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 In Illuminati Royal Bloodline

Hi Blessings,

While I working on other Illuminati bloodlines I asked the Lord Yeshua/Jesus that if there is anyone that he wants me to work on to please let me know and about a week later I felt very drawn to watch videos on Laura Eisenhower. I’ve never been interested or could never really understand what Laura was teaching in ‘her’ videos and I was also unaware that Laura is the great grandchild of president Dwight Eisenhower. Laura’s last name that ‘she’ was born with was Bradshaw and I’m guessing that ‘she’ switched it to Eisenhower understandably for exposure purposes.


Video:  “ERA – Ameno”

I feel that the reason that the Lord wanted me to expose Laura is because there is a strong following of the Gnostic, Sophia, Goddess or alien crowd that holds Laura as an expert and in high esteem.  Laura has a lot of influence on their minds and a lot of  trust is given to Laura because ‘she’ is the great grandchild of a president who made contact and a deal with the aliens; and also because Laura portrays ‘herself’ as an insider to government alien agenda scoop.

Also, after studying the Eisenhower family and the fact they Dwight and his wife Mamie are from high Nephilim bloodlines, I’ve found them to be quite upsetting and disgusting.

Laura has also used a pic in ‘her’ PowerPoint presentation of an alien sitting at a table with military rank type of men, which would lead people to think that since Laura is an insider and may have been exposed to privy info and that this pic must be an example of what may be happening with the contacts with the aliens.

(Please note the name:  Lisa Renee seen up above in the Government Treaties pic.  I will get to ‘her’ further down)

Since people  are so fascinated with aliens (which are demons), UFO’s, and Gnostic teachings, they just listen to Laura since they know that the government acts like they can’t disclose this type of info to the American people/world; so the new age group that follows Laura just has to accept that Laura is an expert since ‘she’s from a political family and has been around it.   On one of the videos I was studying she implied that you can give your grandfather some wine, and then didn’t finish the sentence but threw this out so that people would think that Laura’s grandfather may have been drinking wine and let some government secrets out.

Since Laura and also the people in our government, who represent us, can’t even admit that they’re all related to each other and that they’re the grandchildren of British royalty, I ask can we really believe anything that they tell us?

Please note there is also another group of truthers that have come close to trying to expose Laura and other who just flat out think that Laura is kind of out there.

I want you to know that I had to study several of ‘her’ videos, which sounded a bit like gobbledygook (language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms; nonsense), and after listening to ‘her’ I realized that it’s all just Gnosticism teachings overall.

I also searched for videos or information in opposition to the sci-fi Gnostic Laura group, I see that the Gnostic group has been able to coast along with only very minimal opposition.  Must be nice.

Here is a little over 2 minute audio clip from a video called: Laura Eisenhower – Free Your Mind Conference 2011.  This is how the group that follows Laura sees ‘her’ and in some ways it’s almost like hero worship:

Here are a few definitions descriptions that I’ve researched of a couple of the words that Laura has mentioned in this short introduction audio clip.

Christ Consciousness” – this is a Gnostic form of Christ. “Gnosticism teaches that salvation is gained through the acquisition of divine knowledge which frees one from the illusions of darkness.

Although they claim to follow Jesus Christ and His original teachings, Gnostics contradict Him at every turn. Jesus said nothing about salvation through knowledge, but by faith in Him as Savior from sin. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9). Furthermore, the salvation Christ offers is free and available to everyone (John 3:16), not just a select few who have acquired a special revelation.”

Sophia Magdalene Energy” – As taught by many early mystery religions, most especially the early Gnostics, Mary Magdalene was and is Isis, the Alpha and the Omega. She is Sophia who is Wisdom who is Spirit who is the Divine Feminine who is Shakti who is God manifest—she is the Goddess. As God is Source itself, the Goddess is the Emanation or the Play of God—in other words, the Dance of Creation. The Goddess is the World.

Archonic Forces” – The definition of archons has been described as being an artificial Intelligence (AI) program that has enslaved humanity over millions of years.


At the end of this video watch Laura’s neck and you can see the Adam’s apple.  This video is only about 46 seconds long.

