(*I’ve added to this page below on: 01/04/2024, a clip from a western TV show about a man named Trump who wants to build a wall; 10/14/2023 blood ritual videos below; 10/09/2023, another one for Mike Adams on Trump Regime Forcing the Bioweapon; 09/27/2023 a clip dedicated to Mike Adams of Joe Joe Magoo and Trumpy Poo out of their own mouths competing to take credit for the UNAPPROVED COVID SHOT that was not nor ever will be a vaccine. 09/22/2023 a clip of Eric Trump’s hormone hand discoloration; 09/11/2023 A blood ritual; 06/29/2023 – Sherri “Shill” Tenpenny with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., clip of Sherri is drinking from a Phoenix Rising coffee cup.  05/18/2023 – Video: The ARMY is a CULT.  This is what I’ll be doing on the pages as I add to them so people won’t have to scroll through looking for new additions.  I understand that everyone is as busy as I am.)

In these 2 pics below, see that Trump and Hillary both have upside down stars associated with them.  That’s because they’re upside down cakes.

Trump suggests to use Lysol on all of us.  Later Trump said that I was joking or something like that.  Message to the Cult of Trump, don’t pity ‘him’, they’re a different breed from you and I.

Let’s take a look at Dr. Birx Reptilian Looking Teeth.  “Deborah Leah Birx is an American physician and diplomat who served as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator under President Donald Trump from 2020 to 2021.”

Video by Boldsoja4Christ.  I just want to say that I don’t agree with Boldsoja4Christ’s religious beliefs in celebrating the holiday Christ Mass.



Why was it and still is important to inject everyone with synthetic chemical garbage labeled as a vaccine?  Not a vaccine, never approved.

Clip from Snow White and the Huntsman – The Queen threatening if “he” doesn’t obey.  The main characters in this movie are all switched.

Soldiers Forced Vaccinations Are Dying.  Synthetic medicine is garbage.

The shot is poison.  We need to teach our children to pray to Jesus in crisis times. A mom got the shot and started having convulsion style shaking.  Her poor little son is sitting in the backseat in fear because he doesn’t know how to pray for his mom and the daughter is on the phone with 911 and she also doesn’t know how to pray.

Trump has said that he would use the military to get the Corona/COVID19 shot not an approved shot to the Americans.  It’s bad enough that the shot, not a vaccine, has harmful and long term mysterious poison ingredients but they want to use the Satanists to disperse the shot not a vaccine.  I repeat – repent of your sins, accept King Yeshua/Jesus as your savior.

Please see my Marilyn Manson post for small info on the vaccines for the military and I have more vaccine info on the Joel Osteen post.  They currently use for the Flu vaccine, aborted fetal cells from a patient from the psychiatric ward.  It’s hard to believe so no telling what they’re putting in the vaccines for the military but I have a feeling it’s demonic.  Everyone – Repent of your sins and accept King Yeshua/Jesus as your savior now.

Paganism in the Army video.  What in the world are they putting in the vaccines for the military groups?

This is a short clip caught by Gabby Rae Talker from her vid on Bit-Chute called: Part 6 – (Red Flags 666!) – Real Life evidence reveals the MOTB is here (compilation)

General Michael Flynn’s very deceptive with his ecumenical One World Church plans.  It’s remarkable that Satan also has that same game plan. This is a two part clip with General Flynn.  The first clip is him copying Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s prayer; the 2nd part will be General Flynn calling for a One World Religion.  General Flynn took a lot of flack (Flack: If you get a lot of flak from someone, they criticize you severely. If you take flak, you get the blame for something.)or heat for these two insane stunts he pulled.  General Flynn, we all do not worship the same god.  My God has a son and King Yeshua/Jesus is the only way to God and there is no other way.

Clip: The ARMY is a CULT by Hugo Talks.  I don’t agree with Hugo’s beliefs to only use the name Jesus and never Yeshua.  Never mind that the letter J wasn’t invented until recently.

The pope always leading the way for One World church.

Trump cannot make America great again.  America is under judgment.  King Yeshua is coming to judge this place and this world.  Repent of your sins now while you can and accept King Yeshua/Jesus as your savior.  If you are a Christian and you attended these ReAwaken America events, please repent.  Also, WARNING, this clip will have a few scenes of when George Floyd was on the ground being choked and I don’t want to show it but it’s in this clip.

