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Another great catch by Tamara Magdalene:  “Trump: “The Enemy is God”

The bible says:  “…But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man `unclean. ‘ For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.”

Remember this, Trump/real name Drumpf, is Hillary’s cousin and Trump is constantly throwing up the 666 hand sign.

Trump has said that he will use the military to get the Corona/COVID19 vaccine to the Americans.  It’s bad enough that the vaccine has harmful, long term poison ingredients but they want to use the Satanists to disperse the vaccine.  I repeat – repent of your sins, accept King Yeshua/Jesus as your savior.

About a 1 hour video by Rose Hannah: “IMAGE OF THE BEAST SHOWN!!-To Insider Satanists-AT WHITE HOUSE (MIRACLE PERFORMED)SHARE WIDE&FAST!!”  She made a correction in her notes to her counting of Obama’s name in this video.

Video by Daniel Robb: “5/27 Bryan Texas strange screaming in the night sky.”

Video by Daniel Robb: “Eerie Sounds in the Night Sky”

Several very short video clips about Buckingham Palace being boarded up.   The Royals have been working on the “renovation” at the taxpayers expense and I believe that the cost was about 300 million dollars, and have been removing flooring, wall paper, furniture, art, ect.  The windows are all boarded up and one of the seals is missing off of the gate.  They also put a lift inside to help move things around but I think or bet they have an underground tunnel and are hauling all of their items away to their underground bunkers.  Yes I know the media is reporting that the Queen has moved over to the Windsor palace.

The poor people who visit this place and feel so secure because of this family are going to have mental breakdowns because they put their trust in man and not in King Yeshua/Jesus.

This reminds of how Trump’s presidential seal is off of his podium that is inside the press area and his presidential flag is also missing.

Video: “Buckingham Palace – Windows Boarded Up – Seal Gone”

Video: “An Inside Look at Buckingham Palace’s 369 million renovation”

I will be moving all of the Corona or COVID info over to the Corona Post…adding new info to it now.

Please ck out the following sites if you get a chance: www.stevequayle.com

Slave New World – always has been one of my favorites.

MrCati – I really like him though I don’t agree with all of his political and religious views, I really respect his eye for detail.

We are the Saints – This very sweet Christian guy just started to promote Clare Dubois, Still Small Voice, a false teacher and a witch.  I cannot promote We are the Saints.

Look at the reptilian slits in Still Small Voice Clare Du Bois.  I’m not saying that she is a bloodline but I already connected Tim Tebow to the DuBois name and there is a DuBois in the Waco group.  The DuBois bloodlines married into royalty and their bloodline was mainly connected to Monsignor or Catholic connections.

I’ll be moving all of these to the Corona means Crown page.

This is a pic only showing the bulging male neck, the video clip is below

Under 30 second clip below of “Melinda” talking about a gift that Bill’s parents gave them of two birds but in reality its a pair of owls which everyone should know by now is a symbol of the Illuminati.

9 min. video clip mirrored from an old Apostle Laura Lee video before she removed her site.  She actually had some reptilian thugs track her down to harass her. Laura Lee was a pioneer exposing the tranny satanic agenda.  This video below is about reverso couple Bill and Melinda Gates, two NWO propaganda agents for Satan’s agenda to mark everyone with a tattoo vaccine.

20 second clip of Bill Gates in the Interview “Gates Foundation: Giving a Fortune Away” Bill says “we could we use our money building pyramids” – so owls and pyramids are important to this Gates family.

13 second video clip with no sound and this is so you can see Melinda Gates Adam’s Apple pop out.

Video picked up by Seho Song: “MUST WATCH*President Donald Trump Is No Longer Commander In Chief (Steven Ben-Nun)”

God’s Handmaiden receives messages from the Holy Spirit and the message was this:  “As long as Trump is in office then we still have some time.  The next person to fill that position will be the Antichrist.”  God’s Handmaiden is aware of Trump just like we all are.


