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 In Invasion of the Trannies


Jim Caviezel, a sodomite, who played the King of Kings, the King of Glory, to quote the Holy Spirit via God’s Handmaiden – the “Risen King”, King Yeshua, in the Passion of the Christ movie, knowing full well that his “wife” Kerrie is a man that dresses as a woman and has an Adam’s apple.

Video: “Jim Caviezel Epsy Awards 2004”


This is sodomite Mel Gibson with his first wife and as you can see “she” has an Adam’s apple.

You can see the Adam’s apple in this video.  This video defends Mel Gibson and calls Oksana a “whore” and is just an example of how crazy Mel and this whole drama really is.  Mel Gibson is a Illuminati high royal bloodline.  It’s not who is Mel related to but who is Mel not related to.  His chart is similar to Marilyn Manson’s in that the Gibson bloodline connects to the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Video:  “Oksana Grigorieva speaks about Mel Gibson (she’s lying AGAIN!)”

I have to laugh to keep from crying.  1 min. video:  “Mel Gibson walks to his girlfriend Rosalind Ross at Cannes for Blood Father”

Video:  “Mel Gibson walks to his girlfriend Rosalind Ross at Cannes for Blood Father” MEL GIBSON’S HALL OF PORN (& HOUSE OF HORRORS)

Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean…and I am profaned. (Ezek. 22:26) ~ The Bible 

Is Mel Gibson a born-again Christian? What about the acting cast of his film production, “The Passion of the Christ”? Are they “unknown actors” as stated by Danae Dobson and Cal Thomas in their rave reviews of this Hollywood production?  The following profiles, which have been written by various authors, present a radically different perspective on the producer/director, actors and actresses of the “The Passion.”

Mel Gibson has, in fact, cast at least five hardcore pornography stars in major roles in this so-called “Christian” movie.”

By my count, out of a total of 66 adult actors and actresses in The Passion of the Christ, 33 have appeared in movies with graphic sex, pornography, violence, horror or a combination of some or all of these four elements. What is the statistical probability that this ‘just happened’ by chance?

In Irreversible (2002), she (Monica Belluci) stars with her husband in a movie “with two of the most horrific scenes in cinematic history”, according to film critic Steve Rhodes.  Rhodes, among other things, says that “Irreversible makes pure pornography look pretty appealing in comparison” and “nothing in this sleazy film is worthwhile”.  See  In the movie’s “big” scene, Bellucci’s character is raped and sodomized with a knife at her throat with almost no editing or camera movement for between five and ten minutes, depending on which reviewer is being cited.  Bellucci is on record as insisting that her father, who was at the premiere, enjoyed it.  “It was hard for him to watch, but he loved it”, she said. 

“Premiered at last years Cannes Film Festival, ‘Irreversible’ proved so shocking that 250 people walked out, some needing medical attention” and (this movie is) “hard-core pornography.”

4 min. audio clip – “Lola” song


This is a 2 min. clip of an interview where Jim Caviezel is talking about his adopted children.  In this clip you’ll see his face start to morph.  It’s really fast so I had to slow it down.  So the first part is slow with no sound so you can see the reptilian morphing on the face; the second part is regular speed with sound. This clip is really for the Reptilian Watcher type of group.  There’s a special name for the reptilians who get lines on their faces, but I’m not sure what that is.

At this current moment, Jim Caviezel is considered a hero in the Freedom Fighter movement because he has been given speeches on the corruption in Hollywood.  I would like to remind all of the Christians that Jim is on record as calling Mary, the mother of Jesus, the “C0-redemptrix” meaning you can either go through Mary or Jesus to get saved or get to God.

This is about a 3 min. video and in it he mentions being struck by lightening while on the cross.

Video: “Jim Caviezel Powerful Testimony”


In this 10 min. audio clip you will hear Jim Caviezel stating that he wanted to “Monstrance” to be in the view of the camera during the Passion filming so that this reflection of the Catholic Monstrance will be seen in Jim’s eyes.

Here is the entire video on Jim Caviziel from the audio clip above.

