Billy Graham and Wife – Illuminati Royal Bloodlines “Wicked Game”

 In Illuminati Royal Bloodline

Hi Blessings,

First I want to say that the Obamacare Chip, the Positive I.D. Chip, the Verichip is the Mark of the Beast (666) and you cannot put this chip into your body.

A Christian had a dream about a woman that had put the chip in her hand and then regretted it and desperately rushed to dig it out and once she had it out she tried to pray but but she was blocked from the Lord’s presence.  It was just a dream but I think that the chip will have alien DNA inside of it.  Aliens are demons and the bible says that if you accept the chip which is the Mark of the Beast you will never enter into heaven.

You must resist the chip and even if they tell you that it’s mandatory you must not take it.  Even if they say look I got it and it’s fine you cannot take any chip or you will never enter into heaven.

**A couple of months ago Transvestigation had ran a story on Billy Graham being a high mason and some family gender switching stuff.  I checked to see if Billy Graham’s bloodline was listed in the Illuminati group and he is (many famous people are) but I really wasn’t interested in looking any further until I saw a video someone made saying that he had reptilian eyes then I became interested in to find out more.   I’m interested if there is any transgender stuff going on with the Grahams but the problem is that there are so many switched, Illuminati genders that who can keep up with all of them.

Video: “Billy Graham Endorses Islam!!”

The Graham name is very royal along with his wife Ruth (Bell) Graham. The Graham name or De Graham, De Graeme, De Greagham can be found in Wikipedia as royals. Billy Graham’s wife Ruth bloodline can be traced back to King Alan I, King of Brittany.  Maybe this was why he was allowed to get so close to the presidents because he is related to them since all of the presidents were and are related to the British royals.

The Grahams are just another royal bloodline and not the first nor the last.

Billy Graham’s 16x Great Grandfather – Patrick Graham married Countess Euphemia Stuart (Stewart). The Granddaughter of Robert Stewart II, King of Scots.

Look how similar the pyramid hand sign guy looks to Billy Graham.  Looks like a relative.

“William Randolph Hearst (a bloodline to the Queen of England) paid for the first 3 years of Billy Graham’s ministry. The (satanic, Dutch Illiminati) Van Duyn family bloodline helped in the establishment of Billy Graham having a big crusade ministry.” From the article:  The Van Duyn family –  Van Duyn’s are No. 12 on the Illuminati list.

Short clip by Ian Paisley: “Fundamentalism v. Apostasy”  In this clip he talks about when Billy Graham came to his town and he preached against him but he said he had been warning his church for years so they were already informed about him.  Not like here in the U.S.A. he’s given a star on the Hollywood walk of “Fame” hmm.

Ian Paisley mentions in this sermon clip above about the “reproach of Christ” and I wanted to follow up with what he meant.  Info in a clip below.

Billy Graham’s  regular sermon videos showing the reptilian eyes appeared and pics attached below.

Video: “Billy Graham – Why I am an optimist – Houston TX”

Video: “Billy Graham – young people – Birmingham AL”

In this video Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, who is going to be one of the preacher’s at Trump’s inauguration, you will see in this video Franklin Graham’s reptilian eye pupils.  I don’t know what to make of this. If you can’t see reptilian eye pupils I don’t know what to say.  On the video below click on settings button, click on speed and then click to slow down the speed, enlarge the screen and look at the reptilian eye pupils.

So you’ve seen the Bush family endorsing Hillary and you see the Graham family endorsing Trump.  All of these people are related and what you are seeing is just Illuminati families fighting to lead the New World Order.  The original news copy was removed.

Video: “Reptilian Franklin Graham Original News Video – Stunning!!!!!!”

This is a 10 min. clip from OTG Ministry: “Popular Pastor Exposed – and the rest of the title is too shocking to list it. But it shows Franklin Graham sitting in the Portland, Oregon Voodoo Doughnut place because he loves to hang out in Satan’s lair because he loves the world.

The bible says to: “Love not the world, neither the things that are of the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

Video by Rachel Stephens: (Obey Holy Spirit) Demonic Voodoo Doughnut.  Please try to ignore that Rachel is not wearing a bra.  I’m not sure what her deal is.

Many of the YouTubers are asking for money saying something like: give if you want to. I’m against that. King Yeshua paid with his life not so that we can get information and mention or remind people to give if they want to. We are to give out the good news freely. “freely ye have received, freely give.” ~ The Bible

Video: “Pope, Orthodox Patriarch pledge to support Mideast Christians”    (Get a room guys!)  What I mean is that they’re “Bed Fellows”:

  • a person or thing allied or closely connected with another.
    “the treaty will make strange bedfellows of a number of enemies”

Video: “Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God”

Video: “Who is this with Franklin Graham?!”

Anne Graham Lotz is a tranny.  This is a video from his/her own YouTube site.  This video below will show you the Adam’s apple before it was removed.

8 min. audio clip from Mag Bitter Truth exposing Ann Graham as a tranny.  I just want to say that I don’t agree with Mag Bitter Truth’s religious beliefs or lack of belief in King Yeshua/Jesus.