Video: “Meet Laura Eisenhower on BrandX Episode 211”

Short 1 min clip by Tamara Magdalene:  “Russell Brand Wants YOU to Join the IllumiNAUGHTY” Russell Brand doesn’t look like Jesus in this pic below.  He looks like an under delusion hell bound fruit loop.

Short clip showing the fake success the Illuminati brings and also info on the fake moon landing.  Clip by Tamara Magdalene, aka Satan’s butt kicker, “The End of Days Files: Humans Replaced, The Pharaohs Return”

Here’s some counter info to Laura’s Gaia worship doctrines:

When I listen to ‘her’ teachings I feel like I can annihilate aliens, which are demons, by using my feelings to send a laser beam attack at them with my eyeballs.

Video song: “Flat Earth mind Control to Major Tom HD” with a cameo of Illuminati high royal bloodline cousins, Obama and HRC/Hillary.

Video song: The Earth is Flat “Paint it Black”

Under 1 min video uploaded by Zay speak truth: “Movie clip about the fake moon landing! Movies are made so they can tell the truth subconsciously!”

Video by Seho Song:  “Prophetic Words ‘What Comes Through The CERN PORTAL’ (Word from Jesus Part 1)”

10 min. video.  These people could be reptilians or something but human are not they’re for sure crazy.

Satanic Inaugural Ceremony of the Gothard Tunnel Explained 4/5.  This vid has been removed and the last little bit of my recording, the sound cuts out.  I found another copy in my Marilyn Manson section and I’ll upload that one to replace.  It’s okay you can watch the entire vid by searching for:

Full Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual

3 min. video by C Ervana:  “UNICEF releases Alien Intregration Video ahead of September 2015”

This boy drowned and was shown heaven and he also saw the future of the earth and the alien war.

Video:  “10 yr. Old Jeremy Taken to Heaven, told of Future Events (Shocking!)”

Video by Seho Song:  “FALLEN ONES (Aliens) Will Invade After The RAPTURE (Word from JESUS)”

This is a 40 min. audio clip (in 2 parts) by TheGospelStuff – Walter B. Shepherd, a man of God, who receives visions of those left behind and the Nephilim returning.

2 audio clips on:  Rapture, Tribulation, Nephilim, Demonic, Armadeddon Visions  Part 1 and 2.

Buzz Aldrin’s mother, Marion G. Moon b. 1903, through her Illuminati bloodline I was able to find that her line connects to President Harrison, Churchill, and Princess Diana’s Spencer line. Marion’s family name line goes from Moon, Moone to De Mohun.

Video: “Buzz Aldrin Admits to an 8-Year Old Girl that NASA never went to the moon”

Short clip of Buzz Aldrin admitting another moment of truth, that it was all fake.

Video clip by Russian Vids. Buzz Aldrin Making Faces

Excellent video clip by RussianVids who is the best at explaining Flat Earth.  This video clip is exposing Walter Cronkite.  Walter Cronkite was the 22nd great grandson of Edward I Longshanks Plantagenet, King of England b. 1239

Video: “Walter Cronkite & The DeMolay Deceivers Exposed – New World Order Predictive Programming”

Video by Russian Vids: “The Truth About Bart Sibrel’s Astronauts Gone Wild – 2017”

Video by Transpocalypse Now: “The Ox Man Cometh Hebrew Sub”  MrE/Transpocalypse Now/Slave New World site has been removed but you can find this video on Bitchute until I can upload it here.


Song:  Heart Shaped World (Laura’s Heart Shaped World)


While I was watching Laura’s videos ‘she’ was teaching about Venus, Gaia – Mother Earth, goddess worship, I started thinking to myself that this all sounds like Babylonian, goddess, Virgin Mary worship type of teachings.

Video:  “Shocking Blue – Venus”

Video: “The Pretenders Mystery Achievement”

Video by MrE/Transpocalypse Now:  “Star Wars: The Trans Awakens”

So I started to study Laura’s videos so that I could understand what ‘she’s’ trying to tell people, and while watching Laura’s videos the Holy Spirit/Voice spoke to me (in my head) and said “this ones (Laura) a Catholic” and this was before I really knew anything about Laura’s life. Later I found out that Laura’s father is a Catholic priest.


