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Hi Blessings,

When I first got “saved” I loved Jesus and wanted to tell everyone about Jesus.  I had a visit from a very sweet Jehovah Witness lady and this blog will be about the evil spirit voice that I heard after our visit.

But before I get to that story I want to tell something that led me up to wanting to tell everyone about Jesus/Yeshua.


I was going to this small country gospel Pentecostal church seen in this picture and I was probably like most people trying to find God but just not making the connection.   I was so ignorant I thought to myself “I don’t have to get saved, I’ll just say the name of Jesus when I need something.” One bible study night the pastor looked at me and said “The Lord has a message for you.  He wants you to stop using him as a life preserver and give your life to him.”   See I only called on the Lord when I had an emergency because I didn’t think he had time for me I guess because I thought that there were so many problems in the world.  I didn’t understand God and I especially didn’t understand how to communicate with him.  I wish the pastor had maybe given me some kind of pep talk or something but he didn’t.  I did not have a clue on how to relate to God and I didn’t give my life to him.  What I should have done is prayed to God that I didn’t have a clue on how to start with him and ask him to please help me.

I had some issues that came up with an experience of what I thought were ghost noises but now I know were evil spirits.  See this guy really liked me but I just wasn’t into him so he decided to put a “love spell” on me and he told me that he did it.  I thought that it was so ridiculous because I didn’t really believe in God or the devil even though I was going to church.  I did start to like him a little bit which surprised me because I really didn’t have any feelings at all for him and I actually ended up dating that him but I was never happy because I liked someone else.  See if you don’t have the protection of Jesus you can get pulled into these things and I did not have Jesus yet.

So it didn’t work out between us and he was a little upset so I guess that he sent some kind of curse on me because I started hearing noises in my house or lights would turn on and off.  Once I heard footsteps that walked to my door and stopped and different things like that.  At first I thought it was interesting because it was supernatural but after a few months it felt like mental torment.  The noises really started to scare me because I thought to myself if they can make noises in the kitchen like banging pans then I was worried they would maybe turn the stove on and catch the house on fire.  Now I’m really trying to figure out how to get rid of them.

It was when I realized that the devil is real and then I thought that God must be real too.   I finally humbled myself and prayed to God with a sincere heart to please help me get those “spirits” out of my house.  I learned how to pray by watching the Christian channel and with God’s help I did get rid of them.

Many months later the Jehovah Witness lady came knocking on the door and I let her in and I prayed that we would not argue and we didn’t.  I told her about what had happened to me and how the name of Jesus helped me and she said that she’s heard about the name of Jesus. It was a short meeting and she left happy and all was well.

I went to my bedroom (my bed looks similar to this) and was sitting on the edge of my bed just thinking about what we had talked about.  It was a normal sunshine Saturday afternoon and then I heard this voice; It came in my head just like the Holy Spirit voice does.  It was a female voice and actually it was the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard in my life.  It said to me “You don’t have to pray to Jesus to get to God, you’re good enough, you’re good enough.”

I thought to myself – well I have been reading the bible a lot lately, and God (the Bible) does say that he watches us in our prayer closet, so I guess I am good enough.  See like most people we think we have to do something to get to God and I thought because I’d been reading the bible that I was earning my way up the heavenly ladder not that I’m good enough that I didn’t need Jesus.  As soon as I had the thought – I am good enough, this thing came inside of me, it started out in my belly area and it gurgle up the center of me like a volcano and it was a rage, it was a hatred for Jesus.  I scrunched my shoulders up and I thought what is this?  I thought I know I’m a new Christian and I’m not supposed to hate Jesus, so in the name of Jesus go away.  This thing left, no poof, no noises, just left.

I’m not trying to be mean to the Jehovah Witness lady but I feel like she left an anti Jesus spirit there.  I’m glad that God let that happen to me because I got to experience the irrational rage and hatred that the devil has for Jesus and I realize how serious the battle is between good and evil.

If you have any problems with noises in your house from evil spirits and you need help you can go to my Fav Prayer section and play the House Cleansing video and it will do the work for you and also teach you how to pray.

I know that there is a lot of confusion about the bible and I understand how you feel.  Soon I will be telling you about my other experiences and also the times that the Holy Spirit quoted bible scripture to me twice. I’ve only heard the evil spirit voice one time after the Jehovah Witness encounter.

Peace and Love,






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