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Video: “BushFuneral ThreePointsofView w/Seething Frog BodyLanguage Ghost”

Part 1 and 2

Video: “Part III (Q) H.R.C. & Pence Exchange “Note”; Hussein-Obama receive”

Video title is now: “Part III (15+2)-H/R/C. & 45-VP “Note”; received (gift symbol) as Well(!)”  Remember, these “people” are all related to Kings of England/the Nephilim bloodlines/Pharaohs.


Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Chuck Schumer Talks to the Invisible Man”  There was a political ad with Schumer pulling for Biden and I think he was asking for people to send in $10.00 to the campaign and I saw reptilian slits in his eyes but I didn’t make a copy of the ad because I didn’t think anyone would believe it.  In this video you can see Schumer shapeshifting.  I really can’t stand Schumer because I remember his attitude at the Waco hearings.  He just screams to me: “I’m a Reptilian!”

Video by the Shills have Lies: Iris Weinshall “Wife” of Chuck Schumer Transvestigation   Get your barf bag.

Below, the 40 second video below is from 2017 when President Trump’s Press Secretary replaced/references President Obama instead of her boss, Trump.  The point is, in my opinion, is that they are all working together.  They’re all related so this is just a huge mind game on the masses.   This clip was originally caught by BoldSoJah4Christ and then used again by The Rapture Puzzle.  Look this newscaster has the curved funky thumbs. I just want to say that I don’t agree with Boldsoja4Christ’s religious beliefs in celebrating the holiday Christ Mass.


These Game of Thrones clips are violent just fyi.  Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Game of Thrones Soleimani (part 1) This is an older video of hers but I picked it to show you how the Illuminati families are just fighting among each other and you really should pull yourself out of their destructive drama and cling to King Yeshua/Jesus as the only one that can save us.

part 2 from Tamara Magdalene’s video: Game of Thrones Soleimani


Song by Sly and the Family Stone: Family Affair.  These in the pic below are all related.  It’s why I may come across as so grumpy it’s because I’ve seen most of their charts and know that this is just a big game.

I believe that it was in the Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, that Cheney is higher than GW Bush on the bloodline tree, but the powers that be knew that Cheney’s personality type would never fly with the public so they opted for GW Bush who in his own right is very, very high on the Illuminati tree.

Celine Dion is a man in drag.  This ad is about Celine’s new (satanic) clothing line for babies.  Video: “Celinununu celine dion ad”

Video by GabbyRae Talker: “Migrant Caravan – Investigation – MYSTERY SOLVED to who is behind it, funds, support and organizes”

It’s an hour long and if you want you can just skip to the last 10 min. to get the answer to who is behind the Migrant Caravan.  I can say that Amazon and Facebook and of course the Catholic church are mentioned in this video.

Pic below is from Epic Sellouts.

This video also has in the beginning the President of Venezuela denying that he has anything to do with it and called Mike Pence a name something like psycho.  GabbyRae did a great job putting all of this research together.  I’m not criticizing her but she commented in the video that she has reasons that she doesn’t believe that the Jews are involved with the Migrant Caravan invasions.

GabbyRae did excellent research on this and I just want to add that I’m not criticizing her and I agree with everything in the video below except for the part where she said that she doesn’t believe that the Jewish people would be involved with the Migrant (Invasion) Caravan.  Please see:  https://watch-unto-prayer.org/mystery-babylon.html

Also, connected to the Migrant Caravan Invasion, Kerry Ann Gidden said that the Holy Spirit told her that a certain group of the migrants are from the (Jacob’s) Tribe of Manasseh.   There are many tribes that the Holy Spirit has been going over with Kerry Ann Gidden.  I have mixed feeling on these caravans but we are in the last days so nothing surprises me.


Video below by SEKHMET: “PROJECT 13”   This 13 min. video hits on the points of allowing the caravans of asylum seekers to enter into America and then capture some of them and put them in prison and use as slave labor.  This video will mention President Obama and also President Trump.  I like SEKHMET’s videos on Egyptian, Chinese and Indian history but I don’t agree with everything that she says.  1st thing that I don’t agree with is that she doesn’t believe in the rapture;  she’s called the Catholics, Christians when she knows that the Catholics are the old Babylonian religion and they also wear the same costumes/outfits as did the Pharaoh kings.  She calls white folks “Cave Beasts” and takes little shots at Hebrews.  I don’t agree with her about the Moors being sold to the Europeans because I believe that it was the black Hebrews that were sold. Countries that were participators in the selling of Hebrews, the Holy Spirit has spoken that they will be dealt with.  I’ll try to do an audio clip of what he said that he will do.

This video below is a very informative view on how the refugees will be set up.  My take on this video is that I can see that we owe the private Federal Reserve bank and China a debt that we cannot pay so the lunatics are using every option to 1) pay back the debt; and 2) enslave and ruin the population.