This is a little over 6 min. audio of Mr. Bradshaw’s sermon about the communion bread/wafer.  This Catholic teaching that Yeshua/Jesus is in a cracker is where the Protestants put their foot down.  Anyway, here’s Laura’s father giving a sermon:


I will use audio clips from 2 preachers to refute the Catholic churches defense of saying that the bread is the body of Yeshua/Jesus.

Here we go…

This 2 min. audio clip will be the 1st of 2 audio clips. This is a clip by Ian Paisley: “Roman Catholicism – The Conversion of Europe”


The 2nd audio clip will be by Mr. Walter Veith and he will give a historical explanation of the history of the wafer, which is really a sun disk in honor of the sun god Apollo or Lucifer. I will also attach pics below to go with this audio clip.

This video is so important that I will add the entire 2 hour video “The Wine of Babylon” by Mr. Walter Veith at the end of this page which you can watch, if you wish, either here or on YouTube, at your convenience.  This particular video “The Wine of Babylon” has been the only video to help me to understand the history of the Catholic church in reference to its roots being from paganism or Babylon.

The 2nd audio clip will be about 13 min.


Video by Professor Walter Veith:  “The Wine of Babylon

Video by Seho Song:  “The HOLY SEPULCHRE Church in The Jerusalem Is the Synagogue of SATAN”

3 min, audio song by Chris Isaak:  Don’t Make Me Dream About You.


6 min. audio clip of Joy S. Gilbert:  “Eisenhower’s Deal with the Devil”

50 second audio clip of Laura from a couple of years ago @ Free Your Mind 2 Conference; where Laura encourages people to see this “true” story of a movie called “Stranger at the Pentagon” about a extra terrestrial (ET) who came from Venus and lived at the Pentagon for a couple of years during president Eisenhower’s administration.  Laura states in this short audio clip that Eisenhower and Nixon worked with the ET to bring peace to humanity.  This  alien scenario, I’m sorry to say, is a little bit funny. This audio clip is from Laura about Val Thor from Venus and it’s just unbelievable.

This movie trailer below is 42 seconds. Video: “Stranger at the Pentagon Trailer”  It’s got romance – woo woo

Movie scene from Stranger at the Pentagon Trailer.  Cute.


4 min. cover song: Rocket Man

This is a 3 min video clip showing the Venus alien people clothes which look like ballet leotards.

Video: “Stranger at the Pentagon Short Film Post Production”

Laura Eisenhower and the Val Thor Movie Debut


2 min. audio clip at the movie premier of Laura and Dr. Dream claiming that the movie about Commander Val Thor is true.

My opinion on all of this is that the Val Thor story is fake but the big problem is that we have credibility to this alien story added to it by president Eisenhower and also vice president Nixon, the cops who claim to have seen the alien ship land in Alexandria Virginia, and other military personnel authenticating this alien story.

I find it unbelievable that the Laura Eisenhower alien type group followers actually believe this story. Please note that Eisenhower and Nixon are both great grandchildren to the Kings of England.

Clip from a video by Russian Vids called:  NASA, SpaceX, & ESA Astronauts Caught Dropping Objects “Aboard Zero Gravity ISS”

2 min. audio clip by YouTube site Alien Society who has several videos exposing this story about Val Thor being fake.  Alien Society did a great job finding these newspaper clips in pics seen above on Mr. Frank E. Stranges.

35 min. video. and the conclusion in this video is that if you try to figure it out you may pull a muscle in your brain.

Video by BrainScratch: “Alien or Hoax? “Val” Valiant Thor”

This song is for Val Thor (Mr. Rocket Man) for all of his concern coming to the Earth to save us from ourselves.  “The Phone Call” to the “Space Invaders”

In this article you can see that Pat Nixon’s bloodline connects to President Abraham Lincoln and TV host Ed Sullivan. This article also says as a child Pat hid ‘her’ German ancestory. You can find it by typing: First Ladies & Ancestral Identity Pat Nixon – National First Ladies’ Library; or just copy this link:



This audio is a little over 1 min. for the pic below explaining that Julie and David were basically destined to be together.