If the grocery stores were to shut down next week for two weeks would you have enough food and water stocked up? President Trump/Drump said on the news that things are gonna get very tough for the next two weeks.  I know that many people like him but just a couple of months ago he mentioned and storm was coming and would answer what he meant by that comment.  Remember, he’s Hillary’s cousin and that all of the presidents are related.  Get supplies please.  I’ve gone to several local grocery stores and I’ve heard this from people standing line and also from the store employees that stores are going to shut down for two weeks.  Update 04/14/20 – I spoke with the HEB grocery stores again ans they said now that they’re not closing but that everyone needs to wear masks.  I can tell everyone loves to wear their masks like a security blanket.


Video below by Rapture Puzzle.  Please watch her site if you have time.  “The Mark of the Beast is HERE – prepare now!”

Rapture Puzzle Renee Moses is very similar to Steve Fletcher 222 in that she keeps count of days of things that you and I would never keep up with.  I need to add that Renee and Steve have been in trouble for Rapture date setting which the bible says not to do.  People complain on Steve that he lives in a grande house in Mexico and was taking money for the orphanage.  Well, my former boss’ daughter’s in-laws live somewhere in Mexico and they love it.  My former boss said I should look at buying a house there because the property is so cheap and the other mother in law loves it there.  If Steve wants to live in Mexico it’s his choice.

Lots of people even Christians accept money on YouTube and really I think that Christians should not because on judgment day we will give an account for everything plus King Yeshua offers us his free gift of salvation so we should also give freely of our time and resources.  As you can see by my own blog that it’s not top notch but it’s me trying to reach people because we should all be concerned for one another.  Those left behind could be our friends and family and that would be so sad to think of them suffering and we should do our very best to make sure they know about what is to come.   All we can do is try to reach them but it’s free will if they want to listen.

Lots of Christians are always watching for the signs of the coming of King Yeshua and of course we are trying to avoid the Antichrist, a major psycho.  What I like is that Renee seems  to have figured out from her counting of days and events is that God has shortened the tribulation days from 3 years to just 4 1/2 months.  Even though that seems short and easy, remember this is the Antichrist time to finally rule and be in charge and it’s going to be hell on earth.  I agree with her and other Christians that the food that we are buying will also be for the left behind.  If you like please leave a note somewhere in your house for the people not to take the Mark of the Beast.  They will need all the support that they can get and maybe hide a bible for them.

This patent info was put up on Tamara’s Tom Hank’s video.  The patent is not real because a patent attorney looked it up for me and he said that it doesn’t exist.

This next small section is about the underground bases or as they call them D.U.M.B.S. Deep Underground Military Bases.

There are many videos about underground bunkers with many 18-wheelers hauling supplies in and out of the mountains and caves and the truck drivers are the ones that are bravely exposing these bunkers.  The elites are very conniving and cowardly and have been robbing/hoarding the resources for themselves.

Under 4 min. video: DUMB – Deep underground Military Bases Part 2

Hey Illuminati/fruit loops…Many Christians have gotten messages from the Lord Yeshua that when you’re hiding in the caves thinking that you’ve outsmarted us all, that CERN will cause an earthquake and guess what will happen to you down there?  Well, duh! What do you think?  It will all collapse on you.  The Lord Yeshua said this about 5 years ago for you guys not to go down into the bunkers because it will collapse on you but we all know that you’re very greedy, extremely demented and cuckoo and you are so self willed that you won’t listen to anything anyone says.

So here is your warning:  If you fruit loops go and hide into the secret bunkers that you have been planning and plotting to save yourselves in, just know this, that they WILL collapse on top of you.  So if you don’t know now you know.

Everyone, if you can keep up with Steve Fletcher’s site.


Video about 12 min. “Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.)”

