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Through this journey of weirdo-ness I have found videos that I want to bring attention to.  I’m going to start putting one video every 5 days from my different posts so you can experience how weird the Illuminati people are.

Clip by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron on Betty Davis.  This will be on the front until 10/01/2023.  This is over on the Rod Parsley post.

Part 1

part 2

Added to the Donald Trump’s Re Awaken America Gaslighting Tour – All Anti-VAX Gatekeeper Shill Truthers are Welcome post, clip of Sherri “Shill”  “Controlled Opposition” Tenpenny drinking from a Phoenix Rising cup.

But I’m on the outside, I’m looking in, I can see through you, see your true colors…I can see through you, see to the real you. “Staind”

Video picked up by: Decoding Satan…please see the post on Joe Biden Illuminati Bloodline and also the Stairs Failure post.  This is Biden saying that he’s going to open the borders to everyone.

Migrants in New York Hotel – Destroying It

Clip that I sped up by: HardNewsTV2.  The most concerning part is the collapse of Social Security predicted to be by June.  Many elderly are dependent on this and I always suspected they would cut the cord unexpectedly on all the other handouts.

Poop, pee, diapers and other garbage and let’s bring in the rats.

This is a song about fighting, not sex…not everything is about that.  We’re in the battle for the Lord.

Song: When You Go Down

“It’s the Baphomet, Illuminati, New World Order, Transgender Agenda”

*3/11/23 – Simon Woods has over 100 videos exposing the transgender agenda and does a very good job.  Since I use Simon Woods videos on my site I just want to put something that has recently happened to me. On one of Simon Woods recent videos: “More Nails in The Coffinz” Simon said that he, if he is a he, doesn’t mind if a man wears a dress.  I commented on that video that the Lord is against it and now all of my comments have been removed (most of them praising “his” work) and I’m blocked off of his Bitchute channel.  What an honor.  I had just asked the Lord to show me Simon Woods and this happened to me.

I believe that SecretInversions on YouTube and Simon Woods are the same person or couple or group. I believe that SecretInversions is a married female because she made a comment about her husband.  SecretInversions and Simon Woods styles are the same and both are very good at teaching us, as they say, to open our eyes.

Groups connected on YouTube or Bitchute: Simon Woods + Simon1978 + SecretInversions + truthcorps7 + IT’S NOT FRIDAY + Cate

Not only am I and others trying to show you the secret transgenders in every arena of our lives, but some of the transinvestigators are also playing us.

I will continue to keep Simon Woods videos on my site.




Lots of people, even Christians, celebrate Christ Mass but it has very pagan roots.

Clip from the Video: “The Unwrapping of Christmas Its History, Myths, and Pagan Traditions”


*11/10 – Added to the George Floyd post a short clip of Atlanta Police Officer Buys Clothes for Man Instead of Giving Indecency Citation.  Christians, you that have been sitting in church for years need to leave that to the baby Christians and you need to be more boots on the ground.  Stop sitting there listening to the same stories over and over again by the preacher and mobilize and go help the homeless, nursing homes, troubled or abandoned juveniles that live in group homes or anything other than getting your ears tickled with the same stories.


“You can have all of this world, just give me Jesus”


“Lord, You’re Holy”


This is how I feel about the Illuminati…

This is the month of presents, so for the children I’ll put this short clip here.  I think that she’s the cutest kid that I’ve ever seen. In this clip the guy says that parts of the shot can help but my opinion that synthetic chemicals do not help one bit.


This is a short clip caught by Gabby Rae Talker from her vid on Bit-Chute called: Part 6 – (Red Flags 666!) – Real Life evidence reveals the MOTB is here (compilation)


In this blog I try to explain that ALL of the presidents, including Van Buren, who they say is not related but is, are ALL secretly the great grandchildren of the Kings of Scotland, which were the great grandchildren of the Pharaohs of Egypt.  *I want to add that I got lucky and found Van Buren’s fairly hidden chart info because I knew all of the presidents were and are related and I was wondering why they would break protocol and let Van Buren be the president if he wasn’t a pure bloodline.  They lie.  Go figure.

They’re also secretly the great grandchildren, through the Plantagenet bloodlines, the great grandchildren of Muhammad, and then back to Ishmael.  All of the president’s bloodlines also connect to the kings of Scotland.  The kings of Scotland were the great grandchildren of the Egyptian Pharaohs and surprisingly many Scottish people are unaware of this but the occultist are very aware of this Scottish bloodline to the Kings or Pharaohs of Egypt.