A song inspired by David Eisenhower by Credence Clearwater Revival.

Video: “Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son”

Julie and David Eisenhower, as the reptilian watcher crowd would say, having Hologram failures.  I turned off the volume and slowed it down.


5 min. video and you can see the Adam’s apple on Julie.  Video: “Hardball Nixon, Eisenhower talk politics, the GOP”



Video: “Sarah Churchill and Clementine Churchill – Transvestigation”

This is Dwight Eisenhower’s family.  Dwight’s mother’s great grandmother was black and this is important because people were calling Ida a mulatto.  It’s because of the prejudice that Ida experienced in her life that has been reported to have been the cause of Eisenhower’s psychopathic hatred for the German people.  It’s a long tragic story.

West Point was very conscious of any ‘ Non-White‘ candidates. It was obvious from Eisenhower’s appearance that he was carrying another race’s blood. The headmaster quizzed him and he admitted he had Jewish ancestors. His father was a Swedish Jew who married a Swedish gentile woman.”

May 8, 2021 – I want to update the info from the pic above trying to describe the Oriental blood comment that I listed.  Since Eisenhower has been discovered to be an Edomite, I will finally attach the bloodline chart which connects the Edomites to Ishmael.

This is the link the the book with the above pic.  It can be reviewed online but some of the pages have been omitted.  The book is called:

Family Trees of the Bible: Family Tree Charts and Genealogical Information by Willard W. Pulkrabek  scroll to page 148 to see the Edomite chart.

This was a past message that I had on my Home/Front page but decided to move it here:

While studying Eisenhower and finding info where he was called an Edomite Jew, I discovered more info that “Jesus was NOT a Jew”, and also info about all of the cities and apostles with the letter “J” since this letter didn’t exist until recently. It’s weird because we are taught to love the Jewish people but I constantly see complaints about the Khazarian Jews and the Zionist Jews.

I’ve been praying for a way to explain, as simply as possible, about the Khazarian Jews since I’ve seen tons of info saying that Trump’s cabinet is made up of Khazarian (European) Jews. I will just say that I’ve found that Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth was from Galilee and will connect the info from biblical info that I’ve found which I’m putting together. The important part is to separate Yeshua/Jesus from all of the Khazarian and Zionist Jew drama. Someone put it to me like this – Yeshua/Jesus was a Galilean who lived in a Jewish neighborhood.


Mamie’s Illuminati high royal bloodline comes through the father’s side.


4 min. video:  Learn the truth of WW2 Eisenhower’s death camp

In this video Susan is praising Obama but fails to mention that they are cousins through the Savage bloodline on Mamie Doud Eisenhower’s bloodline.  Susan also compares McCain to Obama in this video but also fails to admit that Susan is also cousin to McCain through Mamie Doud Eisenhower’s bloodline.  Through Mamie’s bloodline Susan connects to Hillary and Trump.

Video: “Susan Eisenhower: Barack is the best choice”


35 min. video and @ 17:00 it will lead up to mentioning John McCain being the nail in the coffin for the healthcare repeal failing.



This is a 1 min. audio clip from the video: “The Disclosure Controversy On Jimmy Church Radio” and Laura jokingly states that she wants to “abduct Hillary and inject her with” …some chemical that I’ve never heard of.

Laura, you need to repent of your Gnostic, Crowley, Babylon, and Luciferian teachings and beliefs or you will go to hell.  You commented in one of your videos that the “bible belt scares you” but that will be nothing compared to the tribulation the world will experience once the King of Kings comes to remove the believers.



Video: “God’s Wrath is Hell”

Peter R. Farley, has a book called “Where Were You Before The Tree of Life” and one of the book sets has a chapter called: “The Experiment” Reading over his free online books I found a section where he was discussing the Merovingian and Plantagenet King bloodlines and stating that they are from the bloodline of King Yeshua/Jesus through King David, of David and Goliath. This is only partly true and I’m not sad to let the Illuminati know this. They are from the Soloman bloodline and connects after many pagan kings to the bloodline of Joseph, the stepfather of Yeshua/Jesus. So as excited as the Illuminati bloodlines are they have been deceived and they’re bloodline does not connect. Lucifer is so desperate to be like Yeshua/Jesus that he confused his minions and has deceived them into believing they are from the Holy Grail or King Yeshua. I referenced the bloodline of Jesus partly on my Queen blog post.

