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Since Christ Mass isn’t really Yeshua/Jesus’ birthday this will not be very long and drawn out.  I’ve notice that Christ Mass is turning into Halloween, with all of the sexy Santa outfits and goofy colorful elves hats and shirts and everyone getting drunk.  Next it will be Easter Bunny costumes.  This is just turning into absolute hell.


When you learn to trust in Lord Yeshua/Jesus, and you see that he really does answer your prayers, celebrating him one day a year will not be enough to honor him. As you grow in your relationship you will evolve from praying: be with me and protect me, to: I want to be with you my Lord. You will love him so much that your satisfaction in life will come from giving all your honor to him.


Below are two audio clips by God’s Handmaiden called:  Christmas is not about me.  The video was just a picture and so I had to break it into two audio clips to fit it on this page.  They’re about 14 min. each.  God’s Handmaiden received a message from the Lord about Christ Mass.

2 min. audio clip by Professor Walter Veith on St. Nicholas.


I love you King Yeshua,





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