Video from Honest News:  “Jim Caviezel: Nice Guys Don’t Go to Heaven You Must Be Born Again”

Here’s what the Monstrance looks like:

This is a 1 min. audio clip by Professor Walter Veith about this Monstrance.  In it he explains that this particular Monstrance has on it the letters SFS.  S being the 6th letter in the Greek alphabet and F being the 6th letter in our alphabet.  I have more info on this Babylon Catholic Mass ritual on the Laura Eisenhower blog post.

This is a 2 min,. audio clip by Ian Paisley on the Mass.

“The practice of castration flourished in the poorest areas and among the poorest families. Many families were facing starvation, and the opportunities for castrati were staggering. By 1589, castrati were singing for the Pope in the Sistine Chapel.”  The breakdown of this is that it gives them a high female sounding voice.

12 min. audio clip of MrE’s: Transpocalypse Origins Solomon’s Sodomites (MrE)

30 second clip caught by MrE…please pray for this person in the pink shirt.

Clip by Epic Sellouts exposing Carmen Electra


This is my favorite Selena song – Si Una Vez.  I’m going to dedicate this song to Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel.

Of all of the pics of Selena the person who uploaded this video could have picked, they chose the one where Selena is throwing up what looks like the Devil hand sign.

Here are the lyrics in English:

Video: “Si Una Vez” by Selena

Another dedication video:  “You’re No Good (Remastered)” by Linda Ronstadt.   Mel and Jim – You’re no good.
Linda is the great granddaughter of King Henry Beauclere and King Ethelred of England II and I could probably make more royal connections if I wanted to take the time to do so.  The point is that you don’t get to make it in this world unless you’re a high royal Illuminati bloodline.

1 min audio clip from Bewitched

This is a 3 min. song called “There is No Arizona” by Jamie O’Neill and to me it symbolizes how the Illuminati is all staged smoke and mirrors.

34 second audio clip of Gloria Swanson on the Dick Cavett show

This is a 5 min. video about married men who agreed to change into women to compete for 250k.

Video:  “TG Pageant – Part 2”

This was on a news clip and I saw that tree trunk lumpy neck and I was like oh so gross.

Pamela, through ‘her’ maternal line is from an Illuminati high royal bloodline. This person is the great grandchild of Henry I Beauclere King of England, King Charlemagne, and also to King Davíd “The Saint” mac Maíl Choluim, I. Please note that the King of Scotland’s bloodline traces back to the Pharaoh/Kings of Egypt. Pamela’s bloodline also connects to many others since these royal families intermarried but I will say to the Kennedy and the DeLacy bloodlines.

Video: “Focus on the Family Super Bowl Commercial with Tim Tebow”

A fuzzy screen comes across the screen and I can’t get a clear pic of the eyes so this is as close as I can get to showing you the slits in the eyes.

Also, the Tebow name is a variation of the DuBois name which is royal bloodline.  I’ve also found a DuBois connection in the Koresh group.

Video by MrE: “MK Ultra Genetically Engineered Transworld Super Athletes”

Video: “Time Tebow – The Chosen One 1 of 5”

6 min. audio clip from “Creepy Serena Williams Tiger Woods Mind Control Exposed”  pics below

Video from:  Mag Bitter Truth: “This is How They Create (Tiger Woods) Gulf Rigged Sports Exposed”  18 min. video.  This video discusses remote control golf balls. I just want to say that I don’t agree with Mag Bitter Truth’s religious beliefs or lack of belief in King Yeshua/Jesus.

Video by: Russian Vids: “Serena & Venus Williams Exposed as Transgender Men”

Video:  “The Kiss” Starring Tim Tebow & Tony Joiner”


Video by:  Russian Vids: “Tim Tebow Exposed The Occult 33 & The Masonic Ribbon”

Video: “Tim Tebow & Louie Giglio Exposed”

Video song: “MercyMe – Even if You Don’t”

This is a MTF singing this Lana Del Rey cover.  This person went from super sweet to not super sweet.  Newest vids you can see an Adam’s apple, tongue flickering and devil horn signs.

song Young and Beautiful

Video: “Megan Fox on Having More Kids, Plus:: Her Post-Baby Body Confession”  This hair looks like a wig.

Video by MrE: “Megan Fox Admits to Being an Illuminati Tranny”

Harvey Weinstein’s wife.  Watch the necks on these two.