Clip from a western TV show about a man named Trump who wants to build a wall.

Here’s Mike Lindell, the pillow guy.

A collection of Trump confusion.

Stew looking very suspicious failing the Stairs Test.

Stew Peters clip

Trump calm before the storm comment

Short clip of Tenpenny at the Trump ReAwaken thing.  I guess the globalist think that the Americans are asleep.  Also in this clip, Eric Trump makes a call to “his” “dad”

Short clip of Eric Trump

This is a 5 min. clip from a video called: “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers” and this video tries it’s best to show you why we are not really a Christian nation.

If this was truly a Christian nation, then the founders would have set up this country with the bible and King Yeshua/Jesus as the center of the law of the land.  Instead they have set it up where all the religions can share the same Pride-of-Place that belongs only to King Yeshua/Jesus.  This is why we have so much confusion and chaos.

I’ll say that the Founding Fathers, which I’ve changed to the Founding Failures, because the bible says to call no man: Father, Rabbi, or Master because that title belongs only to God.  The Founding Fathers were Illuminati bloodlines from either the King of Scotland, which is the bloodline of the Egyptian Pharaohs, or through the House of Plantagenet, which were and are the bloodlines of Muhammad and eventually back to Ishmael.    Video Clip below by Chris Pinto.  The original is about 2 hours long and this is just the first 5 min.


Tenpenny, what are you doing with the Trump club? This doughnut pic is from Sherri Tenpenny’s Facebook page. Those of you awake know what this means.

Trump reads the Snake Poem.

The Devil Wears Prada “Disappointing Me” scene which I’m dedicating to Sherri Tenpenny.

short clip from the: “Truth” with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Sherri (Shill) Tenpenny.  Sherri drinks from a Phoenix Rising coffee cup only 1 time.  I’m not in support of RFK Jr.   Sherri Shill strikes again.

But I’m on the outside, I’m looking in, I can see through you, see your true colors…I can see through you, see to the real you. “Staind”

Here’s silly Paris Hilton discussing the Phoenix Rising and how much it means to him.  What have we done on this earth to deserve to have these two below on camera.

These two are so fake and boring you really don’t need to waste your precious time watching them.  RFK Jr. will be placing the hand on the chin for the “Penalty Pose”.   Sherri drinking out of a Phoenix Rising cup.

This is a 5 min. video by Transpocalypse Now.  It features Ann or is it Anthony Hathaway who played the “fat girl” in the Devil Wears Prada.
Video by MrE who is on Bitchute:  “Aliens Declare War on Humanity”

I slowed this down since the hand sign happens very quickly.

A clip from Gone with the Wind. Melanie says: “But Scarlet, you’re doing business with the same people who robbed us and tortured us and left us to starve.” Scarlett responds: “All that’s past now Mellie, and I intend to make the best of things even if they are Yankee (then an intelligible word here).”  All the anti-vaxxers are at this Trump event with the same group that pushed this unapproved shot knowing that there were healthier and safer alternatives.

“Proof Donald Trump Is Preparing For Every American To Be Force Vaccinated Twice”   This will have some cussing in it or I will label it “righteous anger”.

Mike Adams, in the clip below, sings a song to Brandon (Joe Biden), even though it is Trump who got the unapproved shot which they are calling a vaccine, pushed onto the people.

Here’s part of the lyrics: “People gotta stop these medical crimes. These vaccine criminals are gonna do time.” Mike, please tell the people and yourself the truth, that Trump is the one that pushed for this unapproved shot to get out to the public.  Do it now before God gives you over to a strong delusion and you start publicly singing more rap songs like you’ve done in this video clip below. Biden and Trump are cousins, why can’t you “truther” people get that and tell the people?

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

I learned about the ingredients of aspartame from listening to Mike Adams.

Last of the Mohicans clip of Cora telling Duncan how it is…

Mike Adams, this clip will be dedicated to you…enjoy.  It’s Joe Joe Magoo and Trumpy Poo out of their own mouths competing to take credit for the UNAPPROVED COVID SHOT that was not nor ever will be a vaccine.  It’s killed and injured too many people to even be legally considered for public use.  But thanks to you two Fruit Loops you managed to convince the public to trust you and you Trumpy Poo for getting it pushed onto the public without being fine tuned and knowing that it killed the lab animals.  Thanks for absolutely nothing.

