Kanye West “On Tour For Satan” Illuminati Exposure Videos

 In Illuminati Royal Bloodline

Kanye/Con You, making the Vow of Silence to the Fruit Loops.  Look at Kim behind Kanye with those gigantic shoulders.

This is a short 3 min. clip.  This event cost about 1 million dollars.  The main thing out of all of this whatever this is supposed to be, is that they were serving red dragon cookies on a stick.


This is a picture of Kanye West with silver paint and there is a clip below of Kim Kardashian aka KK on the Ellen show talking about Kanye celebrating Christmas which is really Christ Mass.  See this picture right here and see that this is NOT Kanye.

This video clip is under 1 min.  KK is talking about Kanye and the way KK talks about ‘her’ husband it seems that there is no love there on ‘her’ part.  KK doesn’t seem like a wife to Kanye.  Kanye is a money making machine and soon his church tax exemption should already or soon be in place.  KK mentioned he was applying for it on another interview I believe it was the view.

YouTube site that I like: “See Through The Matrix Reloaded” video: Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift, Kanye False Messiah, Lizzo the transformer revealed, covers this occult coded silver ritual.

Video by Epic Sellouts: “White House 90210” Starring the Donald, Kanye and his significant other.

Video by Boldsojah4Christ: “Kim & Kanye West! Halloween Costumes! West worm! Maggots & Flies OFFERINGS!!”

This was originally caught by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron.  I cut it down to just this clip of Kim with a close up of the neck.

Very short clip of Kim’s neck.  I believe that Kylie had Botox injected into the tip of her nose because I saw another girl on a video get botox on her nose and it reshaped it.  In this clip you will see that Kylie’s nose is way smaller than it is now.  She looks better with the botox in the nose but long term that can’t be healthy.

Let’s look at Kylie’s really weird hands and also at this Christ Mass gift giving Kylie and her “mom” wore all black which looked super crazy.

I forgot to mention that the Illuminati bloodline runs through Kris Houghton formerly Kardashian now Jenner.

Grandchild of the Kings of Scotland all the way back to the Pharaoh Kings of Egypt.

2 min clip of Kardashian masonic duality clothes and house decorations.

 I can hear Kris thinking “Cha-Ching” $$$$$$!

Thank you Satanists for always publicly showing your allegiance to Satan.

We appreciate your displays of affection for him and this way we can avoid you.

Video: “EXCLUSIVE Kris Jenner Stuns in Bikini at 59, Denies She’s Had a Tummy Tuck”  Look at how high the belly button is.  Males are above the waist and females below.


Song: “She’s Got the Look”  Kris, you’ve got the look.

Video by Evan.  Just type Evan Transgenders and his site should pop up.  “Androgynes Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin”  Kate Gosselin is just like Kris Jenner, they both gave birth to a million kids and both retained their figures.  That’s amazing.

Back to Kanye…Video by Mag Bitter Truth “WHO PUT THIS KANYE WEST ON THE MASSES? by Mag Bitter Truth”

This video by Seeing Through The Matrix Reloaded will have cussing in it: “Kanye West CIA Dad/Fake Savior for 2020/And me spelling Chaos wrong…”

Video by Tamara Magdalene – she has done an excellent job exposing Kanye West.  I recommend those videos but her other videos may be too unorthodox for most people to handle.  Also, I don’t agree with her or anyone on the Serpent Seed theory, but I’m in agreement with Gary Wayne of Genesis 6, that the fallen angels mated with the human women.

People, if you’re coasting through life with no opposition from the devil, you need to get on your knees and repent to King Yeshua/Jesus and ask him to help you to get right.  I can always tell the lukewarm Christians from the on-fire-for-Jesus-Christians; because the on fire group has an urgency and is always watching for an attack from the devil.  The lukewarms are just la de da.  The devil can see if they’re is an opening in your life that has allowed one of his demons into your life.  We all can fall trap to this.  Idol worship of these celebrities like Kanye West, Joel Osteen or anyone in your life that takes precedence over King Yeshua/Jesus place would be an opening.  Repent and King Yeshua/Jesus will forgive you and ask him to help to keep you right where you need to be – near him aka the safe zone.

Her video:  “Kanye West/Yeezus Has Not Changed (Pt. 1) and (Pt. 2). 

This video will show 2 songs from Kanye and Lady Gaga, who is actually a man in drag, singing praises to Judas.  I have to split this up into 2 parts because my server won’t allow its size.

This 25 second clip below from when Kanye visited Joel Osteen’s church.  When Kanye says that “Jesus is the only superstar” he grabs his nose which has been pointed out by Tamara Magdalene that this is a sign to the Illuminati that he’s lying.  Okay, then immediately after he grabs his nose his face shape shifts.

I listened to Kanye’s spiel at Joel’s Sunday morning service and Kanye talked about: strip bars, sex trafficking, and drugs.  I’m sure that he forgot that there were kids in the audience.

Oh, and then I started thinking about Kanye and his new religious stuff or “church merch”  Kanye/Con You is selling the types of shirts that you see below.

In this 3 min. clip below you will see that Kris Houghton/Kardashian/Jenner is wearing Kanye’s Yeezus jacket.

Kanye West and Marilyn Manson concert together is because: Birds of a Feather Flock Together.  Brian/Marilyn Manson burned a holy bible at this concert.  I already did a post on Brian/Marilyn Manson showing that he is a grandson of a Pharaoh bloodline.  Brian/Marilyn Manson – Repent or you’re going to hell.

Christians – Don’t panic but remember the story of the Wheat and the Tares.  Don’t worry about the damage that the satanists are doing towards King Yeshua/Jesus, worry about the damage that they do to the blind sheeple people.

I love to watch videos about people that have experienced going to hell.  I’ve found a pattern of the ones that are already burning in hell when they see King Yeshua/Jesus walking with the person who is experiencing hell, the lost person says to King Yeshua/Jesus let us out.  We’re sorry we stole money from the church, we’re sorry for this and or that.  King Yeshua/Jesus tells them too late the judgment is set.  The person in hell says blank you Jesus cuss cuss cuss cuss.  King Yeshua/Jesus just keeps walking because he’s heard it zillions of times and he owns the keys to hell.

The devil fools the sinners while on the earth and blesses them while they are on the earth and promises them continuous riches in his kingdom but the DEVIL IS A LIAR and in the end the sinners only hurt themselves by not obeying and following Lord Yeshua/Jesus.

Also, Satanist you need to know another thing that people who have experienced hell said that they saw; people were getting sodomized by giant demons who have the mentality the size of a little green pea.  You’re under great delusion if you think that you will win anything with the devil.  “He loathes you” and the demons call the humans in hell “stupid humans” for believing their lies.

Super short video I believe this is from Dec 2018 and Kanye shoots the finger at the cameras.

Video:  “Is Yeezus King – Closed on Sundays and the Dragon Energy”  Yeezus and Yeezy sound like sleezy…Kanye, would you like it if everyone called you by another name than your own such as maybe Kenya?  Kanye, use your brain.  Kanye, don’t think I can’t see that you’re a papacy puppet.  I’m not talking about your pagan virgin Mary shirt either.  I’ve caught you on interviews throwing out little Easter egg clues to the Illuminati promoting the Jesuit agenda.  Because of the clues that you threw out I knew that you had esoteric knowledge and that only someone like myself who is awake would catch.  You’re only fooling yourself in the end.  Those powers that be are just using you to get the Christians and any others who will follow you.


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