My neighbors bring me about 4 gallons of their water a week.  They bought a reverse osmosis system and installed it under their kitchen sink.  I’m planning to get one and I wanted to share this in case the stores are out of water.  This brand I found below is similar to theirs in case your interested.  This will clean the water and you won’t taste any of the chemicals and you won’t have to haul water from the store anymore.

I also want to mention that last year I think on December 21st, when I woke up in the morning, the Holy Spirit/The Voice spoke to me and said: “Things are gonna start to speed up.”  The Holy Spirit speaks to all of us you just have to try to pay attention to when he does speak.  It seems like its your own thoughts but he’s there trying to guide us and protect us.  Pray to God in Yeshua/Jesus name to help you to hear the Holy Spirit.

Video by Steve Fletcher 222: “WORLD LOCKDOWN – MARCH 22-23, 2020 – QUARANTINE = FORTY DAYS”  Please try to watch Steve Fletcher’s videos daily.  Steve is a very sweet Christian who works with orphans.  The problem is that he has an Ann Graham video on his site and he’s unaware that Ann has a male lumpy neck.

Video by Rapture Puzzle taken from Steve Fletcher but Renee Moses has added some info on the Mark of the Beast to this short video.  “And so it begins…in Denmark (Mark of the Beast)”

12 min video by Steve Fletcher:  “7 DAY WARNING! RAPTURE AND DESOLATION ON MARCH 22/23, 2020”  Steve connects this Coronavirus to Obama’s timeline.  Please see the Pergamon Altar post for more Obama info.  I’m aware we are not to date set but I do admire Steve Fletcher’s diligence in watching to report all of the connections for the people so that we won’t be caught unaware.

Video below starring Illuminati bloodlines: “ET The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Quarantine!”  I have more info on Tom Hanks on my Obama Pergamon Altar post.

I would like to add that Tamara Magdalene YouTube site also covers a very dark side of Tom Hanks and I can’t put it on this blog because it’s just too dark.  Its the type of video that you wouldn’t want to watch alone and at night.  Tamara comes from a Luciferian family so she (I don’t believe she creates her videos alone) has a completely different take on things.

Truthful Spirit Blue Heron also covers info about Tom Hanks if you want to check out her video.

Video by RussianVids: “The Coronavirus Hysteria – Tom Hanks & Magic Johnson Hoax – NBA Shutdown – The Freemason NWO Agenda”   Now the new title is “Kobe Bryant & Others Celebrities Exiting The World Stage

Video by Epic Sellouts: “Corona’s For Everyone!”

Please see the video: “Dr Eric Berg talking about virus corona”

“Russianvids Astra Greek TV Interview – The Coronavirus & Kobe Bryant Crown Connection…”

Also, I’ve been listening to: Honest News Network – he covers the Coronavirus vaccine ingredients which are deadly and they’ve recently removed his exposure vids on the ingredients.

This video below was picked up by Seho Song: “PROOF! Coronavirus is Caused by Bill Gates, Prince Philip, Oprah, & Other Billionaires!”

I think this video has quite of bit of interesting info.  About the 18 min. mark the speaker will send the next 8 min talking about religion and though I love religion it may not be for all so just fyi. Also, a reminder that Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are both from Illuminati royal bloodlines.  I’ll add it soon.

Video by MrCati: “The Global Pandemic and the Profits over People Mutli Topic Discussion” This video is deep with a lot of number coding connections.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Coronavirus Caused By Bats…”

Tamara Magdalene’s site also had some info on the lawsuit against the Nephilim, Illuminati, reptilian fruit loop bloodlines, filed by attorney Cyrus A. Parsa.  One small problem King Yeshua is on the way and then the antichrist will finally have his chance to shine – but only in his dreams/nightmares. I would like to add that I applaud his efforts but in the back of my mind I remember reading about the Queen of England’s family owning property there and looking for it I found an article by Fritz Springmeier – The Bloodlines of the Illuminati saying that the Illuminati-Fruit Loop-Cray Crays are headquartered in Southern California.  The article pic is below with Mr. Parsa’s picture.