And Mike, one more for the road for you…Trump’s regime to force the bioweapon on us.  This has a video clip with a sign saying “Defund the Police” which I’m not in support of.  I am in support of accountability and if they turn their body camera off then automatic charges and dismissal.

Let’s go ahead and play some more music.  This was Trump’s theme song at his rallies: “YMCA” sung by the Village People.  Besides the fact that the Anti-Vax activists and doctors are participating with Trump who pushed that shot under the guise of an approved vaccine, this YMCA song was chosen by “Christian” Trump.  I’m truly living or have entered into the Twilight Zone.  Please King Yeshua come and get us out of this Stockholm syndrome toilet bowl.

*The Ashkenazi Jewish bloodline comes from the Japheth bloodline.  Noah had 3 sons: Japheth, Shem and Ham.

Mike Adams is interviewing Alix Mayer, who is a male pretending to be female.  Alix also claims to be adopted into the Rothchild family.  Alix’s Adam’s apple is even bigger than Mike Adams’ Adam’s apple and Mike goes along with this charade.  This is a perfect example of Controlled Opposition.  Both Alix and Mike are pretending to help but they’re the opposition.  Mike even called Alix “her” and “she”so this should show you that Mike is not a follower of King Yeshua/Jesus.

Help is on the way short clip

Mike Adams, this video on Trump and Kennedy is dedicated to you, particularly the part referencing president Kennedy.

Excellent research by RussianVids: “JFK & Donald Trump – Masonic Deceivers Exposed – RV Truth Documentary

Most of the truthers are up to date on this info but it’s mostly for, as Paul Romano calls them: “The Cult of Trump group.”

Part I and below will be Part II

Video by Truthful Spirit Blue Heron: “Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are Men”  You can find Truthful Spirit Blue Heron on Bitchute.

Trump’s True Filthy Colors.  “Not One is Good…the LORD Warned You”

Christians, see Trump putting his index finger and thumb together and then holding up his other 3 fingers; he’s making the 666 hand sign.  This video is about Lindsey Lohan,  Lindsey Lohan repent now and go to King Yeshua.

Mike, if you’re vying for a political position somewhere with this group, I would say you have no worries at all about getting in.  Plus God, in his mercy, gives the people what they want.  Why you may ask?  Because God knows what the people love and he knows everyone’s future and fate.  Some people love the world and this may be their only heaven which is here and now.

As Joel Osteen loves to say: (Get) You’re best life now.”  But what is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul?  I would say teaming up with this group is an eternal mistake.  You don’t need the money and you don’t need the fame.  I would say walk away from them and never look back.

You two aren’t fooling anybody, except yourselves.   In the Gone with the Wind movie, Mamie told Scarlet: “You can get all dressed up like race horses, but you’re still mules in horse harnesses and you don’t fool anybody.”

Kathy Sue (not Jean) Barnette, maiden name NELSON. daughter of Mamie Jo NELSON; daughter of Hattie Mae Vine NELSON.  For the Nelson name, I found 2 coincidental connections of locations that would leave me to believe that Kathy Sue Barnette is an Illuminati high royal bloodline.  I also looked at the Vine last name, but I would say it’s not as high as the Nelson side.

There are many royals on the white NELSON side connection: Sinclair, Howard, Bruce, Ros, Savage, Stewart, Graham and this also connects to John of Gaunt making Kathy Sue a cousin to Trump. Hard to prove since black records were kept very poorly and plus Kathy Sue said there was a rape involved.

Kathy Sue also is on record affiliated with the pillow guy so that would make another coincidental connection.

I knew it was too good to be true when I saw Kathy Sue throw up the hand signal. This clip is really short plus I added a partial clip from the song Cathy’s Clown.

Dr. Oz Promoting the Chip aka Mark of the Beast

Here’s another one of Trumpy-Poo’s choices

This is a clip from Black Child Production on Trump’s choice: Hershel Walker talking about his Dissociative identity disorder.  I also have more info from this video over on the Invasion of the Trannies – Famous and Not so Famous.  These people never sleep and this explains why it’s so easy for them to takeover the sheeple people.  Look at Trump and Hershel’s jawlines in front of the ears.  King Yeshua please come and get us. We’re ready.


Dr. Ardis – the “Venom” Vax Exposure Doctor

Here’s the fortune cookie that he had with his meal out of a giant bowl, this was the one that he picked.  The name on the back of the cookie: “Liu Bing.”

