This post will be about a scene from a movie called the Joy Luck Club set in China around 1940.

There was an attractive young widow who met a wealthy man who I’ll just say took advantage of her and then took her to be his fourth wife.  Later she returned to her parent’s home and brought her young daughter to live with her in his mansion with his other wives and children.  I want to use a scene from this movie about a pearl necklace and use it as an example of how I see the spiritual battle between good and evil that came to my mind…

Here is a 2 min audio clip from the scene of the pearl necklace…







Sadly the girl in this video looks like a boy in a dress.

2 min. song Shattered

There’s another scene from a movie called Memoirs of a Geisha with the ending scene reminding me of King Yeshua and I would like to share it with everyone.

This beautiful lady in the pic above met this man when she was a child and he bought her a “sweet icy cone”.  As she grew older and became a geisha she saw him again but he was now married.

In the ending scene there is a line that reminds me of Yeshua.

In this scene he says to her Don’t be afraid to look at me.  She turns around and says to him Can’t you see, every step I have taken since I was that child on the bridge has been to bring myself closer to you.

My blog, I sacrifice a lot of personal time researching the bloodlines to show that they are all related and are not telling the truth about who they are and the royal bloodlines that they are related to.  What makes me sick to my stomach is that these bloodlines are fake just like that pearl necklace and are given all the honor, respect and praise that should be given to King Yeshua.

When she said the line Can’t you see, every step I have taken; this is how I feel towards the ones that I’m trying to reach out to through my blog.  I’m trying to say Can’t you see that every step that I take on this blog has been to bring you one step closer to knowing Yeshua.

I would like to make a comment on the movie Memoirs of a Geisha.  The movie led us to believe that when she was a little girl she fantasized about marrying this man.  I thought this movie was beautifully made but in the end I thought it was a very sad movie.  The married man messing around with geisha girls and the geisha girls sacrificing their lives to entertain married men and never finding true happiness.

Peace and Love,



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