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 July updates:  I’m still working on David Koresh and now also Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross, all high Illuminati royal bloodlines.  .

Ashraf Ezzat – I like his videos and especially this one: “Joseph the Patriarch is Arabian (Eye opening)” I’m still a Christian but Dr. Ezzat gives a very good historical account of things and it’s very interesting to take a look at. Dr. Ezzat has a book titled: Egypt knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW8dnoxtws4

Past messages: While studying Eisenhower and finding info where he was called an Edomite Jew, I discovered more info that “Jesus was NOT a Jew”, and also info about all of the cities and apostles with the letter “J” since this letter didn’t exist until recently. It’s weird because we are taught to love the Jewish people but I constantly see complaints about the Khazarian Jews and the Zionist Jews. I’ve been praying for a way to explain, as simply as possible, about the Khazarian Jews since I’ve seen tons of info saying that Trump’s cabinet is made up of Khazarian (European) Jews. I will just say that I’ve found that Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth was from Galilee and will connect the info from biblical info that I’ve found which I’m putting together. The important part is to separate Yeshua/Jesus from all of the Khazarian and Zionist Jew drama. Someone put it to me like this – Yeshua/Jesus is a Galilean who lived in a Jewish neighborhood.

Added to the Mark of the Beast a vid by Servant of God; Added to My Fav Prayers – 9th Bless Your Enemies. I put some info on why we should bless our enemies and how to pray for them to help them and in the end it helps you. “Only the weak are cruel, gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”

Christians – this is just a suggestion of what I do to reach out to people about Yeshua/Jesus and the Mark of the Beast.  I typed up a paper with info (mostly everything that’s on my Fav Prayer page) and I give it to the drive through cashiers, grocery store cashiers, grocery cart workers, homeless…  I say “Hey, do you know Jesus? Do you want this paper; it has prayers and stuff on it.” They generally take the paper.  Most of them only know about Jesus through Christmas.  Only two homeless guys didn’t want anything to do with Jesus.  For the homeless I give money or fruit and the paper.  Christians – The most important thing is to get the message out about Yeshua/Jesus, repent for their sins and the Mark of the Beast.  Please get creative and find ways to let everyone know. You can always pray for people, that’s super simple. Peace, Missy

Here are a few YouTube sites/vids that I like:

Detroit-Croatian Mafia Partnership / mysite -Wix.com He exposes Illuminati mob families

Love, love, love these 2 vids in particular because Pastor Hitchcock is very calm and thorough: 7 Reasons Pre-Tribulation Rapture Before Great Tribulation – Mark Hitchcock and

“The Judgment Seat of Christ” (Dr. Mark Hitchcock) This video explains the Judgment Seat. Our salvation is paid for by our Savior; this will will be for our rewards for what we’ve done for the Lord. These 2 vids are in my Fav Heaven and Hell section.

 Now You See TV with Gary Wayne and the Genesis 6 Conspiracy.  Gary Wayne’s video:  Nephilim (Giants) Plan to Enslave Mankind/Book of Enoch. All of Gary Wayne’s vids are great.

(not on YouTube) Pseudo-Occult Media.net – Exposes celebrities and their mind control or monarch programming.  Explains why the monarch butterflies and pink hair/wigs are used for alternative states of mind and are important to the splitting of their minds to mold them to be what the powers that be need for their money making beast machine.


God’s Handmaiden on YouTube – she receives messages from the Lord

Servant of God on YouTube – super sweet Christian and gets end time dreams, Antichrist, and Mark of the Beast

Exposes Reptilian Demons: M Ricci, Starspirit123 and also Species the Reptilian Conspiracy 2.0

ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry: a YouTube site of stories of Jewish people that found Jesus and Hell Testimonies – YouTube site

These YouTube sites expose switched genders: My Favs – Starspirit123; and Hollywood HUH??


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