I listened to a few of this persons sermons and I see that they are part of the programming to convince us that King Yeshua aka Jesus was a jew and to support the Jews. Yeshua/Jesus was a Nazarene, a Galilean. When Pilate ordered that a sign be hung over Yeshua/Jesus that read: The King of the Jews; Pilate was being sarcastic.

This Graham family has already been called out as having switched as a child, the tall and lanky Ann from a male to a female. I would say that Ann is now a programmer. This is a high Illuminati, royal bloodline. Here’s the bottom line – don’t put your faith in man, put your faith in King Yeshua/Jesus. It’s your call. You can follow these Illuminati high royal trannies and as Mag from the Bitter Truth YouTube channel likes to say – “Decepti-cons” or you can pray to King Yeshua/Jesus to help you.

Graham family you need to repent and you know exactly how to do that because you preach about it all the time.  No effeminate or liar will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Video: “Anne Graham Lotz – The Evangelist and the Life of Prayer – 1983”  In this video you can clearly see the Adam’s apple.

1 min video “Pharaohs in the Jewish Quarters of Strasburg France; highly protected by the french army”

Look at the Adam’s apples on the ‘females necks

Let’s get to Kathie Lee who claims to be close friends to Billy Graham.  Kathie wrote and directed the play about Aimee McPherson and Kathie’s part starts at 29:48.  This video below is 1 hour long.

Video: “One of the First Witches to infiltrate the Churches via Hollywood & Freemasonry”

Kathie Lee is the godparent to Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner’s two transgender sons to daughters.  Kathie Lee called Bruce “her” and said people just need to get used to it.  What a piece of work Kathie Lee is.  The voice for the Christians or Satan? 2 min. video below.

Video:  “Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About Caitlyn Jenner/WWHL”

“Amy” Grant – another friend of Billy Graham’s.   This ‘Christian’ Illuminati bloodline person used to open for Billy Graham’s events.

Video: “Amy Grant Vince Gill Illuminati couple”



This is Franklin Graham’s “daughter” Cissie.  Watch the neck. 4 min video: “Cissie Graham Lynch – Why she is voting Donald Trump”

Video: “Cissie Graham Lynch Spring Luncheon at The Cove”

12 min. audio clip about Solomon’s Sodomites by MrE

4 min. audio clip by Eustace Mullins on Billy Graham and all of the property that they own in North Carolina.


Under 3 min. audio clip by Bear049 to the Pastors:  Greg Laurie, Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, and Billy Graham.

Below are pics from a video that has been removed of Greg Laurie and his wife’s lumpy neck and also how they twist doctrine.  Billy Graham is promoting Greg Laurie and his “wife”.  I read that Greg Laurie sits on the board for Billy Graham’s ministry.

April 2017 News Story  Video: “IRS, Postal Inspectors Raid Benny Hinn Ministries”


Video: “$600k stolen from Joel Osteen’s church”


This Wicked Game song is about how the Illuminati plays people by switching out the genders and presenting them and fooling us in TV, movies, political and religious arenas and life in general.  Billy Graham like a lot of other preachers are leading us towards a ecumenical system or all paths lead to God, meaning Jesus died in vain.

Video: “Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Official Video)”

I want to get back to the Wicked Games song.  I want to go over the model in the video.  ‘Her’ name is Helena Christensen and I want you to see what I see about ‘her’.

Through Cindy’s mother or maternal bloodline, he/she connects to Edward I ‘Longshanks’ King of England. Through Cindy’s father or paternal bloodline, he/she connects to King Malcolm of Scotland II. This bloodline of course goes back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Also, Cindy’s grandmother on his/her father’s bloodline, takes connects Cindy to the DeMohun and then to Charlamagne. Cindy is a great grandchild of King of England, King of Scotland – which makes Cindy a descendant of the Kings of Egypt, and to King Charlemagne. Key word is direct descendant.

Under 2 min. video:  “Cindy Crawford’s Shocking Connection / Who Do You Think You Are?”

Video by Epic Sellouts:  “Cindy Crawford:  Man, Woman or Beast?”

Correction this this pic above.  Brooke Shield paternal not maternal line connects to the Strong/L’ Estrange family.

Please note that Brooke Shields back in the swimsuit picture is straight.  Males have a straight back and females have a curved back.  Other characteristics are that males have the belly button above the waistline and females belly button’s are located below the waistline.  Males jawlines go behind the ears and females in front of the ear.  Males have low brow bone and females have high brow bone.  Males have long forearms and females forearms are shorter.  Males have Adam’s apples and females do not have an Adam’s apples.  Males can shave their Adam’s apples to give the appearance of a feminine looking neck for Male to Female switching.  I’ve read that Female to Male switching can take male hormones to grow small looking Adam’s apple.

This is a strange post.  Models that are really males and some also are high royal bloodlines. We’ve got a preacher that preaches the blood of Jesus (Yeshua) but is a high royal Illuminati bloodline and has reptilian pupils.  I read that Billy Graham’s wife once said that Billy sleeps with his eyes open.  I’ve read in articles by Fritz Springmeier that the sleeping with eyes open is a sign of someone that is under mind control.  I can’t explain any of this except that his bloodline and his wife’s bloodline both connect to royalty and the royals have been proven to be involved with the occult.






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