Corona Means Crown

 In Illuminati Royal Bloodline

Pfizer shot “vax” reaction by Zay

This story hit about a 2 year old getting the fatal Pfizer shot and the Illuminati news jumped on it saying it was false.  I hunted the story down and it connected to Natural News (Mike Adams) and in that article another link connects to:

In this video clip below and also in the article, the 2 year old girls VAERS number was listed so I wanted to find it since Illuminati is screaming “False Story.”

So the little girls VAERS number has been removed but a commenter found a 1 year old male in Florida who died from the Moderna shot and the info is still up on the website.  All you pro vax people I really don’t need to hear from you because I have a very pro vax Catholic friend who messages me every week to get the vaccine (really it’s a shot) because he’s scared of his own shadow.  He loves Fauci and all of the other deplorables and holds them up to a high standard of honor, but in my heart, I know that he’s under delusion by the Lord.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” Bible 2 Thessalonians 2:11

He’s going to take his only child, his beautiful 11 year old daughter, to get the shot as soon as she’s eligible.  He tried to get her into the clinical trials, but he claims that there is a waiting list because parents are afraid of the anti vax people.

Just do a search VAERS ID 1261766-1 and this 1 year old boy’s info will come up.  I texted my pro vax friend this pic and said that you vax people are IDIOTS!   A second article “A child died after suffering a severe rash and serious medical complications after the breastfeeding mother received her second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.”  Of course, Illuminati says unproven, which means to imply False.

Biden’s Press Secretary says: (Vaccines) “They can still kill you.”

Clip from a video by MrE:  “MrE Repost – The Sports Illustrated Tranny Dream Team”  This clip will be on Elle Macpherson.

This is a 30 second clip below without the sound and slowed down because I want you to see Elle Macpherson’s hormone hands.  Dr. Wakefield can see that this is a man, after all he is a doctor and obviously Elle is not aging well at all.

I started looking at Dr. Wakefield because a nurse friend had recently told me that Dr. Wakefield, who we had both met at a bookstore event where he was exposing vaccine dangers for children, had left his wife to date a model called “the body.”  I looked it up and when I saw that it was Elle Macpherson, I already knew that this was an MTF.

When we met Dr. Wakefield at the bookstore, my nurse friend was telling him about the guilt she felt from giving vaccines out and I remember him acting weird and years later I think I can see why.  I called her and said don’t you remember how weird he was acting when we were talking to him and she said yes, he couldn’t wait to get away from us.  We were calm when we were talking to him but I remember him looking at me and just acting weird.  This is my opinion but I always think that men that date the MTF’s are not human.  I also thought it was weird back when he first came out as the anti vax doctor, that he was okay with some vaccines and not with others

Here’s a clip put together by Sons of Single Moms called: “Mariah Carey Gets Fake Vaccine.”

This isn’t my expertise to try to explain what this 3 min. clip will be about but I will try my best.  This is interview on Israeli News with Celeste Solum and she is a Christian and former FEMA employee. Celeste discusses the bioweapon that was released and said that the bioweapon that was released in Iran, Europe, America and China, were all different things and different places.  This clip is at least a year old but the reason that it has my attention is because Celeste Solum said that Americans think that he bioweapon started in Washington state but she said that it started in Kansas from the new Bioweapon Facility in the heart of Kansas.

We may have many different views and religions, but we’re all in this together and it’s effecting everyone of us.  Christians, please pray for the World and pray against the spirit of fear that is overtaking the people.  I pray to God in the name of King Yeshua/Jesus, morning and night, to balance out the chemicals from all of the vaccines/shots that the people all over the World have injected and protect us from the evil ones.

Dr. Birx Reptilian Looking Teeth.  “Deborah Leah Birx is an American physician and diplomat who served as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator under President Donald Trump from 2020 to 2021.”



You can see the entire 24 min. video here:

I just figured it out that Mike Adams is the founder or whatever of Brighteon.  I like the vaccine and health info that Mike puts out but I’m a little suspicious because of his association with Alex Jones.

In this video, the Holy Spirit has explained that the COVID vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast but is like the engine of a car.  The Mark of the Beast that is coming will have many components to it.  I know that all of the vaccines have very damaging, harmful chemicals and is not the Mark of the Beast but is the forerunner to it.  Only a few are awake to this, the rest will get the vaccine.  So if it’s not the Mark of the Beast but part of the Mark of the Beast then it is the Mark of the Beast.