I’m so glad that the Holy Spirit led me to look at Laura Eisenhower. I have also studied Michael Ford of the Church of Satan in Houston, TX and he is also into the same type of subjects that Laura is into. It’s fascinating for me because I’ve been able to see the home base of the dark forces that have been shielded for the most part by Satan. Repent everyone that follows all of this or you will spend an eternity in hell with Satan, a defeated foe.

Video by Gods Handmaiden: “Be Still and KNOW I AM GOD..the age of innocence is Passing”

Laura Madeleine BRADSHAW b. 1973, London, England

Father: Alexander H. BRADSHAW b. 1950 Egypt

Mother: Susan Elaine EISENHOWER b. 31 DEC 1951 Fort Knox, Hardin County, KY

Grandfather: John Sheldon David Doud EISENHOWER b. 3 AUG 1922 Denver, Denver County CO
Grandmother: Barbara Jean THOMPSON b. 15 JUN 1926 Fort Knox, Hardin County, KY

2x Grandfather: Pres. Dwight David EISENHOWER b: 14 OCT 1890 in Denison, Grayson Co., TX
2x Grandmother: Mamie Geneva DOUD b: 14 NOV 1896 in Boone, Boone Co., IA

3x Grandfather: David Jacob EISENHOWER b: 23 SEP 1863 in Elizabethville, Dauphin Co., PA
3x Grandmother: Ida Elizabeth STOVER b: 1 MAY 1862 in Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., VA

4x Grandfather: Simon P. STOVER b: 25 SEP 1822 in Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co., VA
4x Grandmother: Elizabeth Ida Juda LINK b: 19 NOV 1822 in Augusta Co., VA

5x Grandfather: Daniel STOVER , Jr. b: 1780 in Franklin Co., VA
5x Grandmother: Mary Hannah b: 3 JAN 1781

6x Grandfather: Daniel STOVER b: 1750 in Augusta Co., VA

7x Grandfather: Abraham STOVER b: 1720 in Berks Co., PA
7x Grandmother: Sarah b: 1720

8x Grandfather: Jacob STOVER b: 1 JUN 1688 in Canton Bern, Switzerland
8x Grandmother: Sarah BOONE b: 29 FEB 1691/92 in Bradninch, Devonshire, England


9x Grandfather: George BOONE III b: 19 MAR 1665/66 in Stoke, near Exeter, Devonshire, England
9x Grandmother: Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE b: 23 DEC 1669 in St. Disens Paris, Bradnich, Devonshire, England

10x Grandfather: George BOONE , Jr. b: 17 NOV 1646 in Devonshire, England
10x Grandmother: Sarah Mary UPPEY b: ABT 1646 in Devonshire, England

11x Grandfather: George BOONE b: ABT 1625
11x Grandmother: Ann FALLACE b: BET 1620 AND 1625

12x Grandfather: George BOHUN b: 1597 in Exeter, England
12x Grandmother:Joanne HEALLE

13x Grandfather: George BOHUN b: 1561 in England

14x Grandfather: Gregory BOHUN b: 1517 in Gwynned, North Wale
14x Grandmother: Constance AP COMYN b: in North Wales

15x Grandfather: Geoffrey DE BOHUN II b: 1471 in North Wales
15x Grandmother: Anne MAGERLY

16x Grandfather: Geoffrey DE BOHUN b: 1450 in Penmynydd, Anglesey, Wales
16x Grandmother: Petrolina DE ARDERNE b: BET 1450 AND 1455 in Wales

17x Grandfather: John DE BOHUN III b: BET 1432 AND 1433 in Wales
17x Grandmother: Avelina DE ROS

