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 In Fav Prayers and Prayer List

When my life is over and I stand before the Lord one of my many questions will be why did the Illuminati bloodlines transgender their children?  This has been going on for generations and they have their reasons but why in the world would they morally do it?

As a parent who in their right mind would willfully switch their innocent child’s gender?  They would have to be without a conscious and moral decency.  If I was married to an Illuminati and let’s say I was also an Illuminati and was told that we would receive money if we switched our child’s gender and my husband was willing to do that,  I would secretly pack my things and my child’s things and leave.  There’s no way I would agree to do that for money.  No way.

One more thing, I started doing these genealogical things because 1st – The Trump and Hillary supporters were fighting and I wanted to show the people that they are related and that all of the presidents are related.  It was the only way to show that they are fake or connected to each other and the royal families.  It was the only way to show they had a “Luciferian” agenda.  I do all of this to get your attention so I can get 1 min of Jesus/Yeshua time.

I had done a post a few years back which I need to put up again about the American Bible Society because one of the comments I get from people is that the bible is written by man and has been changed.  My conclusion on the ABS was that the board members were Illuminati bloodlines, they owned plantations in Jamaica, and even Benjamin Strong, Sr. was on the 1st board and by now you should recognize that name as connected to the Private Federal Reserve Bank.

I’m trying to show that these people are fake and that Jesus/Yeshua is real.  As a small child under about 6 yrs. old I used to talk to God.  My parents told me that he wasn’t real so I stopped talking to God and also believing that he was real.  It was the saddest time of my life when I stopped believing in God.  The voice never gave up on me and this is why I do this because I hope that you may open your hearts and give Jesus/Yeshua a chance to come into your life.


Please pray for these people that God heals their broken hearts and minds. We pray the blood of King Yeshua over this list.

Prayer List – Royals and Not So Royal

  1. Wendy Jean Russell Davis and Family – Royal – maternal line; De Berkeley Bloodline
  2. Britney Jean Spears and Family- Royal – maternal and paternal lines
  3. Cecile Richards – Royal – maternal line; President of Planned Parenthood
  4.  Gene Hackman – Royal paternal line
  5. Alex Jones – Royal  maternal and paternal line
  6. Billy Graham and Family – Royal; DeGrahame Bloodline
  7. Pastor Steven Anderson – Royal; connected to President Adams and the Merovingian Bloodline
  8. Pastor Kenneth Copeland – pray in general
  9. Frances Swaggart – She uses a Goat Head Table on show Frances and Friends Muslim video – see my Honorable Mention Pics to view – pray in general
  10. Loretta Lynn – Royal paternal and maternal lines
  11. Willie Nelson – Royal – paternal and maternal lines
  12. Bruce Springsteen – Royal
  13. Jon Bon Jovi related to Frank Sinatra – See my Charles Manson post for info on that.
  14. Charles Manson – Royal – paternal line; Percy/Pierce Bloodline connects to Barbara Bush, Hillary and many others.  Afton Burton Manson – Manson’s significant other
  15. Ann Coulter – Royal paternal line
  16. Sarah Palin – Royal paternal
  17. Michelle Obama – Royal – maternal line
  18. Edward Snowden – Royal – paternal line
  19. Taylor Swift – Royal – maternal line
  20. Justin Bieber – Royal – maternal line
  21. Stevie Nicks – Royal – paternal line
  22. Jennifer Aniston -Semi Royal – maternal line
  23. JK Rowlings – Royal – paternal line
  24. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick – Royals
  25. Brooke Shields – Royal – paternal and maternal lines
  26. Mia Farrow – Royal –
  27. Kris Jenner – Semi Royal
  28. Pamela Anderson – spouse to royal
  29. Tommy Lee – Royal  – paternal line
  30. Julian Assange – pray in general
  31.  Naomi and Ashley Judd – Royal maternal and paternal lines; also pray for Ashley’s father Michael Ciminella, maternal line
  32. Joe Maldonado – First Transgender (female to male) Boy Scout – never was a girl, all boy.  Joe may possibly have been castrated.
  33. Jackson Theron – Reptilian Charlize Theron dresses her adopted son from Africa as a female.  Jackson may possibly have been castrated.
  34. Jim Caviezel (played Jesus in the Passion) and his “wife” Kerri who has an Adam’s apple.
  35. Julie Andrews – Royal maternal line
  36. Megan Fox – Royal paternal line
  37. Corey Maison (sounds like Mason, masonic lodge) and the family.  Royal  maternal line
  38.  Ayo Kimathi or Irritated Genie
  39. Westboro Church and the Phelp family – Royal paternal.  Also, all of the protestors that are entangled in the hate rhetoric.
  40. The Churches of Satan, the pastors and members.
  41. Marilyn Manson/Brian H. Warner – Royal maternal and paternal line
  42. Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Dream and the Eisenhower family – Royal maternal and paternal line
  43. Jim Caviezel, wife Kerri and family.
  44.  Bradley Manning now Chelsea Manning.  I believe that Bradley was born a female, changed into a male and then changed back to a female.  His/Her jawline even as a male is in front on the ear which is a female trait.  My opinion.




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