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I’ve had a lot of trouble from the devil in putting this blog post together on Thanksgiving; almost as much as when I put the Corey Maison post together.

I don’t agree with any of the actions of the Illuminati pharaoh bloodline settlers and since I’m not trying to write a book here this will be just a short breakdown about the beginning of America or Amel Ric. I should have titled my blog name: “Exposing the Thanksgiving Illuminati Royals” because the founding of America is just an endless genealogy of them coming from all directions or corners of the globe.

I just want to throw this out there that the “strangers,” a title given by the real Puritans that sailed over here, were all related in one form or the other to royalty; and the conflicts were all about greed and the battle for control of the resources. They behaved like a bunch of inbred or imbred family members similar to those that appear on a Jerry Springer Thanksgiving show.


There’s is a mystery surrounding the disappearing colony at Roanoke, NC. Here’s a 3 minute video of the myth version of the “Lost” Colony and then there will be a 41 min. audio clip of the “Not so Lost Colony” version which is really more in line with the way that the English behave in our present day. This story that the colony disappeared and that no one knew what the word Croatoan carved on the tree meant is for some reason being covered up.


41 min. audio clip: Scott Dawson explains the “Lost” Colony myth vs truth






So the Illuminati nephilim pharaoh bloodlines showed up to America/Amel Ric and said to the Indians “Hey we have this paper from the king and this land is ours and has always been ours.” The Indians said “This is not your land – he’s not our king.”

The first so called landing the Illuminati royal pharaoh bloodlines got wiped out. They picked up speed and regained momentum at the Berkeley Plantation though.


This has some violent scenes – 4 min. video

Free pdf of American Holocaust:  



Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There?


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