18x Grandfather: John DE BOHUN II b: 6 JAN 1361/62
18x Grandmother:Anne HALSHAM

19x Grandfather: John DE BOHUN b: 6 JAN 1300/01
19x Grandmother: Cicely FILLIOL

20x Grandfather: James DE BOHUN b: 3 FEB 1278/79
20x Grandmother: Joan DE BRAOSE b: ABT 1280

21x Grandfather: John DE BOHUN b: ABT 1247
21x Grandmother: Joan DE LA CHAPELLE

22x Grandfather:: Franco DE BOHUN b: ABT 1225 in Shere, Surrey, England
22x Grandmother: Sibyl DE FERRERS b: ABT 1224 in Derby, Derbyshire, England

23x Grandfather: Ralph DE BOHUN b: AFT 1208 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England
23x Grandmother: Saveric FITZGEOFFREY

24x Grandfather: Henry DE BOHUN b: 1176 in Warwickshire, England
24x Grandmother: Maud FITZGEOFFREY b: ABT 1182 in Warwickshire, England

25x Grandfather: Humphrey DE BOHUN IV b: ABT 1140
25x Grandmother: Margaret de HUNTINGTON of SCOTLAND b: ABT 1143

26x Grandfather: Humphrey DE BOHUN III b: 1109
26x Grandmother: Margaret ap HEREFORD b: 1122

27x Grandfather: Humphrey DE BOHUN II b: BEF 1087
27x Grandmother: Matilda DE EVREUX b: ABT 1093 in Wiltshire, England

28x Grandfather: Humphrey DE BOHUN b: ABT 1056 in Normandy, France
28x Grandmother: Billeheude DE ST. SAUVEUR b: 1045 in Normandy, France

29x Grandfather:Henry DE BOHUN b: ABT 1030 in Normandy, France
29x Grandmother: Margaret D’EU b: ABT 1032 in Normandy, France

30x Grandfather: William OF NORMANDY b: BET 891 AND 900 in Normandy, France
30x Grandmother: Adele OF BRETAGNE b: ABT 911 in Bretagne, France

31x Grandfather: Hubert Comte DE SENLIS b: ABT 880 in Senlis, Oise, Picardy, France

32x Grandfather: Pepin DE SENLIS DE VALOIS b: ABT 839 in Vermandois, Normandy, France

33x Grandfather: Pepin OF SENLIS & PERONNE & ST. QUENTIN II b: BET 817 AND 818 in Vermandois, Normandy, France

34x Grandfather: Bernard OF ITALY b: 797 in Vermandois, Aisne, Picardy, France
34x Grandmother: Cunigunde OF PARMA b: ABT 797 in Parma, Italy

35x Grandfather: Pepin Carloman OF ITALY b: 7 APR 773 in of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
35x Grandmother: Ingeltrude DE AUTUN b: ABT 775 in Autun, Saone-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France

36x Grandfather: Charlemagne OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE b: 2 APR 742 in Ingelheim, Rheinhessen, Hesse Darmstadt
36x Grandmother: Hildegard VINZGAU b: ABT 757 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia


This is how the commenters on this blog post sound to me.  They leave me speechless.



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  • Laura Eisenhower

    You must be really bored, wow. I commend your efforts in trying to make these claims, but you have no idea how much of I have talked about distortions in Gnostic texts and most of my presentations expose Luciferion rebellions and the Anunnaki. You have tried to validate, desperately, a belief you have held about me, cutting yourself off from things that absolutely contradict these claims. The Eisenhower and Nixon family are not listed in the Illuminati families and there are no trust funds. I know this family line has rubbed shoulders with elitists, but that is because of the position of power — Eisenhower was a farm boy and was German and comes from a background of Anabaptists. I really don’t care what you think, just too bad you missed something important along the way. I doubt you have ever really listened to anything i share, you are just enjoying how light plays with eye balls and weird and random hand movements. A sick mind stands out to me and someone who has no intuition. Its okay, you wont benefit from our work. That is your loss, truly. I was always a black sheep and am not religious, I am into free-thinking and spiritual truth which is more personal for everyone, within cosmic and natural laws that play a part in karma. You have your own to contend with. Jesus told me to tell you?? no, I don’t channel or have that level of arrogance to speak on anyones behalf like that, shame on you! .