search for lawsuit which was filed in CALIFORNIA, look for the online case: Parsa v. Google or read at:


A weird place to find the free Illuminati Bloodline book:  https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf

Video below 24 min. by GabbyRae Talker: “Coronavirus covid-19 prophecies and planned BIO ATTACK witness confesses TELL ALL!”  This video, which I was hesitant to put on, for the fact that Project Avalon connected to Project Camelot. is one of the speakers on here and this scruffy, dirty looking guy with nappy hair and yucky teeth, looking like an actor that is trying to portray himself as he’s so busy in the truther movement he has no time for basic body upkeep.  This actor is explaining that he has inside scoop that the U.K. is behind all of this drama and that they have been planning it for years.  At the end of his spiel he throws up the 666 hand sign.

There are a few Christians in this video and I for sure know that Servant of Elohim is a true blue Christian and I believe that her message is from the Lord.  Also, at the end of this video by GabbyRae, who I respect, she mentions to get different products to protect yourselves and one of the products is Lysol wipes and I would just like to suggest to look at recipes to make natural cleaning wipes – just an option.

Video below 24 min. by GabbyRae Talker: “Coronavirus covid-19 prophecies and planned BIO ATTACK witness confesses TELL ALL!”


The pic above is from a video by Mr E/Transpocalypse Now: “Eve Hewson – Son of Paul”

The song by U2 makes me think of this video below:  “Cabiria Video of Child sacrifice”  This is a 1 min video to show you that we live in a completely mad and demonic society.  Please repent of your sins and come to King Yeshua/Jesus now.

Cabiria Movie Info: “Young Sicilian girl Cabiria (Lidia Quaranta) and her nurse, Croessa (Gina Marangoni), survive a devastating volcanic eruption, only to be taken by Phoenicians to Carthage. As the second of the Punic Wars rages between Carthage and Rome, the pair is sold into slavery, and Cabiria is intended as an offering to the god Moloch and the child-eating statue Kronos. Croessa convinces Roman Fulvius Axilla (Umberto Mozzato) to rescue Cabiria, yet afterward the girl remains in slavery for another decade.

Video: “Cabiria Video of Child sacrifice”

Video: “U2- The Troubles”

Another Fire Incident, The Davidian Compound – April 19th

Audio clip of child speaking to negotiator.

Clip of song by Pink Floyd: Goodbye Blue Sky.

This audio clip will have at the end the negotiator telling the Davidian Steve that no one is allowed to come out.

Next different topic…

This is a short clip from an old movie about Cinderella and it stars grown Drew Barrymore who has already been called out as switched.  This clip is how my life is daily battling with the Devil and his Canaanite cronies.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.” ~ Bible

Video: “Allison Krauss – Stars”


Added to the Joel Osteen Illuminati High Royal Bloodline post a video by Starspirit123: “VRILL IN FALSE PROPHET”

Obama’s “Favorite Movie” Game of Thrones.  It would be.

Video by Tamara Magdalene: “Game of Thrones/Soleimani and the Road to the Great War” I have a copy of this but I have to split it into 2 parts because my server won’t hold it.

This video clip below is from the Queen (Elizabeth) blog post.  Its from a video by Bill Maloney on child abuse.  It’s a short 7 min. clip where he’s explaining about a satanic statue that he found in the middle of a small pond.  Christians, pray for Bill Maloney.

This video clip is under 1 min.  This is from a video by Christianman777 or Followers of Christ777. and its: “Demons and Fallen Angels (9)” and I’ll attach it below this clip.  This Asian dancer guy is interesting because during his performance his face changes several times (part of his act) and one of his faces is a flat out alien looking green demon.

Please check out Tamara Magdalene’s video: False Signs And Wonders (Magicians) and Hollywood Possession.  She goes deeper into the explanation of the Asian dancer face changing reason.  This video False Signs and Wonders is like a concentrated horror movie so be prepared.