Carrie Madej, antivaxer extraordinaire, is in this very short clip below warning the masses about the Illuminati bloodlines so to speak.  Carrie just recently survived a private plane crash.  Carrie, it’s best, if you’re serious, repent of your association with Sasha Stone, the reptilian hell bound fruit loop.

Carrie warning the people about the Illuminati non humans. Time will tell if she’s pulling our leg, again.

Small clip on Carrie Madej with Sasha Stone and also an interview by Israeli News with Jana

Israeli News, you’re not going to like this video clip.

Ian Paisley speaks of One World church.  Israeli News you may want to listen to this short sermon.

Short video clip:  Judaism denies the Messiah, The Son of God.  This clip shows politicians bowing to the “Wailing Wall” a Roman Fort.

Video: The Western Wall is a Roman Fort”  Of course researching this history of the politicians connecting them to their Jewish history is a can of worms but I’m stumbling upon some info connecting the politicians to their Muslim and Jewish heritage.  Oh and btw folks, they were black.  I didn’t want you to forget that the royals were almost all black.  I think this is why it’s so hard to find this info because most people hide their black heritage.  Oh well I’m looking at it and like I said it’s the usual can of worms and this means it’s opening up so many pathway directions to show.

Israel Gay Oasis audio clip

Video: “How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel?”

Two Christian women who were unaware how Christians spreading the gospel in Jerusalem are treated.  It would take many more Christians the size of an army to get the demons out not just a handful of Christians.  It would take the prayer of the blood of King Yeshua being prayed over them to get them to be set free or they will run away.

Clip caught by Albert on Bitchute – A blood ritual.

Another blood ritual.  These are supposed to be “God’s Chosen People” really?  Not.

19 min. audio clip by IsraeliNews, Steven Ben DeNoon stating that President Trump is no longer the Commander in Chief.

Another great catch by Tamara Magdalene video below:  “Trump: “The Enemy is God”

The bible says:  “…But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man `unclean. ‘ For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.”

Remember this, Trump/real name Drumpf, is Hillary’s cousin and Trump is constantly throwing up the 666 hand sign.

Video clip by Steve Fletcher about the presidential seal being removed from the podium.  “THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING PRESIDENTIAL SEAL”

Video by Divine Truth1: “TRUMP illuminati hybrids present with curved thumbs #ETL3”

I don’t agree with Divine Truth1’s religious beliefs but I think that she does great work catching reptilian info.

Trump and the “Funky Thumb Group”

Clip from a video by MrE:  “MrE Repost – The Sports Illustrated Tranny Dream Team”  This clip will be on Elle Macpherson.

This is a 30 second clip below without the sound and slowed down because I want you to see Elle Macpherson’s hormone hands.  Dr. Wakefield can see that this is a man, after all he is a doctor and obviously Elle is not aging well at all.

I started looking at Dr. Wakefield because a nurse friend had recently told me that Dr. Wakefield, who we had both met at a bookstore event where he was exposing vaccine dangers for children, had left his wife to date a model called “the body.”  I looked it up and when I saw that it was Elle Macpherson, I already knew that this was an MTF.

When we met Dr. Wakefield at the bookstore, my nurse friend was telling him about the guilt she felt from giving vaccines out and I remember him acting weird and years later I think I can see why.  I called her and said don’t you remember how weird he was acting when we were talking to him and she said yes, he couldn’t wait to get away from us.  We were calm when we were talking to him but I remember him looking at me and just acting weird.  This is my opinion but I always think that men that date the MTF’s are not human.  I also thought it was weird back when he first came out as the anti vax doctor, that he was okay with some vaccines and not with others

I want to add to this area a clip of Eric Trump and also her/his hormone hands.  I slowed it down so you can see the discoloration of the hands and the wrists.


Clip from a video on Bitchute by Hugo Talks: TRUMP’S NEW AGE DOCTOR NETWORK / Hugo Talks

Lara Trump – Senor Advisor by MrE

Video clip by Transpocalypse Now/MrE: “The White House Press Secretary”

I picked this 1 min. video because Kayleigh’s bulging neck veins caught my attention and Kayleigh looks like he/she is from another planet.

Video: “Growing Up Trump: Inside The Family’s $19.5M Estate   Trump, real name Drumpf, is the 1 percent.

Last, but by no means least.

4 min. audio clip of Mike Adams with Celeste Solum.


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