​The nurse is throwing up the 666 hand sign.  It may seem like nothing to you but I asked a nurse friend and she said she never holds her hand like this when cleaning the arm to give a vaccine.

This is Queen E with “her” nurse.  The nurse is rocking her satanic belt buckle!  Team hell bound Illuminati fruit loops, you’re losing.

  Pics of Mike Pence from a video by Tamara Magdalene

The nurse’s tattoo says: “IGY6”

Short video by Tamara Magdalene showing Mike Pence getting a (fake) vaccine by a nurse with a satanic tattoo.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Disease X”  This will show Kamala Harris getting a vaccine or a B12 shot and Kamala is making the devil horn hand sign several times.

This is a really good video but I cut it down to under 4 min.  If you get a chance try to see it.  Tamara Magdalene: “The World is a Stage…”

This video clip will show Joe Joe wearing a plastic full face mask.  These people are beyond and out of this world weird.

Video: “Carrots deeply cleanse and detoxify the lungs, liver and kidneys miracle remedy for many ailments”

I make carrots juice in the blender with 3 unpeeled carrots and 3 mandarin oranges and fill with water and blend for 3 min. then strain.  I pour it into a pitcher and every morning I drink about 1 cup of carrot juice with 1 cup of organic apple juice.  I started drinking organic apple juice because the regular apple juice was making me feel sick.  The way that I make it is such a pretty color and the mandarin oranges make it taste really good.

When I started drinking this juice recipe what it did for me was anytime I would eat or drink anything with high fructose syrup in it, I would get sick.  I love this drink and its easy and inexpensive to make.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Coronavirus Caused By Bats…”

This is a from a video put together by Gabbyrae Talker.  I only cut out the parts that I thought were the best for spacing issues for this blog page.  Basically this will show info of people who either died or were injured after the COVID19 vaccine and also info from victims talking about the CIA using the same Q-tip method to insert chips into their brains.  It’s tragic but the mainstream news only shows you the good side of their agenda/plandemic and this site is against the vaccines.


Great catch video below by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron 7 min. video: “MUST SEE – Parliament Woman Sara Cunial Speaks the Unspeakable!”

Sara Cunial is exposing Bill Gates and his vaccine deaths in Africa and India and worldwide and says that Gates should be locked up.  These are all the things that most people agree with but some are still very pro vaccine and they will take the kool-aid I mean the poison.

Video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “MUST SEE – Parliament Woman Sara Cunial Speaks the Unspeakable!”

*I don’t agree with Truthful Spirit Blue Heron’s religious beliefs.  Her beliefs are not in this video but I’m just saying it.  Truthful Spirit said that God is both male and female and Divine Truth 1 has also made this same statement.  I think Truthful Spirit does excellent work on many things like transvestigations but I don’t agree that God is male and female.  *Update: Truthful Spirit who is now Blue Heron, had an experience with demonic beings around her and got on her knees and prayed to King Yeshua/Jesus.

This is a pic only showing the bulging male neck, the video clip is below

Below under 30 second clip of “Melinda” talking about a gift that Bill’s parents gave them of two birds but in reality its a pair of owls which everyone should know by now is a symbol of the Illuminati.

When I heard about these long Q-tip tests, I thought that it was a very crazy test and would damage something by the brain.

9 min. video clip below mirrored from an old Apostle Laura Lee video before she removed her site.  She actually had some reptilian thugs track her down to harass her. Laura Lee was a pioneer exposing the tranny satanic agenda.  This video below is about reverso couple Bill and Melinda Gates, two NWO propaganda agents for Satan’s agenda to mark everyone with a tattoo vaccine.

Video by Pockets of the Future: “Breaking Bill ‘master’ gates cuts Warren Buffet’s Eye Out on his B Day”

Video: “WARREN BUFFETT DEAD AND CLONED”  I know someone that met him and my friend is just a regular country guy not

really any discernment for conspiracy type things, and he said that he jokingly asked Warren Buffett if he could borrow $100 dollars and Warren responded jokingly back “you f*cker”.   My friend said that they both laughed but he said that he was weird and it makes sense now.