Video: “Marchesa Designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman’s Biggest Bridal”

Video: “Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman on Taking Inspiration From Her Ancestors”


I looked over old pics of this show and saw several Adam’s apples. This is the most current show. Wow.

Off topic for a second – This blond in the pic below has been mentioned to be a look a like for Olivia from Ben’s show.  Seriously, look at that mouth and ask yourself who can make those mouth expressions other than the original Olivia.  Note – both are from Texas.

Ali Fedotowsky – See the high belly button. Males are above the waistline and females below the waistline.  This person was on the Bachelor show and was also the Bachelorette.

I will be adding a few more pics of other Bachelor show contestants to show you that they’re men in drag on the show.  Maybe think about taking your mind off of watching these shows and shows like it and focus more on King Yeshua/Jesus.



Video by Truthful Spirit:  Mariah Carey – Castrated Man Boy

Video:  “Trans/formers – Is Ciara a Secret Transgender?”

Video by MrE:  “Danica Patrick Stick Shift Transmission”

30 sec video by See Through The Matrix Reloaded: “Katy Perry Baby Bump Questioned”  I knew when I watched Katy Perry telling her dying grandmother in the hospital that she was pregnant and the grandmother who was in bed and lying there dying said “No”.  See the grandmother knows that she’s about to meet her maker and the reality is that she’s been helping with all of Katy’s lies.

Video:  “MTF Katy Perry – Case Study Review”

This 11 min. makeup tutorial is just music and makeup.

Video: “Makeup tutorial boy to girl for night party / Makeup”

The first thing that I noticed on Marie’s “Wicked Games” video was that the jawline went behind the ear, a male trait.

Video song: “Chris Isaak  – Wicked Game cover by Marie Digby”

In this video you can see the Adam’s apple.

Video song: “Kings and Queens Acoustic Session – Marie Digby”

Video song: “Chris Botti in Boston / “Emmanuel” w/Lucia Micarelli / PBS”

If you look closely at the other fixer upper shows you will see that they also have trannies playing women.

This is just a pic

Video: “Chip and Joanna Gaines The Trans Fixer Uppers!”

This is not Illuminati info its just a scene from one of my former fav shows – Fixer Upper.

Video: “Chip Gaines eats a Roach”



5 min. audio on his phone call from a satanist.


Video: “Jessica Alba SECRETS EXPOSED?”


Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump are Friends.

Video : “Kathy Griffin vs Donald Trump – Staged Fake News Controversy”

In this Trump actor video pics below  see that Elizabeth Hurley has an Adam’s apple and that Trump after he kisses ‘her’ on the check he flashes the Peace hand sign which is also known as the Tranny hand sign.

Also there’s a quick scene with Kathy Griffin. The Griffin name is a high royal bloodline name but I’m not going to look to see if Kathy Griffin is from an Illuminati bloodline.

Short video by Mag Bitter Truth exposing the CEO of YouTube as a Tranny.


I found this picture of Whitney Houston pregnant and looking very swollen. No celebrity would let themselves gain this much weight when they can just wear a moon bump.

After looking at many pictures of Whitney, I’ll say she’s a very skinny female with strong throat muscles and she is not a man but a woman.

I was so impressed with Whitney on Bobby Brown’s show.  I thought she was a fantastic mother, fantastic wife, fantastic person, phenomenal artist.  Yes, she is a Illuminati High Royal bloodline, and I’m sure doors were opened for her.  Yes she’s been caught throwing up the baphomet hand sign and the tranny hand sign, but I’m not sure what was put in her drugs to make her go over the top. I’m still looking at her.  As wild as Bobby Brown appeared to be I really liked him to.  It’s too bad the drugs hooked them.  It’s too bad they didn’t stay together.  It’s too bad Bobby broke Whitney’s heart and Bobbi Kristina’s too.

Bobby commented on an interview that he thought that maybe Whitney would have been a happier person with Robyn but I can tell that Whitney loved Bobby.  If Whitney loved Robyn she would have stayed with her no matter what the world and God thought.  She didn’t love Robyn she loved Bobby.  I’m so impressed with both Whitney and Bobby.