  • I'mawakeru

    Yes get a life. I have some news for you, Christ is not returning on a cloud to save you. The kingdom is already inside you. A person like yourself is lost, I see nothing here that reflects a person who carries within them the spirit of Christ. Jesus taught love, you do not represent love. What is going to happen to you when the earth transitions, right now they are preparing healing chambers for the lost. I’m sure there’s one with your name on it.

  • Laura Eisenhower

    You are a fool. I have talked about Gnostic teachings being distorted just like most Ancient texts. I talk about Luciferian rebellions and the Baphomet and the Mother reversals that have harmed the Earth, the elements and our DNA. You don’t listen. I am not looking for Christ to save me, cause I am a Christed Magdalene being, which happens to be my middle name. Magdalene and Christ are Sacred Union and I love and honor Christ. You want to defame me, that is your dark karma. Whatever about who I was born to — that doesn’t reflect on me. I happen to love my family. Maybe some were misguided like most of humanity. No one has perfect ancestors. You are a nasty misinformed person with issues and projections. You think this is about Goddess worship? This is about recognizing Sacred Union within and the Christ-Sophia. I don’t study gnostisism enough to emulate its teachings. There are many distorted Luciferian factions. Love your pics of reptilian eyes, what a loser, seriously? Ike tried to defeat the Nazis an my whole life is about exposing the Reptilian agenda. How dare you speak for Christ, you manipulative Crazy train of misinformation!!! You will not benefit from any of what we have done for the human race, you will be the one begging for forgiveness. Fortunately there is only an unconditional loving Source energy.

  • Laura Eisenhower

    You are incredibly lost!!!! All I talk about is what is within, every single talk I mention the inner work and how to connect with Christ Consciousness. Do you think you are a being of Love? Someone who doesnt’ listen, who projects, who defames, who condemns, who lies, who assumes, who can’t work on your own spiritual path cause of your hatred, jealousy, insecurity, implants?? Cause of your possession by Archons? What is your effing deal? I am not lost, you are deaf. I talk about what is within all beings, in our DNA, the EArth grids, our Galactic Chakras. You are clueless and haven’t listened to a dAMn thing. Keep flapping your jaw, I don’t think anyone cares to listen. What do you do to make humanity a better place — try and tear down those that do? Bravo. yeah, real Christ like!

  • Ralph

    I don’t mind the photo of Laura Eisenhower making the 666 sign, and your comment about that…but to append that to President Trump and impune his reputation by aligning him with satan is abhorrent! Do you think, for one nanosecond, that liberals=progressives=Democrats=Communists (sorry, I’m repeating myself) are somehow on the moral high ground, is delirious of you. Democrats support baby murdering, homosexuality of all manners, they can’t agree on how many sexes there are, they support a globalist open borders world where poverty is spread out for all…except the liberal elite. What planet are you from that you can not understand that? You ought to be ashamed of yourself if you consider yourself a Christian, when you know full well how the Demoncrat Party has eliminated any mention of G-d in their party platform, have abrogated any moral responsibilities upon their members, and who revel in the most perverse of sexual behaviors! You are truly irresponsible when you know full well that President Trump has advocated for Christians far more than the muslim Barry Obama and that feckless and hardly Catholic Joe Biden (who doesn’t even qualify for the Eucharist in his own faith). What a topsy-turvy world this has become when you compare the entire political field.

  • Laura Eisenhower

    Well, I guess you think its appropriate that she goes after me? Thanks a lot. I have been calling out this sick bullshit agenda and working directly with victims of SRA and MK-Ultra. I supported Trump and called out the Clintons and one of my closest friends is Cathy O’Brien. I am sick of this abuse from people. It is unreal how sickening this is. You are right about the Democrats. What the hell happened there!

    Hi Laura,
    Forgive my curiosity, why don’t you appear in the wikipedia account for your great grand father?
    Is it because your beliefs are too extreme for the mainstream?


  • hot shot bald cop

    Right on my man!

  • hotshot bald cop

    I was just telling my friend about that.

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