I don’t agree with SEKHMET’S absolute version or opinion that all the cops have an agenda, though some do, to set up civilians.  I also don’t agree with her that we can fix this problem.  Again, I repeat, Judgment is set by God Almighty and King Yeshua/Jesus is coming to get his people that have repented of their sins.  The lukewarm or the ones that belong to Satan will be left behind to go through the worst tribulations the world has ever seen and that also the Antichrist will demand to be worshiped and you will have to take a mark in the right hand or the forehead.  If you take this Mark of the Beast that will be your last freewill decision and you will be damned for an eternity.  Don’t take it.  Pray to King Yeshua/Jesus for strength and guidance.

Video by SEKMETS: “PROJECT 13”  Also, I’m adding that I finally found someone who could give me the answer that SEKMETS mentions in this video; she said that the prisoners work for free, not so.  I found out that each day worked, a day off of their sentence.  I’ve got to watch her because I’ve caught her several times bending/stretching things.

38 min. video by Stranger than Fiction: ” Breaking: Texas Cities Flooded by New Surge of Immigrants” Within the first few minutes of this video it will show immigrants being released to a church, which I’m assuming to be a Catholic church, and the immigrants are given a bus ticket to the city of their choice.  Who is allowing this?   This video was removed.

Video: “Catholic Church Is Now Issuing Undocumented Immigrants ID Cards (HBO)”

Video by Epic Sellouts: “U.S. Calls for Immediate Release of Terrible Actor”

Video:  “Trump in Asia” – A Bad Lip Reading

Back in 2013, An Austin, TX satire newspaper – The Onion, released an article calling Kim Jong Un the “Sexiest Man Alive” and when the word spread to him about this newly given title, I believe they threw a parade for him and really made a celebration out of it.  I’m so sorry that happened to him.  Anyway, one of the cities his added to his hit list is now Austin, TX.  – Great!

Video:  “Chinese State Media Fooled By Onion’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Kim Jung-Un”

“2013, INQUISITR by: James Johnson

Kim Jong-Un is including Austin, Texas on his list of places he is threatening to bomb.

Analysis of North Korea’s military capability put doubt on their leader’s bluster. They don’t have Intercontinental Ballistic Missile technology yet.

If North Korea can marshall a missile attack, it would most likely be against a neighbor like South Korea or Japan.

That risk is something the U.S. government is taking seriously. US B2 bombers flew from bases in Missouri to simulate a bombing attack on North Korea.

In addition to Austin, the list of U.S. cities targeted on a map in photos released by the government of North Korea include San Diego, Washington D.C., and the state of Hawaii. The photo labeled “U.S. Mainland Strike Plan” was published in the Korea Worker’s Party paper the Rodong, and it shows arrows pointing to each of these places.

Why Austin? Is there anyone who knows anything about Austin who doesn’t love the place? It has some of the best BBQ in America, and Apple has a factory there. The Kim family loves Macs…”

The Onion is really pretty funny all in all.

Video by Epic Sellouts: “Living in America: The Circus Sideshow”

Video from Honest News Network: “Breaking: Russian Church Choir Sings Boldly About Nuclear Attack on America”

Video: “Trump and the Arlington Cemetery 23-Observation”


This is a 1 min. video of President Trump honoring his cousin Hillary Clinton aka HRC.  It’s a very endearing and kind moment and even though all of these bloodlines occasionally fight, they manage to bond together, because they truly love each other and after all, blood is thicker than water.

Video: “Trump honors Clintons during luncheon remarks”

I was listening to videos about the govt shutdown and the wall and what caught my attention is that the U.N. wants to give the ones that are crossing over onto American soil, rights which will override ours  You can only imagine the rest.

Video by MrE: “Pelosi’s Son”

A 1958 TV show about a man named Trump who rolls into town and claims he can build a wall.

Video: “Trump Trackdown”


Video: “(Obey Holy Spirit) Demonic Voodoo Doughnut”  I want to add a comment about her experience of going to Voodoo Doughnuts and her opinion @ 4:43 of this video and she says that we are not to face demons.  I agree with her that we can’t walk into maybe a pagan shrine such as Voodoo Doughnuts and expect to be able to overtake them alone.

At 4:43 she was explaining that her dad was trying to get rid of demons in their house one time and she is saying they shouldn’t have done this.  Well, this contradicts what the bible says about those that believe in King Yeshua/Jesus that we have been given authority over demons in the name of King Yeshua/Jesus.  The bible says not to marvel that demons obey us, but to marvel that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  I have more info on what to do if you feel you have a demon in your home on my Fav Prayers page.  Let me say that demons will in no way obey you if you are a lukewarm Christian.  You must be totally sold out to King Yeshua/Jesus and then they will fear you and run or leave you or your home.

4 min. video of people praying and begging for President Obama to return to his post.

Video:  “Be Careful of What U Ask 4! Because U Just Might Get It!!”

