Monarch Programming – Satan’s Generational Stranglehold

Part 1 – True story of a little girl who was allowed to be used and abused by her own mother.  She was at her home and her parents were having a small party and she was gaslighted by all of the sick adults.  Later in the evening, she was molested by her stepfather but I didn’t include that part.  This is the beginning of her sorrows.

Part 2 of the clip and the end of the story about her.  She actually went through complete hell because her own father when he found out she was molested by the stepfather, the real dad, to make some money for himself, tried to get her into prostitution.  In the Part 2 clip, she finally gets the help that she desperately needs but the abuse she endured to get there was horrific.

I wanted to show this Madonna clip below but I need to mention that in this clip there’s a scene of going to a confessional box and calling the priest Father.  I want to stress that no mere mortal man can forgive your sins.  You must confess your sins to King Yeshua/Jesus.

“Oh Father” song


*I generally don’t like the Illuminati bloodlines because they’re always undermining the Lord.  I only like one Illuminati bloodline and that would be Barbara Hutton.  Barbara’s mother committed suicide because her husband was cheating.  Barbara found her the next morning dead in bed from an overdose of medicine.  She left Barbara a note under her pillow that read: “Never trust a man’s arms to hold you.  When he’s through holding you, all you feel is the emptiness of vacant space.  Love steals your youth, leaves you wasted.”  Barbara was sent to many boarding schools and treated pretty badly so I’ve always liked her.
I watched a few of Paris Hilton videos and I see something in Paris and if I’m wrong we can go over it.  Anyway, now I like 2 Illuminati bloodlines, even though Paris’ sister is married to a Rothchild.  This is only about Paris not the sister.

Clip from Paris Hilton’s documentary about the trauma and abuse that Paris experienced at a school for problem teens.

People tend to judge the child instead of blaming the parents.  Many parents are very self absorbed and it’s not always the child’s fault though all of the blame falls on the child.

Clip of the Hilton Family

Watching Paris’ wedding videos I could see that many people around were generally very mean and controlling and Paris seems to just try to keep the peace.  The mom was really out of control and instead of being constructive, she was destructive.  Like showing up with organizers to help clean Paris’ house when Paris was out of state visiting Carter’s family.  That was probably for show but it really was negative and stressful.  I think that the worst thing was that the mom could have done was to change the seating arrangement on the morning of the wedding without letting Paris know.  Make some t-shirts: MOMZILLA.

Clip: Thin Red String since Kathy is wearing a red string on her wrist.

Clip: Paris goes to Washington.  Reminds me a little of Legally Blonde.

Paris the lingerie model and activist against child abuse.  I guess it’s similar to Dolly Parton singing an Easter song: “He’s Alive” about Jesus with Dolly’s cleavage showing.  I guess grandpa may like that Dolly song.

Malibu going down the stairs.  Paris has the knees together and Carter has the knees apart.  What is really going on?

Linda Ronstandt – “You’re No Good”  P & C, this song is for you.

Illuminati Tears Games

Clip below where Paris is promoting bringing butterfly capes on vacation.  I’m not sure if Paris can ever break the attachment.  In almost every video of Paris, butterflies on the clothing or decorations.  Paris reminds me of Steve Harvey hanging out with the Dubai crowd.  To me, it looks like its a business deal where they supply funds to promote somehow.

Pic of Conrad Hilton and the eyes are the window to the soul.

Paris Hilton’s Metaverse Symbols by New Jerusalem

Satan, Saturn and the Illuminati

Movie scene with Tom Cruise failing the Stairs Test


Movie clip of Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton Jr. disastrous honeymoon night.

Because this post has Elizabeth Taylor and also Saturn info, I’m adding something that happened to me back in 2021.  I have a collection of dolls and one of them is the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra doll and this was before Egypt was on my radar.  I have about 50 dolls and this theme is like a black dress group and please know that I’m not under doll programming.  Let me show you the doll(s) and then I’ll tell you what happened.

One night I woke up around 4am and I saw a golden ring of light around the Elizabeth Taylor doll right where I marked it with red.  I was so exhausted and I thought that my mind was playing tricks on me because in my room I have a huge window and a couple of night lights so when I woke up I and saw this Saturn looking ring around the doll, I thought that it has to be the moonlight even though I had never seen any glowing lights before.

I asked the Lord in King Yeshua’s name if he wants me to get rid of the doll and he didn’t say anything.  Usually I get a dream that night and so far nothing.

Also, I want to add that Elizabeth Taylor, through the paternal bloodline, was the great grandchild of Henri I, Roi des Francs … Henry I King of the Franks.

(My friend crocheted the black dress on the left.)