I know everyone is very, very busy, so this is the summary of my entire blog in a nutshell, which I do for free and from my heart because I love my savior King Yeshua.  He says “my people perish from lack of knowledge.”  I repeat: the presidents are all related.  Repent of your sins and go to King Jesus with your whole heart.

This clip is about a Karen having a fit over a guy’s mask that looks like his face.  These are actors but it’s funny and the Karen chick has reptilian thumbs.  They’re all bent back and weird looking.  I picked this video up by Zay.

Video clip states:  “Fully Vaccinated Can Infect Others” & “Vaccinated People Can Spread the Virus to Other People”  I want to add that Bitchute has lots of vids exposing the vaccine injuries by people who got the vax and then severe reactions.

So Anti-Vaxxers, just a reminder that the COVID shot should not be called a vaccine because it has not been approved because it failed the animal testing.  The ones that have taken the vaccine are the “animal study” so know that it’s a shot, not a vaccine.  If you take the shot and get injured, you cannot sue the companies because they’ll say it’s not approved, it’s a test.

Christians want to use God’s herbs and vitamins, not the government’s synthetic chemical garbage.  It’s ridiculous that the pro vax people would expect us to inject into our bodies synthetic medicine and expect us to turn a blind eye to the ingredients.  I always say that the pro vax people care more about their salad dressing or what is on their hamburger than they care about the ingredients they inject permanently into the muscle of their arm, which BTW, will NEVER leave your body.  A pill does not have the same effect as an injection.  Pro vaxers please come to your senses and look at God’s herbs for health.

There’s a song by Pink Floyd says something like: “Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.”   This video clip is a baby girl.

“Okay (okay, okay, okay)
Just a little pinprick
They’ll be no more, ah
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good
That’ll keep you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go…”  Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

This clip below “What’s in a Vaccine?” I have the video over on the Corona means Crown page if you’re interested in watching it.

The Illuminati high royal bloodlines want you to follow their lead and just do it.

Doesn’t this pic look like a mug shot? The Carters right here in this picture, I can say that you never knew them.  To me they scream “I’m guilty!”


I just took the first 7 min. of this clip, the rest was a bunch of screaming by different truthers and I left that off.

Heavenly Father, in the name of King Yeshua Hamashiach, your WILL be done with these Illuminati bloodlines promoting this poisonous COVID vaccine and all of their other satanic concoctions.

Christians, this is about a 1 min. clip about the battle with the devil by Ian Paisley.


Video: “Hell is real!!!!!! out of body experience!!!”

This Christian lady has a YT site and it’s all about makeup and fashion and this is her one and only religious dream videos.  In her dream she was left behind and later she asked the Lord if she should make a video about it and the Holy Spirit said yes.  She’s very sweet and a beautiful person inside and out.

While the world is being purposely distracted by the cousins Harry and Meghan Markle, this is going on over in Israel.  To the pro vaccine people, don’t waste your time watching this clip since we’re on different teams or sides.  I’m not going to let Illuminati satanists inject me with their synthetic garbage.


Katy Perry – Dark Horse or Dark DoDo?

Seeing Through The Matrix vid: Katy Perry’s Baby Bump Questioned.  I don’t agree at all with the religious beliefs of Seeing Through The Matrix.

Vid by Tamara Magdalene:  The End of Days Files: Humans Are Replaced, The Pharaohs Return  I have a copy of this I need to upload it…

An under 1 min clip on the Washington monument by the Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers.

A short timeline of the construction of the pagan Egyptian obelisk in the pic above: “Work on the stone (Egyptian Obelisk) monument to George Washington did not begin until July 4, 1848 (because of a lack of funds). Work on the monument was stopped in 1854 (when the monument was only 152 feet tall), after donations dropped off. The project was almost abandoned, but work finally began again in 1876…The exterior of the Washington Monument was completed on December 6, 1884…”

I remember reading in the New American magazine about the construction of the Egyptian Obelisk in the District of Columbia and I tried to find the original article but no luck.

The article stated that the Christians were protesting the building of this obelisk, which I say is a very satanic pagan symbol, and the article gave the impression that the construction had been stopped due to the outcry from the Christians.

My interpretation of the article was that the Illuminist/Illusionist sly foxes waited a couple of decades and that the next generation was not interested if it was built at all.