Look at the neck in this pic below.  “Legends of the Lost Host Megan Fox Shares Dream of Being Part of an Archaeological Team”

Video: “Russianvids Barack Obama Visits Stonehenge The Two Fakes Meet for the First Time”

This video is about 12 min.  Video:  “Chemtrails Sprayed Over Washington D C & The White House”

This 2 min. audio clip is from the movie Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo.  He asks people on the street if they are aware that we are not required to pay income tax on our employment.  Of course no one would challenge this but I wanted to put this out there to make people aware.
My friends are Trump, Alex Jones and Joel Osteen supporters.  It recently came up about the tax deal that Trump has done for us and I was told at least he (Trump) puts his money where his mouth is.  My response was that we’re not supposed to pay taxes on our employment.  So the money that we got back I see it like this:  They take 100 percent, return to me 5 percent and I’m supposed to be happy?  We will not be free of this taxation until we are in heaven.  If they didn’t illegally tax us then we could pay cash for our cars or we would be able to do more charity work.  They overtax us to keep our hands tied or so it seems.

Video: “Julia Louis-Dreyfus & VP Joe Biden / White House Correspondent’s Dinner (2014) / Veep”


Video: “Sessions Swats Biden’s Hand Away”



I decided to just put an audio clip of this 10 min. video since it’s just a mother and daughter talking about her mom’s vision.

The Lord took the mom in this video to Washington D.C. And showed her Obama’s office. The Lord showed her Hillary and Obama planning wars and that they gave Russia permission to stockpile anything that they wanted and that they gave money to Iran.

Satan and his hoard of demons and they’re going to ride across America and take possession of it after the election (Trump’s).

The Lord told the mom that Satan hand picked Trump and Hillary. The Lord showed her that Trump was very evil and tries to hide it.

The Lord said the evil coming is going to overtake us and that he has to come and get his people.


1 min. video. The Perfect Storm – Setting the Stage.  Video by Boldsoja4Christ: “Important! Op-Ed Calls 4 Obama to Save the Nation from Trump!”

about a 3 min. video by Boldsoja4Christ: “Congress Just Filed a Bill to Allow Ex-Presidents to Remove Trump From Office”

Trump video 1 min. 7 seconds

Trump/Drump is the 1%. I’m not believing that he started off with a million dollars and now he has all of this. It looks to me like Illuminati money is funneled through him to give him the appearance of being an amazing businessman.

Video: “10 Luxurious Donald Trump Properties Better Than the White House”

Video: “Face2Face: Real time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos”

I can’t stand Bill Maher but I like this interview and this is why I posted it.  Video:  “Trump’s Tools of Persuasion according to Dilbert creator Scott Adams”  Watch and see they’re Masonic handshake.

I’m not for Hillary but I am for truth and this is why I picked this video.

Video by MrCati:  “MKULTRA – Pyschotronic Weapons and the Hillary Clinton Seizure Observation”

Joanie Stahl is in this Gov’t Exposure vid. She was told Trump would be the president before he was the nominee.

11 min. audio of Joanie’s story from the video Top Gov’t Agent Reveals ‘SOON’ Coming Calamity For America – It is Time to Get Ready Church!


3 min., video. I’ve heard that with the use of a Hurricane plane and 100 lbs. of silver nitrate the powers that be can eliminate the storm in 1 hr.  Video: “Project StormFury – MSM Admits Climate Engineering”


Not Illuminati info just an amazing product. Video: “Rubber dams help protect homes from flooding”  For some reason this video was moved to the bottom of the page.  A couple of videos have done that and I’m not sure why or how.  This one and one in the Laura Eisenhower post.


Queen Elizabeth at a Druid Ritual. Proof the royal bloodlines are into occult practices.  Video: “Princess A Welsh Bard (1946)

The Illuminati’s Facade going down in the “Last of the Mohicans – Ending Fight Scene”

Video: “Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel”

Holy Spirit told this pastor to go to Jekyll Island which is where the private federal reserve bank was created. Pastor was told that the federal reserve was created over an Indian blood sacrifice altar.

Video: “Jekyll Island’s Canaanite Altars and Giant Skeletons”

Males have long necks and females short. Males have the square shoulders and females rounded.

Video: “Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia Visit Orb Ritual Melania Ivanka Are Men!”


I really like his videos exposing the Masons but I don’t agree with everything that he teaches on Christianity not to be confused with Catholicism. When I get some time I’m going to go over a few things about this guy because he really attacks Yeshua/Jesus even worse than Ayo Kimathi.

Video by Merkabah Guy: “Islam Created pt5_Finale: Albert Pike, Freemasons,”

Video by C. Ervana: “Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West” ”

Video: “3 hours in 40 seconds // Jerusalem Street Party // 2.8.13

Video: “How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?”

Israel Gay Oasis.  Short audio clip

Audio clip from:  1666 Redemption Through Sin


Atlantean Gardens – I don’t agree with all of his videos; I just like this videos explanation of the Khazarian Jews

18 min. video about all the grubby, dirty fingers that are involved in the records of our DNA.

Video: “Privacy Is an Illusion:  Watch Before Taking a DNA Test / reallygraceful”


I like Holly Hood’s Illuminati videos but I don’t agr4ee with all of her religious views. One view being reincarnation that was pointed out in a video called Holly Hood exposed Reincarnation.

Video: “Black Women Married Into Illuminati”


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