(added to this post 0n: 07/02/2024, a clip of a Task Force at work; 06/06/2024, a clip of Chelsea Clinton and you can see his Adam’s apple, and some info on Orpah’s arrest; 05/19/2024, video by RussianVids – JFK and Trump, masonic deceivers; 04/11/2024, a wedding pic with Hillary’s Adam’s apple; 03/20/2024, TITER Test info clip; 03/18/2024, Dobie Tejas promotes Kabbalism so I’ve added a Kabbalah biblical explanation at the bottom; 02/21/2024, El Salvado public showing of the arrest of gangs; 02/01/2024, The Dobie Tejas Group’s Kabbalah connection; 01/18/2024, added another clip of Hillary/HRC proudly proclaiming the attempt to break through the firmament; 12/16/2023, Mind Control to Major Tom song; 12/12/2023, clip of Stephen Colbert nervously forgetting how many children “he” has; and some clips of Chuck Schumer, Stephen’s (Stephanie) buddy)

What I noticed about the Dobie_ Tejas’s Bitchute site, is that its a QAnon and huge Trump, real name is Drumpf, support machine.  Since it’s content shows military arrests of the worlds drudgeries, it’s a nice way of saying pains in the blank, I will be trying to show why I think that it’s all fake.

My Trump follower friends base almost all of their opinions of Trump on this disinfo and they quit talking to me because I absolutely disagree with it.  I will say that I find it very entertaining but since they’re are so many D.U.M.B., Deep Underground Military Bases all over, I’m not buying that these “traitors” “pedos” ect., have been arrested (kidnapped) and then sent to GITMO.   Many of the ones that have been arrested and killed, are switched genders and the Dobie Tejas group doesn’t inform the public of this in their exposure videos.

D.U.M.B.(s) military tunnels

Remember that Aliens are Demons.  Simple as that. *I’m going to correct this statement.  Aliens are not demons but malevolent hybrids from the Nephilim.  I’ll explain this in detail soon.

Short but frightening clip of Michael Dell and “wife”.

Sofia Vergara’s big head and face are in the video above, so here’s a picture of Sofia with a straight male back.

In the above clip with Robin Roberts interviewing Michael Dell and “wife”, let’s take a look again at Robin Roberts.  This is originally from: Apocalypse_Watchman by MrE.

Here’s straight from the horse’s mouth their killing procedures:

These clips are two part but will be continued.  I wish it was true that a pedophile would get justice, but sadly, I’m not buying it.  Let’s look at their claims of an arrest and then below I’ll show you how Stephen Colbert is a female to male. It’s not hard to tell, her/his jawline is in front of the ear and she/he appears to be wearing a wig.

1st video: JAG Arrests Stephen Colbert (this video was dragging on me in the beginning and also I cut out the Q and Trump promotion info)

Song: Me and the Devil by Robert Johnson (Crossroads Story)  There’s a story about blues singer Robert Johnson that he sold his soul to the devil and then became a talented guitar player.  This song is about the devil coming to collect Robert’s soul. It’s sad because I think Robert Johnson thought he was going into a promise land with the devil, a liar from the beginning.

2nd video: Interrogation of Stephen Colbert.  I left the Q and Trump promotion stuff on this video so you can see how silly it really is.

3rd video will soon be added here.  I would have to see real proof of anything from the Dobie Tejas group to believe it.  I’m going to show you here that Stephen Colbert is a FTM and your group never mentioned that, not even during the “very invasive cavity search.”

Song: Hanging Tree

I forgot to mention that “Dobie_ Tejas group also exposes the capturing of clones.  So you see up above the claim that Stephen (Stephanie) was arrested yet here’s Stephen on her/his show.  Dobie_ Tejas group will claim that this is a “deep state” clone.  lol.

Here’s an example of the failed attempt to capture the Obama clone.  I sped up some parts that were just taking up time and the sound cuts off so it’s not your device.

Next clip will be a pretty tough video to watch.  First clip you can see Hillary Clinton and mentally ill Stephen Colbert discussing eating food similar to a baby’s head and face.  My opinion is that Hillary and Stephen both are wearing wigs since they are both reversed genders.  2nd part of this clip will be Senator Schumer and Stephen Colbert who is a female to male dancing.  3rd clip will be of a video which appears to be Stephen Colbert mentally torturing a small boy.  The internet went crazy worried reporting this clip of this missing autistic boy, so please know that online it states that it’s been reported.  4th clip is deranged Stephen Colbert pretending to sacrifice a baby at her/his show.  Oh I almost forgot to remind everyone that Hillary and Trump are cousins since Dobie_ Tejas group promotes Trump/Drumpf so much.  See the Joe Biden post for more info. and also see the Stairway Failure post to see Hillary going down the stairs with the knees straight or together, a male attribute.

In this anti “vaccine” video, you can see that Chelsea Clinton has an Adam’s apple and is a man with makeup.  Reminder that the COVID shot is not a vaccine because it’s never been approved.  Nowhere in Dobie Tejas’ video about Chelsea Clinton, did they inform the public that Chelsea Clinton is a man.  In this video clip, Chelsea looks to me like he’s wearing a wig.

Here’s a few clips of Schumer since Stephen (Stephanie) and Chuck are close.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Chuck Schumer Talks to the Invisible Man”  There was a political ad with Schumer pulling for Biden and I think he was asking for people to send in $10.00 to the campaign and I saw reptilian slits in his eyes but I didn’t make a copy of the ad because I didn’t think anyone would believe it.  In this video you can see Schumer shapeshifting.  I really can’t stand Schumer because I remember his attitude at the Waco hearings.  He just screams to me: “I’m a Reptilian!”