In the Bill Gates baking a cake video for Warren Buffett’s birthday, Bill uses Nabisco cookies so we can’t leave out this memorable shot of the CEO of Nabisco.

Video by PocketsoftheFuture: “Hilarious Fun Couple Bill & Mel Master Gates Laugh Off chipping People”  This video will have about a 15 second silence because YouTube removed a song.

20 second clip of Bill Gates in the Interview “Gates Foundation: Giving a Fortune Away” Bill says “we could we use our money building pyramids” – so owls and pyramids are important to this Gates family.

13 second video clip with no sound and this is so you can see Melinda Gates Adam’s apple pop out.

2 min audio clip by pocketsofthefuture on Melinda’s upside down cross.

8 1/2 min. video by Face Body Reading: “Body language: Melinda Gates”

7;20 min video by Slave New World: “Operation Warp Speed Contamination Vaccination Extermination”

*Slave New World site has been taken down again.

In this video below by Tamara Magdalene, she will have a clip from Seinfield showing Jerry on a date with a female with very large man hands, this is in reference or comparison to Melinda Gates’ very large hands.  Below is a picture of Jerry Seinfield with his spouse and her lovely lumpy neck.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Bill Gates is So Evil He Can’t Hide It”


Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Kanye’S Predictive Programming”  This video will have some pics of Bill Gates and President Drumpf aka Trump.


Video below by Rapture Puzzle.  Please watch her site if you have time.  “The Mark of the Beast is HERE – prepare now!”

A 17 min. audio clip picked up by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron mirrored from Ammon Bundy about the government setting up quarantine centers for children separated from their parents.


Dr. Fauci, a wealthy doctor leading the health of this country and he doesn’t  carry handkerchiefs to wipe his nose but he has time to make Masonic hidden hand signs under his jacket and shoot a Baphomet hand sign at a reporter on the podium and on camera.  but he doesn’t have time to carry a handkerchief.  Who would listen to this guy?

Dr Fauci actions say to us: Do as I say, not as I do.  A two minute video of watching those who think that they lord over the world’s lives.

Video: “Dr. Fauci’s strange behavior just after giving guidelines to stop the spread”

4 min. video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “Italian Leader in Parliament Shouts “You Are Liars!”

Hero Honorable Mention.  Video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “Italian Leader In Parliament Shouts “You Are Liars!”

7 min. audio clip by Honest News Network of an interview where Dr. Fauci says that masks don’t work.

30 min. video by Mainstream News Watcher: “Dr Fauci and The order of the jesuits”


1.30 min. video by Tamara Magdalene: “Dr Fauci Flashes Jim Acosta The Baphomet Horns”  This copy is without music because it was dragging the first time I copied it and Tamara’s site keeps getting shut down…I’ll add the copy with music later.

Video: “Doctor Fauci/Doctor Robert Beatles Parody” song.

This tweets is about how the Disaster Declaration hands over all power over to FEMA.  I’m guessing the Illuminati’s invisible enemy is God and King Yeshua/Jesus.

1.35 min audio clip of these two reptilians in the picture above, discussing and attempting to act like they care about the humans on the planet.  Drumpf/Trump is explaining, in such a superficial caring way, that he will get the assistance of the military to vaccinate Americans.

God’s Handmaiden receives messages from the Holy Spirit and the message was this:  “As long as Trump is in office then we still have some time.  The next person to fill that position will be the Antichrist.”  God’s Handmaiden is aware of Trump just like we all are.

Just more perversions here…


This is a 2 min clip from The Shills Have Lies: “Cuomo Bro Show: I shorted the bickering to show the part where the Governor is called the “Love Gov”.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Governor Cuomo is NOT Wearing His Mask tsk tsk”

This is two combined videos by Honest News Network about Trump’s Investment with the vaccine company.  1st video short clip is: “ALERT: DRUG CHLOROQUINE EXPOSED/SOME SIDE EFFECTS, HAIR LOSS, CONFUSION & MUCH WORSE” and 2nd portion of this video clip below is: “ALERT: TRUMP FAMILY INVESTED IN HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE/CHEMO/SIDE AFFECT SUPPRESSES IMMUNE SYSTEM”

This is a video clip by Tamara Magdalene called: “Not One is Good…the LORD Warned You”  I cut out the info on the porn industry stats and reptilian porn stars and rearranged it for the purpose of showing the Christians how Trump really talks and I accidentally cut out the part where Trump and Howard Stern talked about Lindsey Lohan being screwed up and those types are the best in bed.  Tamara added a recent Lindsey Lohan video clip of her trying to kidnap some children and it will be in this clip towards the end.