13 min. video: “Demons and fallen angels (9).  This video is about people that experience demonic activity.  I’m going to say this again the only thing is this world the demons/alien/fallen angels fear is the name and the blood of King Yeshua/Jesus.

I would like to add something to this picture of this little girl and if you look you can see a woman standing behind her watching her.  Some may say oh it’s someone that knows her.  When I was little around 6 years old, I had a woman all in black standing by my bed right up against the mattress.  I was so terrified I put the blanket over my face and couldn’t really breathe and too afraid too move and I eventually fell asleep.  In the morning I told my parents that there was a woman standing by my bed last night.  The both snapped their faces towards each other and my mother said “It was just your guardian angel.”  They moved me to a different room to sleep.  This is why you should teach yourself or your kids how to say “Yeshua or Jesus help me.”

November info below.

Video:  “Terrifying!! “Judgement Day” Dream!”  This video is a little over 2 min.  He had a dream of the judgment day and the line of people facing Jesus.  In this lifetime you have for the most part, free will to live as you choose.  When you die you will face King Yeshua/Jesus and it will be his will for your future.

I want to remind everyone to call on the name of King Yeshua/Jesus if you’re choking or sick or having chest pains just call on him.  Say or THINK:  Yeshua or Jesus help me or say  or THINK The Blood of Yeshua or Jesus.  The whole point of this blog is for you to know that you are not alone in this world but that you can call on the name of King Yeshua/Jesus for anything because he loves you.  “He sticketh closer than a brother.”

So, I was looking at interviews with Carmen Electra who seems to really gravitate towards topics like: stripper poles, garter belts, ect…  Anyway, what got my attention is that Carmen has curved thumbs.  *Note: I’ll be moving the Carmen Electra info to the reptilian section next month.

Divine Truth1 has a video on movie stars and musician reptilian thumbs. This pic below is from another video on reptilian thumbs. I need to add that Divine Truth1 is not a supporter of King Yeshua and doesn’t believe in the bible.

Video by Divine Truth1: “TRUMP illuminati hybrids present with curved thumbs #ETL3”

I don’t agree with Divine Truth1’s religious beliefs.  I think she does great work catching reptilian info though.

Trump “Funky Thumb Group”

Since we’re sorta in a political area, let’s look at Michelle Obama’s reptilian teeth and eyes. This is a 4 min. video.  *Note: Next month I will be moving this clip over to the Michelle Obama Illuminati Royal Bloodline post.  There’s a scripture that says: “God uses the foolish things to confound the wise” see the family that recorded this clip of Michelle and his/her reptilian teeth would be considered by the worlds standards, poor or foolish.  They are a very loving but very poor family but not stupid for sure.  *Note: I slowed this video clip down just a pinch so you could really see his/her reptilian teeth and eyes.

Let’s go back to Carmen for a second.  I was remembering when Carmen was married to Dennis Rodman.  *Note: I’ll be moving all of the Kanye/Kardashian stuff into his own post.

Video by Divine Truth1:  “Illuminati hand signs..Thumbs up means death” I need to add that Divine Truth1 is not a supporter of King Yeshua and doesn’t believe in the bible.  *Note: Moving this to the reptilian section next month.

Since we’ve been looking at Kanye’s new musical road, let’s take a look at another “Christian” artist.

Video: “Lauren Daigle MK ULTRA GLITCH during WITCHING HOUR!”

Video by Drew Bloom. “Lauren Daigle is an Enemy of God”  This is on my religious oddities section.

Video: “The FREAKY World of “Christian Artist”, TobyMac”

  It’s Always a Storm

Below is the same as always.

Added to Fav Illuminati Vids:  Envelope analysis of Hillary, Biden, Bush, and Pence, in the video: Bush Funeral ThreePointsOfView w/Seething Frog BodyLanguageGhost and RedPill78

This blog is for entertainment purposes and spiritual healing only.

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