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Favorite Heaven and Hell Videos


This video is 1 hour long. This preacher is very calm and thorough explaining the different beliefs and I’m in agreement with him for the pre trib rapture

The first vid was taken down. This is a back up version and its about 10 min. long. Pastor Hitchcock explains: “The Judgment Seat is not to determine where you’re going to spend eternity but how you’re going to spend eternity. Our salvation is based on Christ work for us, rewards are based on our works for Christ.” Praying for others is one of the simplest things that you can do for God because he loves people and will be pleased that you love them too.

Yeshua/Jesus asked her to tell the people that the time is now.


14:44 min video. A former Athiest sees Jesus/Yeshua in his room and this is his amazing testimony. This is the most down to earth testimony and I hope that it shows everyone that Yeshua/Jesus reaches out to people of all walks of life.

6 min. video with just music and words across the screen explaining rapture. Some people don’t believe in the rapture. I have to agree w/Boldsoja4Christ when he said “for those of you that don’t believe in the rapture, be my guest.” Meaning have at it. The bible says that there will be Tribulation (left behind) saints. Me I’m ready to go in the 1st go around with my King Yeshua. I don’t want you to have a spirit of worry around you. If you feel doubt and stress about the rapture just know that’s the Devil and rebuke it in the name of Jesus/Yeshua. It is by Jesus/Yeshua’s grace that you are saved and not by anything that you can do to get into heaven. Only believe.

Powerful testimony by this Jewish girl. She too had supernatural evil spirit experiences in her home which drove her to Jesus for safety.

13:43 min. video of a innocent man who drove by a gang initiation ritual and was shot, saw heaven and returned.

The cover picture used here for this video below doesn’t match the content in this video. The mother narrates the story of her son’s experience when he drowned and saw Jesus and was shown heaven. Later he was shown WW3 and the aliens which are demons attacking the earth. Most of this video is about his experience in heaven.


I like this autism video story but I never agree w/any YouTube Christian or any Christian site asking for money. God gives people gifts and he wants them to share it not charge people for it. The ones that need it the most can’t afford it. It’s just wrong.

Sarah in her heaven experience saw a room full of babies being taken care of by angels.


This is a great video about how the cop learned how to forgive.

This is an instructional video below. I wanted to put it in my prayer section but it’s so amazing on how to help your friends or family with how to pray for them and for some reason I felt like it should just go in this section.


This rapture parody on Christians is very harmless compared to some other videos that I’ve seen on YouTube. I myself get teased with: You’re still here? Do you have your bags packed? I hope that Jesus doesn’t come during my golf game or I’ve thought about that blood of Jesus but I’d just rather have a beer. I’ve also heard I can’t wait till those stupid Christians are gone or I’ll promote the chip. I don’t get angry because I know that they don’t see so I just pray for them. This guy once told my friend when we were out on the street passing out bible tracts about the Mark of the Beast, he said I don’t believe in hell and she responded you will when you’re burning in it.

This guy is amazing.  When he was not saved he used to go into bars to pick fights for fun and then realized he was empty inside.  This preacher female sitting next to him looks suspect to be a male to female.  The bulging male brow bone.














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