As you can see now a majority of the citizens and some misguided Christians think that this and the other symbols built around this nation, these Egyptian pagan highly demonic garbage, is a thing to be honored and revered. Repent while you still have breath in your body for ever giving this satanic abomination any place in your life.

I believe that our Heavenly Father and King Yeshua are allowing the defacing and destruction of these pagan symbols, these statues of Illuminati high royal bloodlines, whose bloodlines go back to the Egyptian Pharaohs and to Muhammad/Ishmael, to help remove the demonic stranglehold over the people and over this nation.

The bible says: “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.”

This is a 1 min. clip by Pastor Mark Hitchcock adoring the Washington Monument which is a Egyptian Obelisk which is supposedly, I hate to say this, a wiener, yes a male wiener, that stupid obelisk.  This pastor, who is a bible and history scholar, should be explaining in this service that we, this nation, are under a curse because we have allowed this abominable thing to be erected, no pun intended, in the land.

Mark Hitchcock also in this clip praises pastor David Jeremiah (pic below) who has been, like many, many other pastors, caught or exposed throwing up masonic hand signs.  This is why people are so bamboozled; the pastors are giving out misleading information.  Pastor Mark Hitchcock – if you happen to read this page, please see the video called: “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers”  it may or may not help you to remove your rose colored glasses and also I will pray for you to repent for teaching that this disgusting Washington Monument/Egyptian Obelisk/Wiener should be honored.

Leuren informed the viewers that Nancy Pelosi is from an old Iranian/Persian bloodline.  Leuren also said that Leon Panetta was also from Iranian/Persian bloodline.  Here is a 16 min. clip from her 2 hour video of Leuren Moret on One World Religion where she’s speaking of Iranian bloodlines.

Let’s take a quick look at a pic by MrE of Pelosi and then the video clip about the laptop.

Video clip “Special Forces took Pelosi’s Laptop” because two wrongs make a right.

This is a short 6 min. clip about the Catholic/Jesuit genealogical history connecting this bloodline to the Iranians.  The video is 2 hours long and if you would like to see it just type: “UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati,” Leuren Moret with Darrell Hamamoto

This is a clip below by Tamara Magdalene on  all the satanic symbols and hand signs during this commotion. This guy with the fur hat with horns stage name is Jake Angeli and he is a “shamanic practitioner””  There’s so much info about him it’s just too much to deal with.  He did this stunt and then he also said a prayer to Jesus with his pants barely staying up on his body.






Revelation 13: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (666)

I found this on Bitchute and I split this into two because my server won’t handle it.  Tamara Magdalene – Obama’s Reign of Terror – Game of Thrones part 1

Tamara Magdalene – Obama’s Reign of Terror – Game of Thrones part 2

Video by Tamara Magdalene “Whistleblower Says Trump is the “King of Israel” ”

Video by Steve Fletcher:  “1/3 of the Earth is Burning! HELLO!”

Video by Seho Song: Overcoming DARK MATTER One of The Final Prophecies of This Age (Gwendolen Song)  Ignore her brick wall.  I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know what this is a symbol of.  Benefit of the doubt until proven a second time.


Video by Steve Fletcher: “Banking for All Act (Digital Currency) connected to Obamacare and Georgia Guidestones”

Video by Steve Fletcher: “CASHLESS BEGINS JANUARY 1, 2021”

I found some more info on the Banking for All Act here:


A Bill that puts ALL banks and banking under the control of the government was brought to the senate on 03/23/2020. S.3571 was introduced on 03/23/2020. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3571

Three days later on the 26th, Gates et al applies for a patent called…

1. WO2020060606 – CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA “(060606 !!! you can’t make this sh*t up)”





The bible says to never envy the wicked and here is a young boy’s testimony of seeing the mansions in heaven.  Many people have died and have seen the mansions and family members in heaven.

Video: “Testimony – I repented after visiting heaven and hell”

About a 1 hour video by Rose Hannah: “IMAGE OF THE BEAST SHOWN!!-To Insider Satanists-AT WHITE HOUSE (MIRACLE PERFORMED)SHARE WIDE&FAST!!”  She made a correction in her notes to her counting of Obama’s name in this video.  Rose Hannah’s site has been taken down, again.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Video: Paper Moon “Bible Sales”  One of the things I encounter a lot is fake Christians.  The Holy Spirit reveals to you when people are scamming you like these two Pop Tarts in this video scene.  This guy (Ryan O’Neal) would read the obituaries and get the name of the widow and he would put the name on the bible and then hit them up/shake them down and sell them a bible purchased for them by their husband but the widow has to pay for the order.

short video clip by Apostle Laura Lee: “Are Bill and Melinda Gates Transgender?”

