Invasion of the Trannies VI. – Stairway and Walk Failures

 In Invasion of the Trannies

(*I’ve added to this page on: 08/01/2023 – Dua Lipa; Added on 06/23/2023 – Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Axl Rose. 06/16/2023;  Jamie Foxx Stairs Test Failure; and on 06/13/2023 – Jim Caviziel, who played Jesus in the Passion movie, Stairs Test Failure.  Ha ha ha!  Also added: Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Chief Justice John Roberts. This is what I’ll be doing on the pages as I add to them so people won’t have to scroll through looking for new additions.  I understand that everyone is as busy as I am.)

This has become such a hot topic that there needs to be only one area to study these so you can learn to recognize them.  I will be continuously adding to this post but it’s really better if you can try to learn for yourself only because there are so many of them, hence the expression: Invasion of the Trannies.

The Stairs Test – This is a training tool video to watch.


The Walk Test – This is a training tool video to watch.

Knees apart going down the stairs, a female.  Knees together going the down stairs, a male.

Joe and Jill Biden Stairs Test Failure


Clip of Trump the “Father of the Vaccine” or the father of the unapproved COVID shot and Melania doing the “cat walk” and both failing the Stairs Test.


Mike Pence Stairs Test Failure


The Obama family including Obama’s mother-in-law – Stairs Test Failures


This is a clip of Jamie Foxx 1) a pic of Jamie and Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise ex) both Stairs Test Failures; 2) Jamie Foxx on Soul Train calling Obama “Our Lord and Savior” I would also like you to look at Jamie Foxx’s jawline which was in front of the ear, a female trait.; 3) A guest on the Dr. Drew show saying that Jamie Foxx got the blood clot in the brain after being told to take the unapproved shot to keep her/his job; and 4) a pic of Dr. Drew Failing the Walk Test and also look at the arms and you’ll see this is how women’s arms hang when they walk.

The Bush couple Stairs Test Failure


Nancy and Ronald Reagan and Justin Trudeau, Stairs Test Failures

Vid by Tamara Magdalene: “Help is on the Way!”

The Bill and HRC  Stairs Test Failure


John Kerry Stairs Failure

Al Gore and Tipper and Joe Lieberman and spouse Stairs Test Failures


Logan Ireland Transgender Soldier who is really a male.  Walk Failure

My opinion is “mom” started to raise as a female and then later the female went back to male.  Just like Chastity Bono.  Chastity was presented as a little girl and later changed back to his real self because I’m sure a lifetime on hormones was brutal.  

Joe “Exotic” failing Walk Test

Steve Harvey, promoter of Chrislam (Christianity and Islam).  Stairs Test Failure.


Putin and Biden – Biden was also promoting the unapproved COVID shot. Stairs Test Failure


Kamala Harris also promoted the unapproved COVID shot.  Stairs Test Failure.

Short clip of “President” Ford programming the world to on how this corporation will have it’s first Male to Female “president” and I guess he expected us to thank him for that.

Dolly was promoting the Moderna COVID unapproved “vaccine” shot.  Clip of Dolly walking with the legs apart. Walk Test Failure.


Ukraine and also George Bush Jr. and Laura failing the Stairs Test.  Finally Laura is busted because he/she is walking down the stairs with a male walk and also look at the length of the arms. Epic Sellouts you were right about Laura Bush.


Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Chief Justice John Roberts – Stairs Test Failures.  This one is actually quite concerning.

I was always very suspicious why Trumpy poo (real name Drumpf) picked Amy.  We live in a strange world.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are sorta a hot topic to the world right now.  Something about Taylor Swift mesmorizing or putting his concert crowd into a blackout trance or something.  God help the people in King Yeshua/Jesus name that go to these concerts.  Katy and Taylor look like they’re wearing wigs, at least to me.

John Travolta failing the Walk Test


MLK/Martin Luther King failing the Stairs Test. You should not put your faith in man but only in King Yeshua/Jesus who paid the ransom for you.

“Rothschild really means “Ruth’s Child” signifying this dynasty’s false claim to the lineage of David and entitlement to redeem the land of Israel.”

Elvis Presley failing the Stairs Test.  Yes Elvis was an Illuminati high royal bloodline.  Just like in the Joe “Erotic” clip, nothing in the pants to prove that they’re really male.

Jim Caviziel who played Jesus, a clip of ol’ Jim girl, a Stairs Test Failure.  This one for me is priceless!  This one is as valuable as (I would say bimbo but that would be rude) Jazz Jennings.  I see why Jim Caviziel got struck by lightening on the cross during the film.   It was just a warning strike from the Lord Almighty.  This one is for you King Yeshua.

