Nephilim (Biblical Giants – Part Demon and Part Human) Info

 In Nephilim (Biblical Giants)

As you can see this is just a little info on the Nephilim giants which are related to the Illuminati bloodlines that control everything but our souls.

This 8 min. video will be about the fallen angels which are now demons who will be coming through the CERN portals.



This is a 40 min. audio clip (in 2 parts) by TheGospelStuff – Walter B. Shepherd, a man of God, who receives visions of those left behind and the Nephilim returning.

Part 1 of Rapture, Tribulation, Nephilim, Demonic, Armageddon Visions

Part 2 of Rapture, Tribulation, Nephilim, Demonic, Armageddon Visions


Everything by Gary Wayne on YouTube or his book and website are great.


This has a pic of one mermaid and also skeletons in this video.

This is a little over 1 min. of just music and pictures.

A two minute video explaining about Giants in the bible

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