Video by the Shills have Lies: Iris Weinshall “Wife” of Chuck Schumer Transvestigation   Get your barf bag.

Clip of Stephen Colbert running down stairs with the knees wide apart, a female trait.  Also, a shower scene, waist up, and you can see the female collar bones.  My opinion is that Stephen Colbert is a reptilian.  Stephen/Stephanie’s hair looks like a wig, the ears are too low, fat woman under the chin neck, and the jawline is in front of the ear, a female trait.

Video: “Cabiria Video of Child sacrifice”

The song by U2 – Troubles, makes me think of the video:  “Cabiria Video of Child sacrifice”  This is a 1 min video to show you that we live in a completely mad and demonic society.  Please repent of your sins and come to King Yeshua/Jesus now.

Cabiria Movie Info: “Young Sicilian girl Cabiria (Lidia Quaranta) and her nurse, Croessa (Gina Marangoni), survive a devastating volcanic eruption, only to be taken by Phoenicians to Carthage. As the second of the Punic Wars rages between Carthage and Rome, the pair is sold into slavery, and Cabiria is intended as an offering to the god Moloch and the child-eating statue Kronos. Croessa convinces Roman Fulvius Axilla (Umberto Mozzato) to rescue Cabiria, yet afterward the girl remains in slavery for another decade.

Song: “U2 – The Troubles” Bono in the pic above is the singer for this song.   Pic above on the left, Adam’s apple.

Trump and Epstein


To the Dobie Tejas group, this scene from Murder on the Orient Express, it makes me think of all of you.

Game of Thrones: Rains of Castamere

Dobie Tejas, all of these actions in your videos are like the actions of the mafia or North Korea.  I hope that the Catholic Tools of Torture don’t come to your memory.

Your group gets the people all worked up for justice and they cheer for death.  Just FYI Dobie Tejas group, there will be another hearing before King Yeshua.  It’s not over until HE, the King of Kings, says it’s over.

Dobie Tejas Group, here’s one more for you.  Maybe get your team on this one too, chop, chop.  “The U.S. Army just did the UNTHINKABLE and we should be very worried _ Redacted News” Let me just tell you that they’re paying for the new recruits transgender surgery.

Let’s take another look at Stephen Colbert, a hot mess express, forgetting how many children she/he has.

Song: “Mind Control to Major Tom” plus I found a clip and placed it at the end of this song of Hillary/HRC talking about shatter that glass ceiling, aka God’s firmament.

When I first discovered that Hillary/HRC and Trump, real name Drumpf, are cousins, that was it for me of liking Drumpf.

More of Hillary/HRC proclaiming a war on God to bust through the firmament

“Illuminati song”

Let me add the Dobie Tejas Group’s Kabbalah connection info here

This is the best, simplest and biblical explanation on the Kabbalah.  My summary of it is that the Kabbalists are really just “in the closet” Muslims.

Kabbalah is Saturn Worship

Dobie Tejas/Q Group – Here’s your hero.  Because they’re the same religion just different hats.

All of the politicians are bowing down to this Roman wall and they’re ALL failures.      Video: “The Western Wall in Israel is a Roman Fort”

Dobie Tejas Group, show us some proof of the arrest of the worlds drudgeries that you have or had in your possession, not just your slick videos.

I watched a video that in El Salvador, if the prisoners cause any trouble at all, no one eats.  They didn’t say for how many days.  If anyone outside of the prison tries to help or cause a disturbance outside of the prison defending these gang members, again, no one eats inside of the prison.

One proof of a good thing caught from the Dobie Tejas videos, information on the TITER TEST.  This would be a good test to see if the COVID shot that you took was the real thing or a blank dummy shot.


A short clip which includes the mention of the TITER TEST.

This is a clip of comments from the JAG Convicts WHO Goon video.

This new age clip is being promoted on the Dobie Tejas site.  It’s about 1 min. because it’s all I could stand of this decepticon.  I only put it here to show you that Dobie Tejas is not a Christian group.

JFK and Trump, Masonic Deceivers part 1 – by RussianVids

JFK and Trump, Masonic Deceivers part 2 – by RussianVids

Look at Jackie Kennedy’s straight male collar bones

Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were men

These pictures are from the Oprah arrest.  The Dobie Tejas Group shot in error the chauffeur and killed him.

Here’s fake Oprah going down the stairs with the knees together.  Males walk down the stairs straight and females walk down the stairs with the knees apart.  Again, Dobie Tejas Group fails to inform their followers that Oprah is a male pretending to be a female.

I stumbled across a video of a college kid just walking down the street and some strange cop type thug men grabbed him and beat him up and charged him with whatever they could think of to stick on him.

I thinking gosh how strange but during the video conversation below, the defending attorney for King mentioned that King is a computer style guy who labels himself a “White Hat Hacker” and I thought hmm?  The Dobie Tejas group prides themselves on being the “White Hats” and they call their opposing team the “Black Hats.”  There’s also a renegade group who is even more impatient and violent who align themselves with the White Hats and they label themselves the “Red Hats.”   I thought wow this makes perfect sense.  Aaron Michael Davison (now in custody) stole something valuable from his employer and James King is a computer hacker.  My personal opinion is that these 2 guys are connected and also this is a surprising video clip of the White Hats tactics.

“Task Force” at work

This ending scene from Primal Fear reminds me of this White Hat Hacker college kid

I have more to comment on Dobie_ Tejas soon.  I’m not really sure which Nephilim clan that Trump, real name Drumpf, is from.  This behavior is just proof that these Illuminati bloodline families are always fighting amongst themselves because they all want to be the leader in the New World Order.

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