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Video: “REPTILIAN BABY !!! MUST SEE !!! Hallmark Baby Boutique”

Video clip by MRicci: Kardashian Snake Fingers

I copied this video but I slowed it down and only copied the part where Marilyn’s hands were shape shifting.  Watch when Marilyn puts her/his hands on her/his face and you will see the hands turn into something.  Please note that Marilyn was really a male and the 21st great grandchild of King Edward I.

Here’s the original video footage. This hand shape shifting starts at about 0.23

Video:  “Marilyn Monroe RARE Press conference Footage – Outside Her apartment June 21, 1956”

Reptilian Eye Shots.  Video:  “Joel and Victoria Osteen Talk About Their Relationship”

I don’t say this lightly, but Selena, in this video, has clone (the whites are pure white) and reptilian slit eyes. Also, reptilian (fang) teeth. Click on the screen settings button to slow the speed down to 0.25

Video: “Selena Interview Lubbock, Texas 1994 (Restored)”

If you skip the shape shifting part and look at the unnatural length of the forearms. It’s funny to see all of the men are drooling over this person.

Please look at the length of Melania’s arms and also the size of the hands. Please note that males have the long forearms and females short.  This is just a picture because the video has been removed.  But in the video Melania was acting like an android.

7 min. video. Once you see the first few minutes the rest of the video is about the same.


Video by MRicci: “Reptilian Holograms Reveal Venezuela’s Maduro A Monster”  I have a copy of this and I’ll upload it soon.

Short Video: “Maduro Brands President Donald Trump A ‘Coward’ After His Wife Is Hit By Sanctions / NBC News”

Short video:  “How the Drone Attack on Maduro Unfolded in Venezuela / NYT – Visual Investigations”

Middle Eastern Reptilians 7 min video by MRicci: “Total Demon Reptilian Transformations! Must See!”

I ran across this and thought that she’s very pretty but what is it about her?

Video:  “Cissie Graham Lynch Spring Luncheon at The Cove”

Video: “Reptilian Eye Benjamin Netanyahu!”

Truthful Spirit Blue Heron made a video with a few pics of these world leaders in these blue outfits.

2:19 minute video  “Man Detained (by Reptilian police) For Filming Martial Law Drill on City Property Charlotte”

4:31 minute video  “~D C Police Chief Cathy Lanier ~ Reptilian Shapeshifter~”

Video:  “reptilian brain??? say whaaaaaa?????”


Lights falling on Hillary and Bill during their interview about Jennifer Flowers.

Video by Seho Song which is now Sackcloth & Ashes News Report: “Reptilian Princess:  The Video Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To SEE!”

February 2022 – Shiny silver mirror ball in the sky, with no scratches or dents, follows me.

On a clear, blue morning, I stopped by my neighbors house to drop off at her gate some grapefruit and orange peels for her worms, she has all kinds of animals at her property, when I looked up and I saw a silver ball, about the size of a bowling ball, in the air about 30 feet above moving towards where I was standing at. It stopped and it was just floating quietly in the air like it was staring at me and I could see the sun’s reflection shining off of it. It slowly started to float away from me and as it got about 10 feet away, it just vanished.

I don’t want to seem like I’m an attention seeker and I’m only mentioning this because I thought it was weird how it was able to poof disappear. I never knew alien ship things could be in the shape of a silver ball, and I never knew they could just vanish.

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  • Anonymous

    The shiny silver ball reminds me of the same things that follow the main character in the movie “They Live”. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend that you do. The movie was based on a short story about people pretending to be humans but who are secretly reptilian/snakes underneath. In the movie they are portrayed as aliens/skulls, but in the short story they are reptilians/snakes.
    Response: I haven’t watched all of it only clips inserted into truther vids. I think the hidden reptilians are easy to spot by their funky thumb shapes.
    I usually only look up at night because we have a zillion drones flying around Austin and the outside areas, an absolute nightmare. I have seen green flying things driving on the highway. Now I find myself looking up during the day after that mirror ball incident.

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