Since there aren’t any pictures I put this as an audio clip. This is from a video picked up by Seho Song: “MUST WATCH*President Donald Trump Is No Longer Commander In Chief (Steven Ben-Nun)”

God’s Handmaiden receives messages from the Holy Spirit and the message was this:  “As long as Trump is in office then we still have some time.  The next person to fill that position will be the Antichrist.”  God’s Handmaiden is aware of Trump just like we all are.


If the grocery stores were to shut down next week for two weeks would you have enough food and water stocked up? President Trump/Drump said on the news that things are gonna get very tough for the next two weeks.  I know that many people like him but just a couple of months ago he mentioned and storm was coming and would answer what he meant by that comment.  Remember, he’s Hillary’s cousin and that all of the presidents are related.  Get supplies please.  I’ve gone to several local grocery stores and I’ve heard this from people standing line and also from the store employees that stores are going to shut down for two weeks.  Update 04/14/20 – I spoke with the HEB grocery stores again ans they said now that they’re not closing but that everyone needs to wear masks.  I can tell everyone loves to wear their masks like a security blanket.


Lots of people even Christians accept money on YouTube and really I think that Christians should not because on judgment day we will give an account for everything plus King Yeshua offers us his free gift of salvation so we should also give freely of our time and resources.  As you can see by my own blog that it’s not top notch but it’s me trying to reach people because we should all be concerned for one another.  Those left behind could be our friends and family and that would be so sad to think of them suffering and we should do our very best to make sure they know about what is to come.   All we can do is try to reach them but it’s free will if they want to listen.

Lots of Christians are always watching for the signs of the coming of King Yeshua and of course we’re  trying to avoid the Antichrist who is a major psycho.  What I like is that Renee seems  to have figured out from her counting of days and events is that God has shortened the tribulation days from 3 years to just 4 1/2 months.  Even though that seems short and easy, remember this is the Antichrist time to finally rule and be in charge and it’s going to be hell on earth.  I agree with her and other Christians that the food that we are buying will also be for the left behind.  If you like please leave a note somewhere in your house for the people not to take the Mark of the Beast.  They will need all the support that they can get and maybe hide a bible for them.

This next small section is about the underground bases or as they call them D.U.M.B.S. Deep Underground Military Bases.

There are many videos about underground bunkers with many 18-wheelers hauling supplies in and out of the mountains and caves and the truck drivers are the ones that are bravely exposing these bunkers.  The elites are very conniving and cowardly and have been robbing/hoarding the resources for themselves.

Under 4 min. video: DUMB – Deep underground Military Bases Part 2

Hey Illuminati Fruit Loops…Many Christians have gotten messages from the Lord Yeshua that when you’re hiding in the caves thinking that you’ve outsmarted us all, that CERN will cause an earthquake and guess what will happen to you down there?  Well, duh! What do you think?  It will all collapse on you.  The Lord Yeshua said this about 5 years ago for you guys not to go down into the bunkers because it will collapse on you but we all know that you’re very greedy, extremely demented and cuckoo and you are so self willed that you won’t listen to anything anyone says.

So here is your warning:  If you fruit loops go and hide into the secret bunkers that you have been planning and plotting to save yourselves in, just know this, that they WILL collapse on top of you.  So if you don’t know now you know.

Everyone, if you can keep up with Steve Fletcher’s site.


Video about 12 min. “Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.)”

Video by Seho Song: “PROPHECY: Underneath the Denver Airport Bunker will be destroyed (Gwendolen Song)”  Also, the Holy Spirit spoke to another Christian and said to the ones that serve evil: “You’re bunkers will be your coffins.”

I want to mention that last year I think on December 21st, when I woke up in the morning, the Holy Spirit/The Voice spoke to me and said: “Things are gonna start to speed up.”  The Holy Spirit speaks to all of us you just have to try to pay attention to when he does speak.  It seems like its your own thoughts but he’s there trying to guide us and protect us.  Pray to God in Yeshua/Jesus name to help you to hear the Holy Spirit.

I recommend buying a reverse osmosis system that goes under the sink so you can stop hauling water.  The filters last a couple of years.

Video by Steve Fletcher 222: “WORLD LOCKDOWN – MARCH 22-23, 2020 – QUARANTINE = FORTY DAYS”  Please try to watch Steve Fletcher’s videos daily.  Steve is a very sweet Christian who works with orphans.

