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Illuminati Exposure Videos

This is not Illuminati but my favorite show on my favorite Belgian detective Hercule(s) Poirot.

4 min. video of people praying and begging for President Obama to return to his post.

40 min. video.  Look at the neck in this pic below.


This is about 2 hours.  Hits on the Jesuit influence of both  parties.

This video is about 12 min.

This 2 min. audio clip is from the movie Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo.  He asks people on the street if they are aware that we are not required to pay income tax on our employment.  Of course no one would challenge this but I wanted to put this out there to make people aware.
My friends are Trump, Alex Jones and Joel Osteen supporters.  It recently came up about the tax deal that Trump has done for us and I was told at least he (Trump) puts his money where his mouth is.  My response was that we’re not supposed to pay taxes on our employment.  So the money that we got back I see it like this:  They take 100 percent, return to me 5 percent and I’m supposed to be happy?  We will not be free of this taxation until we are in heaven.  If they didn’t illegally tax us then we could pay cash for our cars or we would be able to do more charity work.  They overtax us to keep our hands tied or so it seems.

4 min Paris Treaty info

I decided to just put an audio clip of this 10 min. video since it’s just a mother and daughter talking about her mom’s vision.


1 min. video. The Perfect Storm – Setting the Stage

about a 3 min. video

Trump video 1 min. 7 seconds

Trump/Drump is the 1%. I’m not believing that he started off with a million dollars and now he has all of this. It looks to me like Illuminati money is funneled through him to give him the appearance of being an amazing businessman.

Trump Persuasion vid: Forgive me but I’m not really fond of Bill Maher – I like this interview and this is why I posted it.

Trump name mentioned in a 1958 TV show.

I’m not for Hillary but I am for truth and this is why I picked this video but it was removed.

Joanie Stahl is in this Gov’t Exposure vid. She was told Trump would be the president before he was the nominee.

11 min. audio of Joanie’s story from the video Top Gov’t Agent Reveals ‘SOON’ Coming Calamity For America – It is Time to Get Ready Church!


3 min., video. I’ve heard that with the use of a Hurricane plane and 100 lbs. of silver nitrate the powers that be can eliminate the storm in 1 hr.


Not Illuminati info just an amazing product.


Queen Elizabeth at a Druid Ritual. Proof the royal bloodlines are into occult practices.

The Illuminati’s Facade going down in the Last of the Mohicans Fight Scene

Holy Spirit told this pastor to go to Jekyll Island which is where the private federal reserve bank was created. Pastor was told that the federal reserve was created over an Indian blood sacrifice altar.

Males have long necks and females short. Males have the square shoulders and females rounded.


I really like his videos exposing the Masons but I don’t agree with everything that he teaches on Christianity not to be confused with Catholicism. When I get some time I’m going to go over a few things about this guy because he really attacks Yeshua/Jesus even worse than Ayo Kimathi.



Israel Gay Oasis.  Short audio clip

Audio clip from:  1666 Redemption Through Sin


Atlantean Gardens – I don’t agree with all of his videos; I just like this videos explanation of the Khazarian Jews


18 min. video about all the grubby, dirty fingers that are involved in the records of our DNA.


I like Holly Hood’s Illuminati videos but I don’t agr4ee with all of her religious views. One view being reincarnation that was pointed out in a video called Holly Hood exposed Reincarnation.


This is a 1 hour and 7 min video by a former Illuminati bloodline who is now a Christian. She’s a very strong person to have survived the abuse. Praise be to God through his son Yeshua.




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