Corona Means Crown

 In Illuminati Royal Bloodline

I’ll be moving the Corona Covid info off of the front page onto this new page.

Great catch by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron 7 min. video: “MUST SEE – Parliament Woman Sara Cunial Speaks the Unspeakable!”

Sara Cunial is exposing Bill Gates and his vaccine deaths in Africa and India and worldwide and says that Gates should be locked up.  These are all the things that most people agree with but some are still very pro vaccine and they will take the koolaid I mean the poison.

Hero Honorable Mention.  Video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “MUST SEE – Parliament Woman Sara Cunial Speaks the Unspeakable!”

Melinda, you have a bulging male neck

Below under 30 second clip of “Melinda” talking about a gift that Bill’s parents gave them of two birds but in reality its a pair of owls which everyone should know by now is a symbol of the Illuminati.

9 min. video clip below mirrored from an old Apostle Laura Lee video before she removed her site.  She actually had some reptilian thugs track her down to harass her. Laura Lee was a pioneer exposing the tranny satanic agenda.  This video below is about reverso couple Bill and Melinda Gates, two NWO propaganda agents for Satan’s agenda to mark everyone with a tattoo vaccine.

20 second clip of Bill Gates in the Interview “Gates Foundation: Giving a Fortune Away” Bill says “we could we use our money building pyramids” – so owls and pyramids are important to this Gates family.


13 second video clip with no sound and this is so you can see Melinda Gates Adam’s apple pop out.

2 min audio clip by pocketsofthefuture on Melinda’s upside down cross.

8 1/2 min. video by Face Body Reading: “Body language: Melinda Gates”

A 17 min. audio clip picked up by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron mirrored from Ammon Bundy about the government setting up quarantine centers for children separated from their parents.

Dr Fauci says: Do as I say, not as I do.  A two minute video of watching those who think they lord over the world’s lives.

4 min. video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “Italian Leader in Parliament Shouts “You Are Liars!”

Hero Honorable Mention.  Video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “Italian Leader In Parliament Shouts “You Are Liars!”

7 min. audio clip by Honest News Network of an interview where Dr. Fauci says that masks don’t work.

30 min. video by Mainstream News Watcher: “Dr Fauci and The order of the jesuits”

1.30 min. video by Tamara Magdalene: “Dr Fauci Flashes Jim Acosta The Baphomet Horns”

This tweets is about how the Disaster Declaration hands over all power over to FEMA.  I’m guessing the Illuminati’s invisible enemy is God and King Yeshua/Jesus.

1.35 min audio clip of these two reptilians discussing and attempting to act like they care about the humans on the planet and Drumpf/Trump is explaining, in such a superficial caring way, that he will get the assistance of the military to vaccinate Americans.

God’s Handmaiden receives messages from the Holy Spirit and the message was this:  “As long as Trump is in office then we still have some time.  The next person to fill that position will be the Antichrist.”  God’s Handmaiden is aware of Trump just like we all are.

Video picked up by Divine Truth1: “Americans while you were sleeping…”

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