Invasion of the Trannies, IV – The Collar Bones, A Dead Giveaway

 In Invasion of the Trannies

(*I’ve added to this page below on 06/10/2023 – a pic of Donna Summers. On 06/07/2023 – A pic of Mel Gibson and ex Oksana Grigorieva.  This is what I’ll be doing on the pages as I add to them so people won’t have to scroll through looking for new additions.  I understand that everyone is as busy as I am.)

There are so many deceivers and in these last days that God left us clues how to spot the switched genders. I thought that it would be best to put all of the pics of the famous and not so famous on this page and I will continue adding to this page as I come across them.

The Illuminati has done an excellent job deceiving us because they’ve got skills.  The Operation pic is the Before and the pics below are the After results.

Let’s go…

Lynda is throwing up the satanic 666 hand sign and just in case that puppet can’t see it, Lynda puts it right in front of his little puppet face.  He looks afraid like Oh no, my puppet job is on the line.

Devil in Disguise Cover Song

Short clip – Song “Crush”

Bitchute video by Simon1978…great teaching tool…you can try this at home and prove that this video is for real.

Lynda aka Wonder Woman, failing the stairs test


This video is dedicated to Lynda Carter, the “Super Grand Marshall”  You know Lynda, as in Que Linda in English: How Beautiful, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Repent Lynda.

Christians, pray for the protection for Torch of Christ Ministries.

Clip – Here Lynda, “Lady” Gaga saying that Jesus loves EVERYBODY

Clip by MrE – “Dolly Part-On – Drag Queen of Country”

Kate Middleton’s body looks like stretched skin and president Kennedy’s jawline was in front of the ear, a female trait.

Just in case you missed it be sure to look at the neck in the pic below.

Look at the pic of Brandi in the pink bra and panties and you can see that Brandi has a male Adonis belt right above the top of the panties.

Brandy took the unapproved COVID shot and then shortly after Brandy has a stroke…

Jewel, the hidden jewel…I guess.

2 Short clip of Kim K starved for attention and very satanic.  Kim K has been caught shapeshifting.  Kim K is not nor will ever be someone to be looked up to or a role model for anything good.

This video clip below is from the Queen (Elizabeth) blog post.  Its from a video by Bill Maloney on child abuse.  It’s a short 7 min. clip where he’s explaining about a satanic statue that he found in the middle of a small pond.  Christians, please pray for Bill Maloney.

Also, I’m not for the Will Smith/Chris Rock saga.  I think that it’s all a set up and I think they’re all involved pushing it.

Here’s a clip by Apocolaughs Now, which I like his work but we have different religious beliefs.



These seems to be the norm for all of the social climbers…Just know that the devil will collect at his own time and also know that he hates everyone. Big mistake for Steve Harvey to tell his fans there is more than one way to heaven.  King Yeshua/Jesus is the only way and if you try to get to the Father any other way, then you are a thief and a robber.  This is in the bible.  Steve, they hooked you with all that money and poor Marjorie can’t see that she’s going to hell with you.

Steve Harvey Barfy has been called out for promoting Chrislam, a dreadful combo of Christianity and Islam religion…and that’s not cool.

The things we do for love (of $)

One World Church, Featuring the Three Amigos

So the guy with the glasses in the pic above, the new upcoming “messiah”, Rav Shlomo Yehuda, was born in Girona, Spain.  My opinion of him is that he looks like MK Ultra.

I could only imagine what was so special over there in Girona, Spain, and checking it out I found a Moor temple that was changed into a cathedral long ago.  So the Moor Jews were from the bloodline of Ham, son of Noah.  The Ashkenazi Jews, these are generally the guys wearing the hats with the curly hair pieces hanging, are from the bloodline of Japheth, son of Noah.  So called bloodline of Japheth, you’re not off the hook.  I’m studying this so called DNA of yours.

“The first prophecy in the Bible about the bloodline or lineage of Jesus the Messiah, that he would be a descendant of Shem and not Ham or Japheth.”

Oh Gosh More Silliness…

What is it?

Trumpy Poo’s castle

The Wailing Wall is Roman clip

Politicians that deny the Messiah and bow down to the Roman Wall

Israel Gay Oasis audio clip

Video: “How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?”