Video by Rapture Puzzle taken from Steve Fletcher but Renee Moses has added some info on the Mark of the Beast to this short video.  “And so it begins…in Denmark (Mark of the Beast)”

12 min video by Steve Fletcher:  “7 DAY WARNING! RAPTURE AND DESOLATION ON MARCH 22/23, 2020”  Steve connects this Coronavirus to Obama’s timeline.  Please see the Pergamon Altar post for more Obama info.  I’m aware we are not to date set but I do admire Steve Fletcher’s diligence in watching to report all of the connections for the people so that we won’t be caught unaware.

Video below starring Illuminati bloodlines: “ET The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Quarantine!”  I have more info on Tom Hanks on my Obama Pergamon Altar post.

I would like to add that Tamara Magdalene YouTube site also covers a very dark side of Tom Hanks and I can’t put it on this blog because it’s just too dark.  Its the type of video that you wouldn’t want to watch alone and at night.  Tamara comes from a Luciferian family so she (I don’t believe she creates her videos alone) has a completely different take on things.

Truthful Spirit Blue Heron also covers info about Tom Hanks if you want to check out her video.


The pic above is from a video by Mr E/Transpocalypse Now: “Eve Hewson – Son of Paul”

The song by U2 makes me think of this video below:  “Cabiria Video of Child sacrifice”  This is a 1 min video to show you that we live in a completely mad and demonic society.  Please repent of your sins and come to King Yeshua/Jesus now.

Cabiria Movie Info: “Young Sicilian girl Cabiria (Lidia Quaranta) and her nurse, Croessa (Gina Marangoni), survive a devastating volcanic eruption, only to be taken by Phoenicians to Carthage. As the second of the Punic Wars rages between Carthage and Rome, the pair is sold into slavery, and Cabiria is intended as an offering to the god Moloch and the child-eating statue Kronos. Croessa convinces Roman Fulvius Axilla (Umberto Mozzato) to rescue Cabiria, yet afterward the girl remains in slavery for another decade.

Video: “Cabiria Video of Child sacrifice”

Video: “U2- The Troubles”

Another Fire Incident, The Davidian Compound – April 19th

Audio clip of child speaking to negotiator.

Clip of song by Pink Floyd: Goodbye Blue Sky.

This audio clip will have at the end the negotiator telling the Davidian Steve that no one is allowed to come out.

Next different topic…

This is a short clip from an old movie about Cinderella and it stars grown Drew Barrymore who has already been called out as switched.  This clip is how my life is daily battling with the Devil and his Canaanite cronies.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” ~ Bible

Video: “Allison Krauss – Stars”

Video:  “Terrifying!! “Judgement Day” Dream!”  This video is a little over 2 min.  He had a dream of the judgment day and the line of people facing Jesus.  In this lifetime you have for the most part, free will to live as you choose.  When you die you will face King Yeshua/Jesus and it will be his will for your future.

I want to remind everyone to call on the name of King Yeshua/Jesus if you’re choking or sick or having chest pains just call on him.  Say or THINK:  Yeshua or Jesus help me or say  or THINK The Blood of Yeshua or Jesus.  The whole point of this blog is for you to know that you are not alone in this world but that you can call on the name of King Yeshua/Jesus for anything because he loves you.

So, I was looking at interviews with Carmen Electra who seems to really gravitate towards topics like: stripper poles, garter belts, ect…  Anyway, what got my attention is that Carmen has curved thumbs.  *Note: I’ll be moving the Carmen Electra info to the reptilian section next month.

Divine Truth1 has a video on movie stars and musician reptilian thumbs. This pic below is from another video on reptilian thumbs. I need to add that Divine Truth1 is not a supporter of King Yeshua and doesn’t believe in the bible.

Let’s go back to Carmen for a second.  I was remembering when Carmen was married to Dennis Rodman.  *Note: I’ll be moving all of the Kanye/Kardashian stuff into his own post.

Video by Divine Truth1:  “Illuminati hand signs..Thumbs up means death” I don’t agree with Divine Truth 1’s religious beliefs.

  It’s Always a Storm

This blog is for entertainment purposes and spiritual healing only and you will never see this site asking for money, asking to login in to view pages, or see those stupid cookie notices.  I see that I now have podcasts online for some of my pages but I didn’t set them up and I don’t make any money.  I’m against asking for cash for anything to do with King Yeshua/Jesus.

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