Music Box Doll Scene Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Paris survivor clip


Song: Long Long Time  – Linda Ronstadt

a clip of the song by Bonnie Raitt: I Can’t Make You Love Me

Hopefully, Paris will make this right for Carter’s daughter, Evie.  Paris has stated to care about neglected and forgotten kids.

Paris you will love this little girl and Carter will grow to love her.

After putting this post together I’ve changed my mind.  Evie, run.

There’s a saying that “Rejection is God’s protection.”  Maybe in the end it’s for the best that Carter stays away because Carter may end up hurting Evie even more.

Song:  “You wouldn’t recognize me little girl”

Song: A Broken Wing.  Evie’s Anthem.

Clip: Carter says the darnedest things.

For those of you that missed it during the clip above of the legal signing of the marriage license, you may not have noticed that hanging on the wall behind Paris and Carter a naked drunk guy passed out on a table.  It speaks volumes to me.

In the picture on the left, in one of the many Hilton hotels that Paris and Carter visited, the staff set up this display in their room.

Clip:  Paris goes to a Shaman for spiritual cleansing.  Well Paris, it’s free Will to choose King Yeshua/Jesus or reject him while you’re on the earth.  After death, then the judgment.

Shaman:  “a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.”

Paris being interviewed and asks about the name given to the Paris’ son: PHOENIX Barron Hilton Reum.  Plus some additional clips about the Phoenix occult symbology.

Megan Fox describing a childhood gaslighting experience

Please see that his jawline goes behind the ear like a male jawline. His index finger is short, male trait.
Joe Maldonado is the First Transgender (female to male) Boy Scout.

You can see Joe Maldonado’s short male index finger and Joe’s jawline going behind the ear, a male trait.  This was never a female but was born a male Joe is not the first transgender Boy Scout.

If you can’t see this is a natural born male, I can’t help you.

Jaw line is a male jaw line and his index finger is short. He's innocent its the parents that set this up. He told his parents I'm not a girl.
Joe Maldonado First Transgender (female to male) Boy Scout

So this is my opinion on Joe and his mother.

Joe’s mom, for whatever reason, wanted to gaslight little Joe into thinking he was a little girl.  His original name was Jodi Ana.  Joe said when he was 2 yrs. old he figured out that he was a boy.  I think during that time someone was babysitting him and they informed him that he was a boy.

In this video below he says that he hated being a girl.  Joe is very lucky that his mom couldn’t afford the hormones or he would be like Charlize Theron’s adopted son Jackson, wearing Frozen costumes and dressed as a girl.

So Joe started saying to his mom: I’m a boy, so his mom Kristie Maldonado, to cover her butt, told everyone that he was transgender.  Okay, that worked for awhile until Joe wanted to join the Boy Scouts.  Now the mom had to take it to another level of deception because the Boy Scouts policy only accepted what you were on your birth certificate.  If I had to guess, Kristie told innocent Joe that Oh I really wanted a little girl and if everyone knows what I did to you I’ll be in trouble.  Joe probably said: It’s okay mom.  I’m glad I’m boy now.  I’ll help you.

Joe used to have his own YouTube site where he would play with the other kids in the hallway running around and playing with cars, ect.  I commented on their channel that he was never a female because he has a male jawline and index finger and then Joe’s site was taken down.

I believe that Kristie got cut a check for all of her troubles and it was under 20k.  Don’t worry Kristie you won’t have to return the check and I’m willing to bet you’ll get a bonus for all of your efforts.  Repent Joe’s parents because you will stand before the Lord and be judged for all of your games.

As Joe gets older, if they haven’t removed him from the public eye, when can see his Adam’s apple, straight male spine, long male arms and other physical traits.

Joe is old enough now to know the difference between the truth and a lie and will be held accountable for this story that he used to be a girl.  Maldonado family you need to repent in the name of Yeshua/Jesus and God will forgive you.

Below is a clip of Joe Maldonado saying that he would cry himself to sleep if everyday he had to be Jodi (a girl).  He’s was a cute and innocent little boy but at some point he will have to tell the truth that it was all a lie.  In one of the videos on Joe, I saw that they had given him to read the “I Am Jazz” book.  Jazz was never a male to female but was always a female and is being used to trick kids into having surgery and destroying their bodies, souls and minds and the worse part is to be forever chained to the pharmaceutical industry.

Jazz and her family their time to face judgment will come and they will be so shocked.

Joe Maldonado, Jazz Jennings and Corey Maison, here’s a truth video for you about the health problems with sodomy.  Jazz, you’re a female so you won’t be doing sodomy but you encourage males to change their sex, so it’s good for you to know how screwed up the men’s butts become.

Boy Scouts clip showing that it’s not always a bed of roses

This is a short clip from the video: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America.  It should really be called “The Perversion Files” because this was how the file was kept at the Boy Scouts of America office of the reports of the abused male children.

Gaslighting a little boy