Two Christian women who were unaware how Christians spreading the gospel in Jerusalem are treated.  It would take many more Christians the size of an army to get the demons out not just a handful of Christians.  It would take the prayer of the blood of King Yeshua being prayed over them to get them to be set free or they will run away.

Clip caught by Albert on Bitchute – A blood ritual

Marjorie Harvey – Volunteers to inject the test bio weapon into her body.   To those of you interested there’s a site on Bitchute called: Wake The (the F word here) Up.  He puts up videos of people who took the unapproved shot and are dropping dead.

Pharmacist gets red pilled and finds out that the Moderna insert is BLANK.  “Moderna earned their nickname “Murder-na” by refusing to make vaccine patents accessible or lower their price per shot, which led to unnecessary COVID-19 deaths …”

Short clip from: “Dr. Michael McDowell – Explains SARSCOV2 – BIOWEAPON AGENDA”  I do not agree with Dr. McDowell’s opinion on the childhood vaccines being safe mostly because the ingredients are disgusting and dangerous.  I do agree with his description on the synthetic COVID shot.


Gross vaccine ingredients…then you may wonder why the public is acting crazy. Video clip of Atheist Dr. Stanley Plotkin stating the ingredients in the children’s vaccines.

La-de-Dah and La-de-Duh  If you describe someone as la-di-da, you mean that they have an upper-class way of behaving, which you think seems unnatural and is only done to impress people. [old-fashioned, disapproval]

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked” ~ The Bible


Oran “Juice” Jones – The Rain  (“I saw you (and him/the Illuminati) walking in the rain, you were holding hands and I’ll never be the same”)

“Until then, you know what you gotta do? You gotta get on outta here with that alley-cat-coat-wearing Hush-Puppy-shoe-wearing crumb cake Satan that I saw you with ’cause your dismissed!”

Steve Harvey’s daughter’s 1st date.  Before the Family Feud starts, Steve gets up and does story time.  The age limit for the audience is 16+. Steve is going to do a story here describing what he will do to the young man who is taking one of his daughters to a junior prom.  It will get very vulgar so skip it if you don’t want this in your memory bank.  This is for all of you who think Steve is so amazing.  I don’t believe he really said these vulgar things to this young guy who came with his mother; I think Steve is just a shameless person who thinks telling smut is cool.

There’s a picture of the pope in the picture up above looking overweight and quite haggardly resembling a Dough boy but we know he’s just a Mason pretending to be religious.  Satan’s One World Religion means War

Steve, I watched your comedy shows with God D*mn coming out of your mouth every other sentence.  You claim you love God so here’s what the scripture says:

“Then comes the third commandment: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain” (Exodus 20:7).”

Clip: Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God

Clip: Pope Francis proclaims that Jesus death on the cross ended in failure.  In your dreams dough boy.  Giving credit to InfoWars for also catching the popes blasphemous statement.

Clip: The Holy Sepulchre Church To Be Destroyed  The bible says clearly to not call any man Father because there is only one Father and it’s our heavenly Father.  Of all of the prosperity churches out that bamboozle the Christians, this “church” is the ultimate bamboozler of the sheeple.  Vatican means Vatis Can means Divine Serpent.

This is a dream experience of hell by Robert Smith.  His testimony is very good but I cut it down from 45 min. to 6 min.  Hell is a real place.  The greatest trick the devil has created is that he doesn’t exist.


Video by: Sling and Stone  – ITS HAPPENING! One World Religion 2022 / Chrislam / Pope Francis

Cher tells his/her mom “I am a rich man”  In this clip Cher’s mom tells him to settle down and marry a rich man.  The mom raised Cher from a male to female and it just goes to show how far gone the mom was from reality.  Cher tells his mother, “Mom I am a rich man.”

This is Cher’s daughter, Chaz, who was born female but is attempting to become a male.  This belongs in the Stairs post but I’m putting it here with Cher.

This shows that Chaz Bono is a female because this is how females walk.

Females to Males will go in this area…

Female to Male clip explains how her health has suffered so much doing this transition.  God be merciful.

Bitchute shows a few Transregret videos if you want to check those out.

Everyone, I would advise you to repent of your sins now and go to King Yeshua/Jesus before it’s too late for your eternal soul that will live either forever with King Yeshua/Jesus or forever in Hell.






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