Irrelevant Kanye West allegedly paid 85k for this picture of a bathroom in the Beverly Hills hotel where Whitney Houston was murdered. Below this dump bathroom picture is a photo of how classy their bathroom are not this cheap cabinetry we see below.  Whitney and Bobby lived in the top of the line hotels all the time and it would never look like this kind of dump.  I found a video where a fan was explaining that this bathroom picture is from a mansion that Whitney has when she was married to Bobby Brown.


In this childhood pic of Amy Winehouse I see reptilian slits in the pupils of Amy as a young girl.

Do you see the straight male waists of these VS models?

“Pamela Anderson Interview This Morning”

Kendall Jenner wide male neck and bulging male trachea.

This pic below is the so called first tranny on the cover of Playboy.  The magazine has had trannies in the magazine for years though.

Look at Anna Nicole’s bulging male neck. Anna Nicole or real name Vickie Lynn Hogan, belongs on the Royal Tranny page because through Vickie’s paternal line is a great grandchild of: King Malcolm II, King Harold of Denmark II, King Aethelred I of England, and Charlemagne.

Gosh the Illuminati bloodlines have it in for God’s creation and it stems from the Nephilim/Giant bloodlines.

Larry Birkhead is also a great grandchild of King Aethelred I of England. Please note that Larry’s jawline goes in front of the ear which is a female trait.

Christina really fooled us.

Video: “The Chordettes – Mr Sandman (Live 1958)”



Jenna Jamison has a straight male back.  Females have a curved back and males have a straight as a board back.  This is a male.


Kesha has a straight male back.

I love these fancy dress but I don’t like the nude material because it makes them look naked under their clothes.

Video by Russian Vids: Keisha is a Man

I’m gonna move this over to the Invasion of the Trannies – Political and Royals because Paris is the grandchild of King Edward I.  Pic on the left you can see Paris has a straight as a board back and in the 2nd pic you can see the bulging male trachea.

2 min. audio clip below discussing lab created transgenders.


Through Jennifer Garner’s mother’s bloodline, Jennifer’s great grandmother, Alice Squire b. 1514, connects to Louis Capet, King of France. Through Ben Affleck’s paternal bloodline, he connects to the L’Strange or Strong bloodline and the Strong family were on the board of the Federal Reserve and also started the Strong’s Concordance bible, which Christians unknowingly reference all the time. Ben is also related to Princess Diana and Obama and I don’t remember which British King Ben is a grandchild of. Jennifer and Ben are both Illuminati high royal bloodlines/aka the Fruit Loops. Jennifer and Ben both have had transvestigations done. Jennifer has a male adonis belt which you can see when he/she is in a bikini. FTM’s are hard to prove but Apostle Laura Lee was the first to catch Ben’s short female forearms, short neck and other physical attributes but he has a high male belly button so he’s a male. Now the Illuminati is going to start to step up their game and use more and more of these Illuminati Hollywood Fruit Loops to sway the people to get the Corona vaccine which will have a tracking device inside of it.

1 min. audio clip on Jennifer Garner

Video: “FREEDOM COUTURE Most Natural Wig Hairline ever! No glue, no tape, no sew in”

The person in the middle is Stefoknee Woscht and he/she left his/her wife of 23 yrs. and 7 children to live as a 6 yr. old girl. My first reaction when I saw this was is this person under some type of mind control? Now I think that he/she just really wants to do this. I don’t believe that the two adopted parents really want to take care of a 6’2 grown hairy man. My opinion – big money involved promoting an agenda. I don’t believe that he/she spends the day playing with dolls with the adopted parents’ granddaughter.

I think that Stefoknee Wolscht really wants to be pop star Britney Spears singing “Hit me baby one more time” I do believe that when he/she is not posing in his/her private bathroom that he/she is in public promoting trans bathrooms because there are pics of “Stefoknee” on the internet out in public bathrooms taking pics.

Linda Blair played Regan in the Exorcist movie

I want to end this with some pics of a real woman from a classic movie called Anna Karenina. They used to use real woman and now they’ve been replaced by trannies.

I’ll first show you a tranny that has the lead role in this movie and then lastly some pics of a real female that played in a older version of this same movie.




























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Showing 4 comments
  • Kathy-Sherry

    How about Rob and Amber of Survivor?
    Response: My opinion is that he’s male and she’s female. Rob has long male forearms and Amber has short female forearms. Rob has a high male belly button above the waist and Amber’s belly button is below the waist like a female and she also has a curved female back.

