Maui Fires Precision

This will just be a collection of information, videos and celebrity involvement mostly because I talk with people who are clueless about the entire event.  I’m going to pick out some videos that I feel are important but there is so much infomation so if you like just go over to Bitchute and type in the search bar: Maui Fires, and there you will find quite of bit of information by people like myself exposing what they’ve found.  This is important because if they would do it to the Maui people then they could do it to anyone.

(*I’ve added to this page on: 12/18/2023, at the bottom of page, Oprah and Cher shilling for money from the commoners; 11/11/2023, more Clint Eastwood weirdness; 11/07/2023, clips showing that Zelensky is a female. 10/13/2023 another Maui water video with a family surviving floating; 10/11/2023 Oceans cover song by Will Gittens; 10/07/2023 Clips of Oprah Winfrey; 09/20/2023 A pic of Dwayne The Rock Johnson failing the stairs test, knees apart, female trait; 09/16/2023 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, dancing like a brain dead moron; 09/08/2023 several videos and pictures and I also added info for the 12 Tribes of Israel and the Hawaiians are on the list.  09/06/2023 – Video clip on Mark Zuckerberg Hawaiian land grab and some clips on Dwayne “The Rock” Rock Head Johnson. This is what I’ll be doing on the pages as I add to them so people won’t have to scroll through looking for new additions.  I understand that everyone is as busy as I am.)

D.E.W. = Directed Energy Weapon(s)

PiratePete clip of Maui Fires – Families trying to survive in the water

Short clip that I slowed down of Maui school kids and their moms running to their homes

This is a clip on Oprah Winfrey picked up by Tamara Magdalene.  I also have this clip over on the Joel Osteen Illuminati High Royal Bloodline post.  Joel was the first one that the Holy Spirit asked me to look at.  WARNING – This will be a very disgusting clip of Oprah talking about child molestation.

Since Oprah is a hot top let me add one more clip.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a collection of small clips.  If you look at Dwayne shirtless, you can see that Dwayne or Diane has a V collar bone, a female trait.  Dwayne looks reptilian to me because she/he is just so sick acting. Pizza Gate Symbolism by Looney Tune the Rock Head.

Very shortened clip by Simon Woods, a married couple, video called: Oprah is a MTF.  In this clip you will see that Oprah fails the Stairs Test.  The knees are punching forward like a male.   Oprah part 1

On Oprah’s maternal side, Oprah is related to the Presley bloodline.  This clip will show a picture of the possible real father, not Mr. Winfrey, the “father” who raised Oprah.  Oprah part 2

Oprah’s friend Gayle King – Note the straight across male collar bones and arms hanging straight down male style.

This one will make some very upset…Elvis failing the stairs test.  Nothing in the britches.

Video: Coincidence

Clip from Pockets of the Future

Picture by Pockets of the Future

Oprah comment on Phoenix Rising from the Ashes which was caught by Infowars.  I tried to find the original but luckily they had it.  That’s sarcasm.

This is a combo of two clips, 1st by PIRATEPETE: “This 30 Year Old Video Shows How Officials Treated Native Hawaiians Back Then (HORRIBLY!!)” and 2nd portion by Ratical Life: “Mark Zuckerberg Sued Native Hawaiians for Their Own Land”  Ratical Life, over on Bitchute, has some historical videos about Hawaii if you’re interested.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel “Iz”

Oceans cover by Will Gittens

Maui resident citizens are banned from entering their property

This is a short 2-part clip of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president and she turned he, will be 1st failing the stairs test and walking down like a female with the knees apart; and the 2nd part you may not want to watch because Zelenskyy is a maniac dancer dressed like the guy from the Rocky Horror movie and you may not want it in your memory bank.  My opinion is that all of the dancers are reptilians. Also, in the 1st part of the clip where Zelenskyy gets off the stairs to greet some guy, my opinion is that the dark complected guy is really a female to male because you can see that the jawline is in front of the ear, just like the picture above with Biden, you can see the jawline is in front of the ear, a female trait.

Watch at your own risk – Zelenskyy dancing in the nude but all of the private parts are covered up.

Another Zelensky clip with her/him playing the piano with the alleged private part.  I repeat, Zelensky is a female and has no male private part.

I’m glad that the celebrities homes or mansions are fine and they get to continue their lifestyle.  I guess we can take a look at them since most of them are questionable. I’ll be adding to this area.

Clint Eastwood, just guilt by association

Clint Eastwood – Walk Failure

Clint Eastwood being a Hollywood weirdo…first clip is her/him kissing an 11 yr. old just on the lips, and the second part of this will be Clint going down the stairs in the Alcatraz movie with her/his knees apart, a female trait.

Oprah and Jeff Bezos are on many radars since they own mansions in the area.  Pic below by Epic Sellouts.

Aerosmith – Stairs Failures

Let’s swing back around and take another look at Oprah’s hustle skills.  Short clip with the Illuminati shills.

Cher says: “I am a rich man”

Repent now because we never know when there will be another surprise attack.