Invasion of the Trannies VI. – Stairway and Walk Failures

 In Invasion of the Trannies

This has become such a hot topic that there needs to be only one area to study these so you can learn to recognize them.  I will be continuously adding to this post but it’s really better if you can try to learn for yourself only because there are so many of them, hence the expression: Invasion of the Trannies.

The Stairs Test – This is a training tool video to watch.


The Walk Test – This is a training tool video to watch.

Legs apart going down stairs, a female.  Knees together going down stairs, a male.

Joe and Jill Biden Stairs Test Failure

Clip of Trump the “Father of the Vaccine” or the father of the unapproved COVID shot and Melania doing the “cat walk” and both failing the Stairs Test.


Mike Pence Stairs Test Failure

The Obama family including the mother-in-law Stairs Test Failures


The Bush couple Stairs Test Failure


Nancy and Ronald Reagan and Justin Trudeau, Stairs Test Failures

The Bill and HRC  Stairs Test Failure


John Kerry Stairs Failure

Logan Ireland Transgender Soldier who is really a male.  Walk Failure

My opinion is “mom” started to raise as a female and then later the female went back to male.  Just like Chastity Bono.  Chastity was presented as a little girl and later changed back to his real self because I’m sure a lifetime on hormones was brutal.  Joe “Exotic” failing Walk Test

Steve Harvey, promoter of Chrislam (Christianity and Islam).  Stairs Test Failure.


Putin and Biden – Biden was also promoting the unapproved COVID shot. Stairs Test Failure


Kamala Harris also promoted the unapproved COVID shot.  Stairs Test Failure.


Dolly was promoting the Moderna COVID unapproved “vaccine” shot.  Clip of Dolly walking with the legs apart. Walk Test Failure.


Ukraine and also George Bush Jr. and Laura failing the Stairs Test.  Finally Laura is busted because he/she is walking down the stairs with a male walk and also look at the length of the arms. Epic Sellouts you were right about Laura Bush.


John Travolta failing the Walk Test


MLK/Martin Luther King failing the Stairs Test


Elvis Presley failing the Stairs Test.  Yes Elvis was an Illuminati high royal bloodline.  Just like in the Joe “Erotic” clip, nothing in the pants to prove that they’re really male.


Madonna, the Material Girl, fails the Material Stairs


Kevin BACON failing the Walk Test.  More info on Kevin Bacon on the Obama Pergamon Altar post.


Andrew Tate fails the Stairs Test.

Connor McGregor Walk Failure


The Royals and the Trumpster group.  MrE, this one is for you.  Hope Hicks is in this one and fails the Stairs Test.  You were right.


Queen E and spouse (wife) fail the Stairs Test.


World political leaders failing the Walk and Stairs Test.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s father and stepmom Walk Test Failure


This one has been a hard one for people to believe but finally Beyoncé is busted failing the Stairs Test.


Beverly Hillbillies – The “men” Stairs Test Failure

I did catch Ellie Mae Clampett failing the Stairs Test but this Ellie Mae is so well put together that I’ll need to add more off the wall things that this one has done to convince anyone.

Donna Douglas, real name Doris Ione Smith, was an Illuminati high royal bloodline.

The Carters Stairs Test Failure


Eisenhower Stairs Test Failure

Raquel Welch on the stairs knees together and punching the knees together like a soldier, Stairs Test Failure.  MrE, this one is for you.


This Creflo Dollar Stairs Test Failure picture was caught by Angel Price

J Lo and Ben Affleck Stairs Test Failure

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