    Also, it’s very confusing nowadays because I believe that there is something in the vaccines or the hormones in the meat that sadly cause really young females to grow wide shoulders. I think that the powers that be do this to confuse us and to help the MTF or male to females shoulders look normal to us. MrE covered this in his Hugh Hefner transgender video where he showed that Playboy has been putting trannies in their magazines for years so that the men will think that is how real women look to confuse them. Fortunately, God made the physical attribute differences so that it can help us to tell the males to females and the females to males apart. The physical differences are the only sure thing or weapon that truthers have to wake people up to the Baphomet agenda. Peace, Missy

  • Sara

    Hello i enjoy your posts. i am sure its mostly right on. I understand we are in the transpocalypse for sure, sadly. A lot I only see what you call a bulging trachea and not an adams apple. Its all a little confusing because I am a girl with wide shoulders, bulging trachea, big hands and feet, and short index finger, long arms,my saving graces are big ‘ol hips, curved back, no adonis or adams apple. And of course I would never blaspheme the Lord by doing this. My mother born in 1950 also has these features. I wonder why? Any idea Thanks

    Response: I think that the hormones in the meats and the chemicals in the vaccines, water and food, are changing the bodies of the females. I have a nurse friend and she also has the bulging or lumpy neck but she also starves herself to stay thin. I have a couple of friends and their beautiful teenage daughters have the wide shoulders and I know that they hate that feature on them and they hide the shoulders by covering them up with their hair. I’m really sad about it all. I believe that the fruit loops in charge screwed everything up chemically so that their breed can blend better. It’s a tough call but for me I can spot by checking the back and the jawline. “The Bible says that in heaven Christ “will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body” (Philippians 3:21)”

  • Sara

    I was wondering about the jawline part. What do you look for? I’d like to check too lol

    Response: A guy that liked me who wanted to become a doctor but instead became an engineer, taught me about the jawlines. He got upset because I was telling people on my blog how to recognize the MTF and FTM’s. Basically, he wanted me to just let the people stay asleep. He showed me that males jawlines go behind the ears and females in front. Off the top of my head would be Trump’s jawline is in front of the ear. You can look at Trump on the Oprah show talking about running for president and you can see that the jawline is in front of the ear.

    Anna Nicole Smith had the jawline behind the ear and Larry Birkhead’s jawline is in front of the ear. Also, I like this person’s music a lot but if you look at the song: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game cover by Marie Digby, you can see the jawline is behind the ear.

    He also taught me that females belly buttons go below the waist and males above the waistline. He also showed me that males have a straight backs and females curved. He really wasn’t interested or had the same passion as I did on waking the people up so we went our separate ways and plus *I need to add that the Holy Spirit spoke to me about this guy and told me: “Don’t Ask Him ANYTHING” and I never really understood why. I know that he reads my blog but I will say that later he turned out to be a weirdo as far as sexting me.

    Because of you I will try to remember the feelings of the females that are not MTF and be more considerate. So thank you!

  • Dallas Prophecy

    I just wanted to mention you aint seen nothing yet. Check out the m2f in South America or Brazil. It is out of hand how much they can look like genetic females. Personally I am struggling with my own sexuality because of all this. I am attracted to some of them as they look just like women, but I know its an abomination but don’t want to reject the actual person and who they are. It is a battle I fear will be going on until the second coming. Look up Grazie Cinturini it is crazy. Be sure to have your safe search filter on!

    Response. I was watching some Brazilian make up shows and they look so much like Meghan Fox and I was thinking they weren’t human but reptilians. Yes they can be very tempting for the unsaved who don’t have King Yeshua/Jesus protection. People need to know that when they make out with a man in drag that they’re swapping male DNA in the spit and other fluids.

    If you get a chance, watch on YT Reptilian Alien False World vids so you can see the different forms that the reptilians take. Oh and the only way to look at Grazie is to go onto porn sites so no thanks I get the point. I was just reading that many of the kidnapped human traffic people are put into porn movies. Also, search for vids on YT: Reptilians in Porn. No fake beauty is worth eternity in hell. Pray.

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