Christians, see Trump putting his index finger and thumb together and then holding up his other 3 fingers; he’s making the 666 hand sign.

Here is the short clip about Trump on Howard Stern talking about Lindsey Lohan.  Lindsey is a Disney Mind Controlled Victim who seems to be losing her grip of reality.

Video by Deconstructing Zion 2: “Proof Donald Trump Is Preparing For Every American To Be Force Vaccinated Twice”   This will have some cussing in it or I would label it “righteous anger”.

I’m sorry that you have to see this picture from this video by Rose Hannah: “They’ve been using IMAGE OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGY – since 4/4: Ciara, Fallon, Tom Brady, Naomi Watts”

This is a 45 min. video exposing the Illuminati’s CGI plan and towards the end of this video at the 33ish mark, Rose Hannah will show the CGI practice test at the White House Podium.  I have a copy of this and I’ll upload it soon.

This is a video by CBN – The Christian Broadcasting network promoting vaccines.  No wonder the Christians are bamboozled so easily.  This video is talking about a chip that they claim will only track the vaccine.  I repeat they will have a chip in the vaccine.

12 min. video below by Upward Look TV: “WARNING: This Will Happen If You Take Vaccines”  This video does not mention Gates or Fauci, this talks about injecting harmful chemicals into your body.

Video: “WARNING: This Will Happen If You Take Vaccines”  This video was set to private but thankfully I had a copy saved of it.

Video below 24 min. by GabbyRae Talker: “Coronavirus covid-19 prophecies and planned BIO ATTACK witness confesses TELL ALL!”

Illuminati Fruit Loops, do you actually think that the Lord will allow you to just walk the sheeple people up to get vaccines with ingredients in it they will alter their DNA forever?  The Lord would take the people out himself before he allows that.  The Lord knows that the sheeple people are continuously chemically altered.  They have been vaccinated from birth, fluoride in their toothpaste and water, aluminum in their deodorant, aspartame in their drinks, gum and food, chem-trailed and vaccinated at every turn, so they’re full of metals which effect their nervous system.  Plus aborted fetal cells from a female patient from a psychiatric ward.  I’m not sure if that is believable that you get the aborted fetal cells from the psychiatric ward but from some other nefarious (wicked) content.  You cannot be trusted because the ingredients you are putting in vaccines are like a mad scientist concoction.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “The Final Trumpets” Part 1 and 2

Tamara Magdalene video: “Tom Hanks and The CV Agenda”  This video will be shocking because we already have programmed in our minds that Tom Hanks is sweet and normal.  There is more info on Tom Hanks on the Obama Pergamon Altar post.

Video: “Mr. Rogers Exposed”  I forgot where I found this but I’ll update it when I find it.

These are split up into 10 to 13 min. clips.  Part I. “Dr. Tenpenny Explains In Simple Terms Some Of The Dangers of The Covid-19 “Vaccine” UPDATED with MD Transcript & Additional Links”  or you can use this link to watch the full video:

This is the best explanation by Dr. Tenpenny that I found researching about the COVID shot altering peoples DNA or RNA. I picked this video and it is what it is.  This is Dr. Tenpenny’s best explanation and because she was on Alex Jones show she had to stay on her toes because it is his show and he kept interjecting into when she was trying to explain the shot process. I’ll give Alex credit for this interview.  Basically the COVID vaccine will annihilate your immune system and you’ll be without the ability for your body to heal itself.

Part II. “Dr. Tenpenny Explains In Simple Terms Some Of The Dangers of The Covid-19 “Vaccine” UPDATED with MD Transcript & Additional Links”

Part III. “Dr. Tenpenny Explains In Simple Terms Some Of The Dangers of The Covid-19 “Vaccine” UPDATED with MD Transcript & Additional Links”

This is why I don’t trust Alex because he’s always doing the 666 hand sign aka Trump hand sign.  And this is on Mike Adams new YouTube style website.  How are we supposed to trust this?

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