side because Jazz is a real female not a transgender male to female.  Jazz the money that you’re making is a drop in the bucket to the One Worlders.  They’re gonna use you until they use you up. They have upcoming child trannies that will me all of your antics like your mom’s dumb idea to have a penis cake party and you constantly spouting about your new vagina getting installed like a car part lol, the new upcoming child trannies will make you look like a nun.  The good news is that a guy may now find you attractive since everyone will know that you are a real female and I hope that you really do find love even though you’ve jacked up so many people with your agenda.

Jazz and family are under delusion

Jazz “Jennings” the “Vagina Talk” with parents.  Jazz was born a female not a male.  Jazz has always been a female, a silly one, but a female.

Song: Beethoven Silence

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