Jim Caviziel in The Count of Monte Cristo.  Ha ha ha ha!!!  Busted.  Jim Caviziel came up on a video feed and when I saw that giant chin implant I knew then that Jim is a female.

This is a 2 min. clip of an interview where Jim Caviezel is talking about her/his adopted children.  In this clip you’ll see her/his face start to morph.  It’s really fast so I had to slow it down.  So the first part is slow with no sound so you can see the reptilian morphing on the face; the second part is regular speed with sound. This clip is really for the Reptilian Watcher type of group.  There’s a special name for the reptilians who get lines on their faces, but I’m not sure what that is.

At this current moment, Jim Caviezel is considered a hero in the Freedom Fighter movement because she/he has been given speeches on the corruption in Hollywood.  I would like to remind all of the Christians that Jim is on record as calling Mary, the mother of Jesus, the “C0-redemptrix” meaning you can either go through Mary or Jesus to get saved or get to God.  *See the post: Invasion of the Trannies – Famous and Not so Famous for info on Jim and Mel.

Jim Caviezel…shapeshifting moment

Madonna, the Material Girl, fails the Material Stairs


Kevin BACON failing the Walk Test.  More info on Kevin Bacon on the Obama Pergamon Altar post.


Andrew Tate fails the Stairs Test.

It’s been on the news feeds that Andrea/Andrew wants to date Dua Lipa.  Dua Lipa, no exceptions, Stairs Test Failure.

Dua Lipa, Stairs Test Failure.  Strong male energy emitting from this one.  I like some of Dua’s songs and I can see that they started this one very young.  Like Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox, ect…the list goes on.

I have Miley info over on the Charles Manson Illuminati post and also on the Dolly Parton post.

I put a few extra vids about Dua because this one would be a pretty hard one to believe…great job (again) Illuminati.  You really fooled everyone, even yourselves.

Dua Lipa – Transvestigation video by TaleMunja

Dua video.  What’s interesting about this video is that the transinvestigator points out the difference between male and female knuckles.  When you make a fist, males knuckles are straight or even across and females knuckles are slanted.

I think that this  transvestigator belongs to the Simon Woods group and I’m guessing that the powers that be have to show us what’s going on because everyone is just so asleep and they have an agenda to get to but the sheeple are dragging.  I guess they’re over vaccinated everyone and the other things that they do to the public.

Connor McGregor Walk Failure


The Royals and the Trumpster group.  MrE, this one is for you.  Hope Hicks is in this one and fails the Stairs Test.  You were right.

I’ll add this info on Jacinda Ardern here since I believe that Prince William gave him/her a job. MrE, this one is for you.  For those of you that haven’t had the misfortune of seeing the New Zealand Prime Minister in the video walking with his genitals bouncing around under his dress, it’s below and get your barf bag.

Clip by MrE on Jacinda Ardern

Queen E and spouse (wife) fail the Stairs Test.


World political leaders failing the Walk and Stairs Test.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s father and stepmom Walk Test Failure

This one has been a hard one for people to believe but finally Beyoncé is busted failing the Stairs Test.


Beverly Hillbillies – The “men” Stairs Test Failure

I did catch Ellie Mae Clampett failing the Stairs Test but this Ellie Mae is so well put together that I’ll need to add more off the wall things that this one has done to convince anyone.

Donna Douglas, real name Doris Ione Smith, was an Illuminati high royal bloodline.  Look at how Ellie Mae’s neck is forward like a trailer hitch.  Males necks are like that.

The Carters Stairs Test Failure


Eisenhower Stairs Test Failure


Raquel Welch on the stairs knees together and punching the knees together like a soldier, Stairs Test Failure.  MrE, this one is for you.

Clip from my fav movie with Raquel Welch


This Creflo Dollar Stairs Test Failure picture was caught by Angel Price

J Lo and Ben Affleck Stairs Test Failure


Lindsey Buckingham Stairs Test Failure


Aerosmith Test Failures

I also want to add this pic of Joe Perry in case you just can’t believe your eyes.

Aerosmith “The Other Side”


The Beatles – Stairs Test Failures

Apostle Laura Lee, you were right about Bon Jovi being a switched gender.

Bon Jovi…Stairs Test Failure

Chuck Norris – Walker TX Ranger TV Show, Stairs Test Failure

Bruce Lee/Li – Walk and Stairs Test Failure


Paris and Carter Stairs Test Failures

Repent of your sins to King Yeshua/Jesus, or stay behind or worse go to Hell.

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